Trap Thread

Trap Thread

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Kissy kissy edition?

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>Please tell me that fat chick is gonna show up ~~~

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please post soles with cock, possibly soft

God I want her to spit on me, call me a tiny-dicked faggot, and make me choke on her cock

I mean, imagine being a gigantic fucking faggot, holy fucking kek.

more nips

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Looks like an adult

Retarded user?

waiting for this fag to return

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足は好きだよう?¿ あはははは。。

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God please fuck my face and cum in my mouth


would love to see you play with them

are you on any social?

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those are beautiful darlin, please continue ;)

Indo it for free
But buy me the Muslim gauze t shirt

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Sorry i am hairy
YOU could shave me!
I wish my ass was fatter
Someone should
Stuff ice cream in my mouth^••^

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then how should we call you? and can you suck on your toes?

a little bit of hair can be hot

like it more that way
spread your asshole for us



I would love to feed you ice cream all night long
Strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla

You should call me

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definitely a mummy

tbh id be scared to death of nicking you with a razor, how about i take you for a waxing and then we do the ice cream thing?

mmmm cute little tight ass, how much do you play with it?

I bet you smell so hot

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dubs of truth

This makes me very hard :)

I like sumo wrestling

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Thank you~

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>sumo wrestling
would that include you sitting on my face?

I'm going to call you "sugar plum" instead
Will that be acceptable?

Cute little hormone tits, unfortunate face

heh you'd be the perfect little play toy wouldn't you

Would you sit on my face and fart for me?

based ruff, I've been wondering if you'd offed yourself by now, glad to see you're back. I got some ridiculously early photos of you from the soc days, consider this a gift

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please suffocate me

i want to see you pucker that butthole and fart

this got me diamonds

Jesus Christ is LORD and SAVIOUR and the light of this world! He as God came into this fallen world 2000~ years ago, born in Bethlehem in what is now Palestine as a male under Jewish authority, and came to reveal his glorious plan of salvation in his 20s, being eventually killed for 'blasphemy' by the Sanhedrin in 32/33 AD~, and rose again on the third day, being given all authority on heaven and on earth. However, He was even revealed from the very beginnings through the prophets all through the old testament, an artistic weaving from the master storyteller that tells the story of man falling and Christ picking us up in his love, even laying down his own life for us and our transgressions. And He reaches out to the spiritually needy in his great love! He manifested Himself to me when I was totally down and out, and showed me the depth of his unconditional, PERFECT love that He has for everybody. He is a pure light brighter than any other, but can be looked at forever; He has no deception in Him whatsoever, only the purest love and concern for us; powerful, anxiety-and-pride-killing peace emanates from Him and bathes anyone witnessing His glory into total fulfillment, killing all the ambitions, desires and covetousness of the flesh and being truly satisfied and humbled in His LOVE, and his love alone. His love is literally incredible and can bring ANYONE to tears. He also certainly had a beard when he revealed Himself to me in His majestic glory, but His face wasn't as clear. This is no lie, or mere hallucination! There is so much more to life than dissatisfying materialism. My life had become completely astray, but God showed Himself to me and it was and is being completely changed by the good King and Saviour Jesus Christ! The rulers of this world want you to believe that Godlessness is the way, the truth, and the life - but it leads to certain death, not only spiritually in this life, but also in the life to come. Read on for the salvation of the Lord

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This jowever does not :( i love hard cock >3

What about this lol

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Great ass whore

post more of their stuff, im in love

Yes sexy

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Weird, but horny. That also wasn't a "no"

nice hair boymoder

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Looking for a gamer trap discord gf to hang with