Monkey rekt thread

Monkey rekt thread

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they should snip his cock off

that's been done already, they should cut it's moms head off in front of it.

find whoever filmed this video and arrest them

lmao, would be hilarious. tape its eyes open so he's forced to watch upclose

Does it even understand what's going on? Or does it just screech and howl for no reason like niggers?

mental illness zoomer faggot shortguy thread

why don't they do actual damage and pull out a baseball bat, flicking and slapping does nothing to it


you all should be executed

You should smile more

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Genuine question. Why do so many people hate monkeys so much? I saw a video once talking about monkey hate communities and it was really fascinating to me because I don't really understand it. Do you guys have like traumatic experiences with them or what's the reason behind it?

This little nigga did something to upset that guy. Fuck him.

finally some actual damage, look at the dumb moron running around with a bloody mouth looks dumb as fuck

if the only joy you get in life is watching innocent little animals be mutilated, i don't think you smile a lot


These videos are from south america and asia hence they torture monkeys instead of humanely shooting them
Get a load of this lil nigga

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because they look dumb you moron

kill yourself degen

it's about time, I bet he's feeling like a dumb idiot being born as a monkey

you do realize that these are animals, you dumb fuck? kys

did your momma hurt you? kys

I'm over laughing hard watching these so I'm already winning the smile/laughing game with you, fag

god you must be a miserable incel

go shoot up a school or your local church, faggot..

you sound like a total faggot edge lord
smiling laughing game are you serious you queer little fucker?

sociopaths like you will be the first to face the wall when Trvmp takes direct control of all state affairs in 2024

What is with all of these fucking newfags in this thread getting upset over shit posted on Yea Forums

So are they considered pests or something? I watched a few monkeys in India or whatever would steal peoples belongings and run off with them. Curious if theres any actual reason behind this. There was that funny kmage of an asian guy who caprured a rat who was devouring his stores food then strung hkm up and made him smoke cigs till he passed. But like, that rat had it coming

I'd imagine they're savoring the torture. A baseball bat would be too quick

they're piece of shit animals with no consideration for other animals/humans you moron. The stealing is an example

monkeys are horrible creatures but there is no morality in torturing or killing without reason

the people making these videos and the people that enjoy them are among the people that i believe should go to hell, including murderers, pedophiles, rapists, fake png makers, and animal abusers.

yeah that's true, they should rub human shit into one of its eyes

there are niggers for that
leave endangered animal alone...

stfu degen

>third world shithole where you can literally do the same to humans and get away with it

user I...

>random guy posting random stuff on Yea Forums gets me really upset if it involves dumb monkeys getting hurt
cry more, fucking annoying

it's an animal, wytf is wrong with you, they dont have the capacity to reason like us. besides its not a reason to torture them, please do the world a favor and kys

you're already in hell faggot
there is no "after this"
establish your morality and enforce it
the average human being falls into line once you establish the expectations of behavior with them

thanks chinaman, you try hard to win the subhuman competition
but why not eat it?

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i understand you hate monkeys. but why torture them and watch the videos for fun? that is sickening

go shower degen

annoying fucking newfags like you are so fucking irritating to converse with in these threads, get the fuck out of here and kys

Oh ok

If I wanted to kill an animal Id go hunting for food, or kill something that actually was a pest. But maybe Im just some wierd freak.

because some people are a waste of space

Can you fags stop arguing and post more? I’m trying to masturbate here, inconsiderate assholes i swear…

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Evilness/demons exist, proven by vids like this. Purposely inflicting suffering just for the sake of it...and on a lesser animal to boot. Hell awaits. I pity them.

im in hell for not wanting to see animals brutally tortured. imagine if jesus came to you and asked what you were doing, and you showed him the horrible gore and torture of innocent and helpless creatures. do you think he'd be happy with you? and calling people who don't like murder, one of the ten commandments, already in hell?

im not new, i just dont find animal abuse amusing, unlike you sick fuck. fucking loser

you are just a faggot don't kid anyone, including yourself

Because if you don't they will riot again and burn down cities

>im not new
yes you are. If you weren't new and genuinely weren't into monkeys getting fucked up then you wouldn't have even bothered to enter this thread in the first place and be annoying retard

you are in hell because this is hell, there is no hell but this
doesn't mean you're a sinner though
those who deserve castigation shall receive it thusly

he aint a fag, you're just a psycho, kys

>muh cities burning
>muh muhing
the time to kill yourself has never been more prescient

after you turdlet

I'm sorry im not a sick fuck who enjoys seeing innocent animals get tortured? fkn kys

I wish Moot would range ban you soulless chinks.

> Time for bed Timmy. You can cuss out random people on Yea Forums tomorrow.

KYS faggot...only newfags cry 'newfag'...i smell small dick energy

LOL at all the developing serial killers in this thread.

fine let's do it together then, like romeo and juliette

Someday a real rain will come and wash all this scum off the streets.

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Man, I've killed three people - this is just sad. I'd kill op too.

>be 3rd world double-digit IQ psycho monke
>thinking he's so far above the also double-digit IQ primate he's hurting for fun

dude, you have a visceral reaction to his reaction cause you know you're a sad weak retard who loves seeing other weaker beings hurt, get off this board and go create some human gore with yourself right now

no actually only you do you annoying faggot. only newfags get annoyed by someone saying newfag, you fucking newfaggot kys

a killer who'd kill animal abusers? marry me? :3

>OP thinks I'm hiding in the shadows......

But I am the shadows.

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Why not just shoot/kill them? I mean they're gross and shitty but you have to be twisted to go through all this to torture a monkey. But they're shit skins, monkeys are their closest kin so I guess what goes around...

>I like to tourture random animals for no reason. What do You do?

> I like to go fishing with my friends, hunt game animals and am mentally stable

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I don't like seeing other weaker beings be hurt, i'm against it, you dumb fuck replying to the wrong user here. Also nothing justifies this behaviour degen

inbred entertainment

simple solution for you annoying fuckers in this thread, just leave this site and never return. Why the fuck are you here if you're so offended by this shit

this is what no pussy does to a motherfucka, you'll be extinct soon cracker

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Were actually having fun seeing what reasons you come up with in defense of this.

The moralfags in this thread. Get over it, they're only piece of shit macaques, they would have it worse in the wild anyway.

How about contributing something thats actually funny to this site? Not just edgy shock value content.

>stop giving opinions on Yea Forums

you're the one who needs to go retard

>ignores that his fellow shitskins are the ones who torture monkeys
Mentally ill

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done entertaining your newfag thoughts and ideas of what Yea Forums should be

Because it's normal behavior to be repulsed by this you retard, you need to fuck off to bestgore or something if this kind of content helps you get off, freak

Well yeah one person is slicing living flesh, slapping it, and mutilating genitals. The other one is fishing. You're a dip shit

Dont go. We need you for the laughs

nothing in the wild is worse than this you freak, kys. be your daddy touched you when you were little

they doing it to feed they families cos they poor, wh*te cracker scum are the sadistic fucks paying for it, and they wouldn't be poor in the first place if it wasn't for wh*te cracker colonialism

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>he doesn't realize that animals in the wild kill and eat each other
? Such a stupid fucking retard you are

Pisscord trannies dont like seeing nigger rekt

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Bitch you've been entertaining us and will continue. This was never a magical place where everyone would just love to watch this shit with you. Not since over the decade ive been here.

Mental illness, hopefully you get killed by the niggers you worship

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these things are completely dumb just based on their body language. They have no clue what's going on

kill yes, not torture, YOU retard, kek kys

>newfag bitch that gets offended by something posted on Yea Forums calls someone else a bitch