Help my gf with her play counts, she's a soundcloud rapper form a upper middle class family

help my gf with her play counts, she's a soundcloud rapper form a upper middle class family.

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fuck off zoomer peasant

>she's a soundcloud rapper form a upper middle class family
>form a upper
>a upper

What in the name of female autism is this shit

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does she do nudes ?

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Im a producer and her shit is so terrible that it makes me want to disembowel myself, kill yourself but not before I rape her first

What race are you?


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coomer user back here, post more high res of her and courtney

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post shit you did not post last night chase

thats all i got, i got about +80, imma try to post them all and keep this thread alive

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and im gonna save and jerk off to all of them


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Post her asshole and I'll listen to everything on repeat tonight

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Personal army quest denied faggot. Lurk moar.

i promise you i will listen to every single one of her shitty songs if you show us her salmon pocket

She’s not gonna make it man. Why? Because she’s a white girl from an upper middle class family. What is she gonna rap about? Not getting her makeup done right? There’s nothing she can rap about that will be relatable to others


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This shit is unlistenable
Does she have an onlyfans?

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come back here with some actual effort put into these tracks and maybe someone will give an honest opinion, zero production just distorted audio with some retard saying words in the background


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I wish she were my rapper g/f.

can i see her tits or is she only like 15?

she turning 23 in 2 months

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STOP posting this shite!

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you need to get FUCKING BANNED for spamming this cringeworthy shit every day.


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Lost. Hard.

based coomer bro


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what would alysa think if i sent her this thread?


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Why does the cat have on sunglasses?


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Yoko Ono is her voice coach

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>Wannabe niggeress.
Nothing of value.

I love how you think you can get fans by not sharing any nudes. No one's gonna listen to this trash if it's not slooty

i'm confused. is she a downsy or something? is this a charity thing? are we supposed to support her because she's handicapped? she is obviously 'special'. i just don't get why she is shoving this down our throats every day, as if it somehow won't be cringeworthy and awful tomorrow?
not to mention the overall spamminess of it all... wtf?

Whoa. Wow man. How did you get to be so edgy? So cool and original. Such a sigma male. What a loan wolf.


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pathetic, in all seriousness
where's the basic dignity

awww honey
have you considered a trade school?

Wow she is really good.
"Like an owl stuck in a clock ya"
Absolutely sublime.

I bet she fucks dogs

>>choker collar
You do have rough sex with her, right?

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She sucks at it, her soundcloud is literally her yelling YUUUUH MMFF DUHHH like a down syndrome cat


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