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Good thread

Hey everyone! How y'all doin?

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Hello Hijiri! How was your Wednesday?

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exhausting. and yours?

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Same here, I fell on my face the moment I came back to my apartment.

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ah, that's no good. what wore you out so much?

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I couldn't sleep last night.
I was too hyped until I finally slept around 2-3 AM.

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If it makes you two zombies feel better, I feel fresh as a daisy.

Why's that?


is that late for you? I don't know your usual morning time. what kept you up so late?
good, you can cook my dinner then.

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Perfect, the hamburger in my fridge should be thawed. Would you like spaghetti or elbows?


ah... I'll find my own food. I ate beef last night and forgot how little my stomach agrees with it.

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You come to my kitchen and then walk away? I'm a little offended, but that's just more raw beef for me. Enjoy your tofu and soy chorizo with eggs and tortillas.


>I feel fresh as a daisy.
How ya doin Opossum?
>Why's that?
To answer your question (the both of you). I had too much redbull, why? Because I felt tired yesterday (Work was wearing me out) and I thought it was a good idea getting some energy drink, 6 cans later and I couldn't sleep.

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it's fish with lemon juice, and some vanilla yogurt with peaches on the side.
you're lucky you just couldn't sleep. I'm not joking around, don't drink 6 cans again. it's not good for your heart or your kidneys.

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You willingly of your own volition with your own private money purchased and drank 6 Redbulls in one night because of your own desires?

Hmmmm. Tofu, soy chorizo, and eggs is actually pretty good if your stomach handles eggs well. Enjoy your healthy meal. I hope this year is a good year for peaches. Last year, the winter was too harsh. I see the unripe fruit on the trees when I walk the dog.


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I've never had chorizo. I could google it, but it's more fun to ask: what is it? my brain tells me it's sausage or something.
I like eggs, I just didn't buy any last time I was out...
soon, I hope.

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Not my fault that being an accountant is a grade-A pain in the ass.
I mean it.

Duly noted, also...
since the both of you are in the topic of dinner...
What did you eat last night?

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Yes, it's a fairly fatty sausage, although I'll be honest, I have no idea what soy chorizo really is. Soy textured and flavored like real chorizo, I guess. I had it once and it was shockingly good, but maybe the tofu did a lot of heavy lifting. You can pick up cheap chorizos at most stores.

I shouldn't talk about food. I ate enough for 4 Hijiris today.


Pork tacos and a billion Funny Bones. Chocolate and peanut butter Twinkies in appearance, but much, much better than that in fact. Well, that was this night, actually. What did I eat last night? Maybe spaghetti. Certainly not six entire Red Bulls.


don't land yourself in the ER.
I ate a chessesteak hot pocket and it made me sick. what about you?
I'll look for it one of these days! my fridge is already pretty full right now, though, so it might wait a while.

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I sure as Hell wasn't expecting a cheese steak hot pocket.


>Pork tacos and a billion Funny Bones
>chessesteak hot pocket

I myself made a sandwich with sausages, new york steak, molten cheese. Fucking amazing

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they were on sale, I've wanted a cheesesteak for a while, and it reminded me of them. the local places were closed by the time I went grocery shopping, so I thought it would be tolerable.
I forgot how bad beef fucks me up if I don't eat it that often.
that's a lot of meat. I'm glad you enjoyed it, though.

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Perhaps the three of us should eat some fibrous vegetables with our next meal.

Back in college, I used to eat these disgusting meat and cheese pretzel bun frozen sandwiches which were basically hot pockets, so I can't judge.


Thanks. Also...
>I forgot how bad beef fucks me up if I don't eat it that often.
The fuck? What do you eat everyday then?

>fibrous vegetables with our next meal.
Yup. Unfortunately, I have something in common with dwarves: MEAT FIRST, LEAFS LAST

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once a year or two I get those little frozen pretzel bites with cheese inside of them. they sound nice now.
I'll bring the carrots.
usually either chicken, fish, or nonmeat/meat replacement proteins instead. rice if I have time to properly wash it, vegetables.
also greek yogurt and a bit of fruit.
is it that weird not eating beef? red meat's not exactly the best for you.

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My mom recently gave up red meat for 40 days for Lent. I'd like to try that sometime, although not yet.

