Do women actually crave sex?

Do women actually crave sex?

Like as a man I crave sex with a woman, I want to be with a woman instead of masturbating. Do women feel the same way?

Like they could literally use a toy/vibrator and it would be 1000x better with no other problems.

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>Like as a man I crave sex with a woman, I want to be with a woman instead of masturbating. Do women feel the same way?
No they don't, however, they will pretend if you have money or good genetics.

They have to. How do I know even though I am a virgin?
Easy - either God made us in a way we naturally tend to procreation or evolution worked it's way for us to want to fuck each other and procreate in the process.

women crave sex.

But not with you.

It's not a generic response.

I don't think yall understand what I'm saying. Do women lust like men? It could be more hidden or reserved because of intimacy (vagina is entered during sex, more intimate situation for her) or concerns (vaginas are std magnets and pregnancy is real).

But deep down do they lust?

They do
It takes them longer though
Source: I hold our on my gf sometimes.

yes they do. I know because I've had multiple girlfriends that constantly beg me for sex, and also masturbated even on days we had sex.
Like men, all women have different sex drives. Unlike men, women do notgenerally need to lower their standards to get sex.

>It takes them longer though
What do u mean?
so you can confirm that they will initiate sex if they want it? seems unlikely user

Some do most don’t.

Yes, I have a girl I sext with and hookup with occasionally.

If she hits me up late at night and we sext until she gets off then afterwards it dies down, if I tell her not to keep going then we will meet the next day.

I have to be careful not to get her so worked up that she gets off. Every time she does then she flakes, but if I get her worked up just enough then she will still be lusting for dick and let me come over.

This is tried and true and I get the same result every time. Once her lust is handled she never invites me over

sort of. they use sex as a reward. so if you are a prize/ tall attractice and rich, they can actually convince their self they want it. a tiny amount of men really are so hot that women become retarded around them. women have sex urges, they are just able to control it better than men and use it to their advantage

if you've ever actually had a girlfriend who's into you then you'd know they like sex

yes. i had a girlfriend that would come and start rubbing my cock or kissing me when she wanted sex, and another one that would send suggestive or naked pics if she wanted me to come fuck her. also, for a woman to "initiate" usually means they drop hints, which are going to vary widely based on the woman, but if you're in a relationship you'll learn what bullshit she does to tell you she wants sex

Lol. Yes they do, some more than others. Horny to to them feels like they want a dick inside them. They will come on pretty strong when they really want it.

they also like getting their butthole licked so slide a tongue all the way in and possibly hit a turd inside. They won't care about what's going on so long as they're in the moment enough

My wife doesn't enjoy her butthole being licked, but I make her war mine. Not all women are into anal stuff

that's because she's too insecure with her body, get that through your head and get a tongue all the way inside and don't let her stop you

After having been with my wife for 18 years, I can say that after a while a woman's libido drops. When we first moved in together, we had sex multiple times a day, both initiating it. Now, she might send a text saying she wants some, but she never initiates it. We have sex about once a week. Once every two weeks I have a weekday off work and the kids are at school so we can use a vibrator and be loud. We never miss that one, but again, I start things.

We hardly ever kiss because her breath stinks, it didn't when we were first together
I have stopped eating her out because she doesn't like it, every other girl I've licked has liked it
She stopped giving me head because she "just wants it inside her"
Often times she needs alcohol to get in the mood
She cannot get off without the Hitachi and it turns sex into me sort of just encouraging her while she masturbates with my dick in her

My sex life sucks tbh fam

If a guy goes a few days without sex, he gets antsy and wanting some.
The day count threshold for a woman is longer. Sometimes weeks, or more

that's exactly why you can never judge a man and woman equally. Men undergo major energy internally while women don't have to deal with it. If most of these women jumped into a man's body as we speak, they'd be out raping everyone

Yes they do.
For example - my gf craves sex so fucking often and its great. More than anything, gotta enjoy it while we're still young and full of energy.

I only get it once a week and I rarely crave it. I'm the post above yours. Am I dying or just depressed?

you've got a keeper, man. I don't know her like you do but if she craves sex from you then you're doing the right things. Tell us how it goes between you two in detail down to the fucking and completion

Women actually do crave sex. But they don't crave sex with men like you.

this, if you're attractive and are holding in some semen, they will want to fuck you

Naw, people just have different sex drives. When we discuss this stuff we tend to generalize. Normal is a range, not an exact number of days.
Sometimes I'm fine for weeks, sometimes I want it every day.
No wrong answers bro-ham

are you a fucking 12 year old?
YES, women crave sex.

A small percentage do like men do, but it’s an obvious minority. Let me ask you this: are there female centered forums like Yea Forums where thousands of women post pics of dicks and nude men? No. Do women frequent bath houses? No. Most aren’t as lustful and sexually driven as we are.

then how come I never hear/observe them actually go after guys? It's always guys going out to try and fuck them, it's always guys trying to get them in bed, it's always the guy making the effort

She has a high sex craving. When I first met her, she was more reserved and going through personal issues, but as she recovered and became herself, her sex drive also returned.
For example, when we first did it, she wasn't moving too much and not much of a moaner. But as things got so much better for her, she was rougher, more loose about what she wants, and a moaner / verbal talker.
She has a huge physical attraction to me and we have a perfect chemistry on everything (chemistry and attraction to each other is very very important in any relationship, also what happens that sex drive and how good it will go).

She has a huge thing for getting her huge tits grabbed and being taken advantage of. Also, she loves to watch hentai, 3D and rough to extreme porn as we do it. We hate condoms so we always do it bare so that sensation is always there.

