Canada hoes thread. Post Ontario asians

Canada hoes thread. Post Ontario asians.

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lol canada isnt real


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Western U

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Everyone knows michelle

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Indians are also asian

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Post london girls. Or send to kik deathstar12432

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Have any?

604 here. Anyone other guys from around here wanna talk about sluts we know and share pics ? Doesn’t have to be nude

Add me on disc dangreg86#1311

Got more?


Who do you have?


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416 slut

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More of the short one?

Western U anyone have the one on right?

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Paki girl 416

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Dont have any but i love Western bitches

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The right one has an onlyfans.


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Nice pleonasm OP

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What else you got?

Any more?

Post more


Damn got any more of this?


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still here user?

We need more



Any from Kamloops? Let me know if you got any requests.

where my 613 niggaz at

Thank you user, keep going! love this slut

where are the 604 sluts?

Anyone got more of her?

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Where’s the 905 at.

Katherine Matienzo, Mississauga. 905

Went to St. Joan of Arc

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Praise Za, got any burly?

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i think i know her
got disc?

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Sorry no disc. Whats her initials?

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do you know her?

More of this girl please! For the love of god moar

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Hardly. Met her in middle school. Went to high school. Werent really friends

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damn drop disc
i know this bitch

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604 kasey b

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Sorry user i dont have one. Never expected to see someone you know here?

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how long ago was thisa non

can you make a disc?
want to chat about her

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