Eternal Goddess Hunger Games 19

Eternal Goddess Hunger Games 19
First 24 tributes are up, sames as necessary
Sand hisses past, winging by on the DESERT's breath. Get excited!

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Fuck off retard


Oh thank god

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Max Payne

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Doc Ock

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Roxy Glamcock

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Nutella Girl

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No Stef, that's not me.

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Carl Brutananadilewski

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Donald Trump

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You forgot your pic user.


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Kaley Cuoco

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Freezie Pop

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Nobu haniwa
>Bu-no Bu-no!

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Tobey Maguire

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The Big D

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Six sames?

Loony Glamcock


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Hand Banana

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>you guessed it, samefag.

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The Mask

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That'll do, hold.

cute butt

Late Richard Rawlings

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how is he always late

Everybody good?

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he has too many bitches, it becomes a struggle being on time

Anime night mostly

Well fuck.

Thanks for last game, hoss.

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No richard or jc


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Ready for Roxy, Loony and GlamOck!

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Add JC and RR

I didn't ask to be put in. I was late.

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Yeah, I'll back it up to get 'em in.

Bu bu no bu!


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Try posting after the bloodbath then

Bu-nobu bu nobu no-bu?

"Well fuck" is hardly an attempt to be put in late.

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No worries. You been busy lately. Doing OK?

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Hehehehe! Yes, yes!

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OK. How we looking?

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Fuckin' exhausted tbh. Youth sports and work can kiss my ass. 100 degree bullshit can fuck off too.

Not necessary, but appreciate ya, Ingrid.

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bu-nobu bu no nobu?

Bu-no bu nobu!

Damn. Hope it slows down for you as much as it can for a parent in the summer.
>My weather's still looking like the UK. Humid, rainy shit.

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Let's do this. SANJO!

I'm so sorry, Sakuya.

This game's haping up to be a lot grittier than the aborted one, in which a group of players found oil instead of drugs.

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stupid bag is just full of pocket sand, that wasn’t worth fighting over

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>bb death
Well fuck me.

>I'm so sorry, Sakuya.
No worries, shit happens.

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bu-nobu no nobu-bu bu bu no!

We keep getting invites for more little league tournaments. I just might take an extended Caribbean vacation and not return.

Calling dibs on the poppies!

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only one person will recognize it

I know, how you could you not hear the hissing fuse?

Three fight-happy tributes and an axolotl triumphantly hammer two peaceful ones.

For fuck's sake, Max!

"Unknown sponsor". OK.

Carl, Carl, Carl...

That's about what I think, Nut.

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