My stomach is full, but my mind is hungry.


>nonmeat/meat replacement proteins instead
What? You mean like whey or something?
Great. Rice fucking rules
>is it that weird not eating beef?
Yes, beef contains proteins, and it benefits you by lifting weights, the reason why people get fat by eating too much red meat is because the don't do exercise.

On lent, no one in my family eats red meat on every Friday, instead, we eat fish, bread and other stuff.

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im doing well. im playing fallout. tired

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waddup my nerds! ok so whos jacking who off today?

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we'll get a nice meal one of these days, starting from empty stomachs until we're ready to burst.
no, like vegan meat replacements. they're nice.
those proteins are in other meats as well. red meat has a lot of negative health consequences that have been consistently correlated with it to the point we're almost positive of causation, including increased risks of cancers, diabetes, and CAD. it's not about not exercising enough.
get some rest soon, dear.

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Perhaps you need a sensible bedtime, my friend.

I will be going to a Chinese buffet in about a week, so I can see the future and that nice meal will happen in about a week for me. I hope you have such luck.


i will eventually.
hope youre doing well hijiri

perhaps you need to eat ribs

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No non onon ono no not the ribs


Hey Beni!
Busy Wednesday, right?

>vegan meat replacements
Oh no... I don't like those... I really don't.

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>not the ribs
Why's that?

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eat the ribs man.

you could say that. im not really a busy person, at least not today..

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I don't like ribs, while Beni is made of ribs.

No, man. Index is starving. Help a bong out.


you as well, dear.
they've gotten much better in recent years. but that's also why I listed other meat options as well.

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I am going to sleep

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tell the bong to get here so they can eat my ribs

thank you hijiri. a contagious smile..
hows the search for the meat replacement

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>I don't like ribs, while Beni is made of ribs

Well, good there's fish and chicken. In fact, fish is good whenever I go to dinner, I sometimes cook myself one with garlic, spices and salt, served along with potatoes.
Fucking tasty if I'm honest.

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Which one? I’m in 4 right now, just finished Nuka world and I’m trying to fuck that goul before I head out to fall harbor.
>place is fuckin huge


I sent a pigeon.


doing a modded run. Nuka world is pretty big, even though a majority of it is just desert. Far Harbour is what im looking forwards to.

thank you.

going to rest now

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tried almond milk today. not bad. unsure how it's going to be for making oatmeal, but that's this weekend hijiri's problem.
I suggest carrots and peas as a side.
good night, dear.

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Huh, duly noted.
Have a good night!

Those are also good! In fact, whenever I have the chance, I make myself some rice with peas, traditional stuff in the family.

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Greetings, I hope you're enjoying your last few Wednesday hours.

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almond milk is ok. i prefer coconut

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I like this thread this is a good bread

I am! Tomorrows the big day. I get this guy in the mail and I am psyched.

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add a bit of ground chicken and scrambled eggs, make yourself soboro don.
the coconut I had was a very mild flavor, it was nice.
and it's even better with you here in it!

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Rest well, ribbed one.

I hope you're enjoying your first few Thursday hours.

Thank you for the continued support.

Is that a Bionicle?


Hey Beel! Kicking ass over here! How ya doin?

>scrambled eggs
Well, the eggs are seperate, I add some serrano peppers, tomatoes and garlic on them. It's good.

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Toasty bread crunchy love

Will it be already painted or that's seething you'll have to take care of?

For as much as one can enjoy work hours, I'd say they're going smoothly.

Rather good, I slept pretty well last night I'm well rested and so no feeling groggy for me today.

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interesting. I'm a little lighter on seasoning and add-ins, I guess.

I think I'm going to lay in bed.

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Perfect! I hope you have a good morning!

I assure you, it's worth it, it tastes good.

Well, I'm off to sleep now, I'll see you boys and girls tomorrow! Have a good night!

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That’s a good guess! I do have bionicles but I like transformers more. That dude is unicron the planet destroyer
>galactus but transforms
It’s only the 2002 armada version so it’s all painted and ready to go, I do have a zoid I’ll be painting and building this summer though

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Goodnight and sleep tight

Goodnight everyone

Goodnight thread at this point, lole

Sweet dreams.

Will do and take care.

Fair enough, I used to play with mechs and similar during school times, but the hobby stayed there.

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