Overall, I'm very happy with her and definitely already in plans on marrying her. lol.

do you lick her butthole and if so, explain taste and smell

that's a great question, here's the answer: They can get a list of 10 guys added to their phone in no time so they always have people waiting for them to let them fuck her. That's the general answer, they don't need to make any efforts to approach (unless they genuinely feel like doing it in that exact moment, etc.) because everyone else is already approaching especially if they go and put themselves in places in life where that's what you do such as get togethers, social shit, clubs or whatever you want to call them

I've only licked a bit, but mostly eat her pussy out. For some reason, her scent reminds me of strawberries. I've always licked her after the shower so shes pretty fresh.

I see, have you ever watched her go poop and do you have open door on bathroom to where you don't shut it if one of you are pooping

Im too used to closing the door, she doesnt mind keeping the door open while pooping. I dont really care. lol.


They do but it's just more complicated than getting a nut off. They don't lust like men do. Their sex drives are tied up in social status and security they won't fuck anybody they don't deem to be beneath them.

Sex drive dramatically falls off after menopause and in some cases women need to be medicated for depression because of it, that alone tells you what you need to know

Most do. Some are asexual, but it's only like 1% of the population. The rest will get progressively bitchier till someone else gives them an orgasm.

30s, shes in her mid 20s.

I'm about to turn 30 myself

but it's strange that you didn't just post your exact numbers. some things about your posts are a little weird so far like that

>Do women actually crave sex?
Do men have the same libido and sexual drive? Does the same man "lust" for sex irrelevant to his age, emotional state, the "object" of his lust, etc.?
Even if it is found that, say, the top 10 per cent of women on a "lust scale" correspond to the middle 50 per cent of men, and the bottom 10 per cent of men correspond to the middle 50 per cent of women; the answer to your question will still be yes.

I mean, does it really matter if it was exact or "around"? Its a habit for me anyway.
Also, you asked questions about my life so I was happy to describe it to you.

if it's an actual habit then I'm fine with that. I thought you were somehow trying to obscure yourself

Think of it like a computer. A man's power supply switch is always on, you just gotta press the power button on the front and you're good to go. A woman's power supply switch is always off, and you have to turn it on before you get to the power button.
But in both computers, the lust BIOS settings is "enabled", but finding out is more difficult, thus leading us to believe that they don't have a higher sex drive.
Ultimately, is correctly. But what he doesn't know, is that all women can have their power supply switch turned on, it takes skill, charm, and/or money. Unless you're a Chad, then she'll turn it on herself, leading us to think that women are shallow.

I don't. I enjoy toying with my partner or cuddling, but not sex on it's own. I only do it to please my bf, but I doubt he has any idea. I think most women are like this honestly, but that's just an informed guess.

So you're telling me that you have absolutely no innate desire to get fucked in any way? have you always been like this? have you just given up on men pleasing you in general?

that's what relationships become, idc what anyone says about keeping the spark alive or whatever the fuck. its mating in captivity and goes against our true nature. you don't have to be a hedonistic degenerate either though. sorry to hear your sex life is shit though.

Has it always been like this for you? What is the nature of "celebrity crushes" that many women seem to be fond of expressing, if you did/do experience those? Nothing sexually related?

ok but you're a dude so... stop being gay in public

I've noticed that straight up pounding her isn't really enough. You gotta cuddle, kiss, caress, change paces depending on what you feel (spasms, tightness, etc). Women are more emotional.

The answer is yes. Anyone saying no ITT they only do it for money, power, status, etc. are incels that have never been in a sexual relationship with a woman.

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More than likely you either A) Want him at a base level because he provides something you want, B) You've been with him for so long you feel obligated to stay and haven't even thought about leaving but are bored, or C) Something is terribly fucked up with your endocrine.
Informed guess my dickhole, I have a feeling you were either raised in an extremely sheltered Mormon household, or you're a lying bitch.
Don't do that shit to him, if you feel obligated to be intimate with him, then clearly something ain't right.

That too.
Like i said, its a habit.

you realize that if you're not posting from behind a VPN then Yea Forums can capture your fucking IP dude and you just plug any IP into fucking google and you can get the location

real biological femanon here

>Do women actually crave sex?

>Like as a man I crave sex with a woman, I want to be with a woman instead of masturbating. Do women feel the same way?
Yes. Sex>Masturbation

>Like they could literally use a toy/vibrator and it would be 1000x better with no other problems.
Tbh, I prefer the firm and fleshy feel of a real penis. As much as I like it raw, I have to be more careful because of the Roe Vs. Wade potentially overturning.

>As much as I like it raw, I have to be more careful because of the Roe Vs. Wade potentially overturning.
hahahaha whores btfo

user, are you sheltered or just bored and need replies?

All they do is lust. All of you can't be this dense and deprived.

>implying i haven't been doing that.

nah tbh I just want to know if they fuck because all their friends do it or people promote it. do they have a natural urge to procreate and marry like mean or is it something that they need to be convinced of?

>The day count threshold for a woman is longer. Sometimes weeks, or more
This user thinks he speaks for all women. I can assure you that he does not. Women are overran with passion and lust.

They don't feel comfortable enough to share that with you and they're not interested in sharing that part with you. Whatever it is you're doing, dial it back, they're creeped out by you.

What makes you think that?

Only when they're ovulating

i'm not abrasive or "too much". it's just every woman I ever put my hands on has gotten there with me after intense emotional and physical effort on my part. idk maybe the incels have a points with hypergamy. but that's assuming they actually lust, which bring it back to OP question

women are into sex and men who think otherwise are just not the men women are into having sex with lmao

based on your retardation I didn't think you were hence why I said that

Women toys are way better than man toys

Most man do not "crave" it either.
If you count all the dingo dongo people it is different though, since they are basically animals.

Women will be different. My ex tasted like Fritos. Not in a bad way. The last girl I was with had a spiced taste. Not quite paprika. Not quite cinnamon.