This is the kind of shit that starts wars

This is the kind of shit that starts wars.

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Americans will do NOTHING. Obedient little Jew lovers.

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Do tits no longer make milk or am I missing something



>missing out on recent tit developments
>past tit developments as well
>sad to say future tit situations in general too

This is the America we live in isn't. What an awful place, guess I'll move to good Greece.


Imagine LARPing as a civilized country but being entirely incapable of feeding your child unless the food has been produced by a factory somewhere. Now imagine being that useless, and add to that a device that can literally tell you how to solve this if only you'd pull it out and ask it. Also imagine that exactly zero of the aforementioned population is going to do that.

What sort of degenerate doesn't breast feed their baby?
And no it doesn't start wars you melodramatic bitch

This is exactly why I subscribe to tit connoisseur weekly.

>baby formula
Humans went without it for tens of thousands of years.
You'll be fine. Tell the mothers to use their tits more, that's what they are for.

The U.S. is the richest 3rd world country

jesus trips
confirmed real and true

oh damn I didn't even realize

That doesn’t even make sense. The terms 1st and 3rd world countries come from their stance in world war 1 and/or 2, 3rd world countries being the neutral ones.

So yeah, you don’t know what you’re talking about and comment is stupid and retarded.

P.s. nice trips, faggot

Lmao looks like we can still have abortions at 200 weeks

God I love this country

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Yeah, you're missing the biological effect of hormone treatments that whores use to try and control their periods/prevent pregnancies.

>language evolves
>fails to keep up
>blames someone else
How about you write down "etymological fallacy" on a piece of paper, then shove it up your own ass?

Babies died in droves for tens of thousands of years my guy.

But still, this isn’t a big deal. Just pointing out its not a good argument.

>Daily Mail

Oh yeah you're right. Factory made chemicals are better.

They want losers with unhealthy bodies who fucked themselves with hormones to keep dishing out kids raised on sugar and lab grown shit.

O no what will they all do surely they can't just whip out their boobs and feed their babies like they are suppose too

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Welcome to society.
The end is near.
Enjoy life while you still can

Breast fed is best fed.

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You'd be surprised how often women are unable to breastfeed due to latching being impossible. If this scientific fact triggers you, take respite knowing it's because so many American women are obese that latching issues arise disproportionately often.

>formula fed babies

They would have been weak anyway.

How about you learn a little history and stop being a faggot. The USA is by definition not a 3rd world country, and calling it makes no sense.

Stop being a retard.

Why aren't Republicans pushing for a national mobilization effort to manufacture more baby formula?

unfit mothers that should lose their children. In the old days, this would have taken care of itself. my wife had no problem feeling my 7 kids from her tit.

7 kids? You're an idiot

But not every woman is like your wife. You're making a mistake by assuming everyone's experience is like your own. It's a very common fallacy.

You'd probably wave it off and not care you're more interested in getting Shaniquah an abortion

Well if having a baby is unaffordable, then abortion is the only rational solution. Do you want a bunch of unwanted children running around?

They better start sucking tits like the good old days

Fuck the FDA.
They approved the killer vaccine they should have no say in anything.
If i were him I'd open it and arrest any fed who tried to shut it down.

No and I don't think abortion should be outlawed either, Its all in the context of why. It's just obviously immoral and everyone knows it. That's why it's a "tough choice." I feel women don't face the full repercussions of their actions this way. Instead they can just dump whatever loser they suckered in and make him pay child support. That's a consequence of the man's actions for knocking someone up. That's not fair. At all.

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Imagine being such a worthless woman, you can't even produce enough milkies for you're children.

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This is the socialist democrats fault. The government can literally seize the factories and start producing baby food at any time.

Biden should start a plan to get trans milking stations set up across public areas across America, to make sure our kids get fed.

oh cool it's another one of these threads, thanks for containing all the retards here

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There are no "socialist democrats". The denigrate became a centre right party under Clinton

They can make a man pay child support for a child they aborted? What..?

>ITT anons blatantly show their complete lack of knowledge about how tits work
Shits embarrassing guys holy fuck

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oh boy and get ready for a shittier more rushed product to feed YOUR BABY

I can't believe Biden let one guy make all the baby formula in the country.

Perfect time to push bug milk on the masses.

That would require the government to do something for people. Their answer is to give the company that fucked up more tax breaks so the can buy back more stock.

>infant at nursing stage

Do women not have tits anymore? What's the deal?

What a pointless non-point. Babies weren't dying because of starvation unless mom herself was dying of starvation.and couldn't produce milk. What do dead babies from war, disease, infanticide, infection, and just more ways to accidentally get killed in the past have anything to do with people acting like we're going to have starving babies because of a formula shortage. If baby in the US dies from starvation because they can't buy formula its weeding the right people out of the gene pool

It's almost as if keeping abortions legal would prevent from being an issue.

There have always been dysfunctional tits, that is why wet nurses used to exist.

Just as you're making the same fallacy in acting like the majority of babies getting formula is because the mom can't physically breast feed.

Niggers and Mexicans may phase-out.


counterpoint: you're still alive

I wish you were white but odds are you're either a Mormon or a beaner

Do women not have tits these days? The fuck's the matter with people?

So tits cant make enough milk.

Also, I'm sure the people who hate the existence of hormonal BC also don't want non-hormonal IUDs to exist, either. They just want their kind of people to breed like rabbits.
Just because they have boobs doesn't mean their boobs function properly.

If the diaper wearing Liberals and Democrats would stop hoarding the baby food, we wouldn't have this problem

Most whores have nipple piercings which usually results in scar tissue buildup that can clog the milk ducts. Imagine thinking a useless fashion accessory is more important than feeding your offspring.

Then that bloodline deserves to die out.

Thanks republicans

I heard the moon is full of milk

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Yeah, legalized murder would also help prevent the kinds of problems that large populations can cause, like high unemployment.

Doesn't precisely make it a good or moral idea though.

I'm not the one crying about starving babies because of no formula. All my kids were raised on mom's own. Probably why they have functional immune systems. They went from that to homemade baby food since that's the food industry that's had the worst history when it comes to contaminants

Well, it would be a great way of ridding the world of the welfare class.

We live in the "milky way galaxy" so let's drink space milk

Transexual cows just don't have what it takes anymore