Show your watch Yea Forums

Show your watch Yea Forums
This is mine.

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great vintage
that was a good year.....

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Love my U(h)rwerk UR-1001

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hello, Iron Man?
It's me....user

show watches with timestamps are all ya faggots

Rate my watch

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gay/10 unless you post a timestamp on it i'll rate it otherwise

Never been a fan of open hearts myself, but that dial....*chef's kiss*
Seiko and their dials, man, can't be beat

timestamp it pussy

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Ur mum gay

What is this mickey mouse bullshit!?

I see you're a man of culture

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that dial looks it has been encrusted by your seikojerking. you do realise there are porn with women in it right?

I win

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you wish your mom was gay, otherwise she wouldn't be sucking the dicks to afford your grand seiko on a burger flipping job

this guy is not a faggot. that's how you do it. good shit user, how long have you had it?

here you go dreamer a watch you'll never own
my watch currently valued at 21 K

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Holy fuck your hand needs to go on a diet

Thanks user. I've had it for almost 5 years now. Got it for $80 usd on amazon

Rate mine.
Other picture of it

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Rocking my Hamilton "Interstellar" tonight
Great watch, always surprises me when I pick it up, wears much smaller than it looks.

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my watch is best watch, I can even watch porn on it.

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Does it compensate for your 3 inch penis?

wow you should upgrade tho

funny you say that i'm over 7 inches in long

Bought this as my first automatic watch. After a solid 15 minutes of research I found that this was the best entry level automatic. Opinions?

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pic with timetag to prove

I'm getting away from Samsung. If I can be honest their product is bullshit. Their appliances are only good for 2-3 years then you must buy an entire replacement rather than a part.

I'm typing this on a Galaxy phone.... I dropped it 2 months ago and got a replacement. It took me 2 days to download all the updates. You have to download them all separately. LOL. I was so out at that point. What a fucking joke.

love the watch, but I usually shy away from people saying things are the "best" anything. So much has to do with taste....opinion......
You certainly didn't get a dud though either, love Orients...a really interesting company with some really compelling offerings

it's on my secure laptop gimme a minute or 2

Let me "need more"

It bothers me that the 8 and 10 markers arent even. Beautiful watch nonetheless user

Sturdy and reliable, technology that has stood the test of time.

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Gabriel... Your watch sucks and noone cares. If you had been paying more attention to your fucking fan demands, instead of the money grab to buy shit watches, your career wouldn't been hinging on the edge of fucking oblivion right now.

[MVGNS] Marvelous Genes(sarchastic)?

Fred Flintstone lives!

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I never noticed that before with the open heart bambino's, but now that I'm looking at it I don't hate it.....kind of an organic anti-symmetry, little bit of character

Rate my Quartz~

I saw that name a lot and finally got myself one.

Wasn't cheap tho but totally worth it

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unfortunately I can not find another model that meets my requirements

Holy shit. Is that a real Quartz, user?

I'm wearing my $20 Tevise PERLATIVE CERONOMETER because fuck you

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I have had this for over 5 years and work as a mechanic (in a very dirty environment) I have no screen protector and have it in my chest pocket which is constantly filled with gravel. the only visible wear is that the color of the home button is gone so now it is brushed steel instead of black.

yes. Even the nickel-free model. Seems to be super rare because I cant find this exact model online everywhere except cheap knockoffs.

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Why is quartz letting everyone use their name like that? Seeing that alk the big warch namebrands use them?

The guys at Quartz don't care, they know everybody can tell a real Quartz from a cheap knockoff

Truly the ultimate gigaflex.

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what vintage?

Seikos are about as good as many swiss watches. Fuck the swiss


I have too many 'affordables' especially considering I wear this daily

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Switched the gay leather band with a metal one. Metal one sucks too. Cant find a good band for this watch.

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What does it do?

that shit looks radioactive

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not more than Swiss Tritium

Please don’t put a watch on your garloid

How do they make money like that

Wasn't expecting NSFW material in a watch thread.


Daimler-Benz didn't care that some shitty swiss watch company made their "Mercedes" star on their watches. Did it hurt them?

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You'll probably have a better time getting a replacement bracelet with the appropriate size endlinks vs Speidel's spring-operated variable endlinks.

lesson: buy it on the original bracelet. It's far easier and more affordable to find strap option if you don't like the factory supplied bracelet than the other way around

I like my citizen, it's a good watch

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lol bullshit. $5-6K at best

Holy fuck, boys. It's breached comtainmend.

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Looks nice. I like that style without that big diver rim like most older valuable watches have.

Do all those subdials work?

Rate my watch.

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Then how would I know when it is time to milk it?

Yup, they all work


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Yeah I'm not a fan of those either, I like this one because it's flashy enough to be impressive but still dignified looking.

Invicta automatic, 1/100th the cost of a Rolex.

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Nice. I hate when even halfway decent companies make watches with fake subdials.

Yeah, but does it tell time? Because a Rolex definitely, absolutely can do that.

The worst is when the stopwatch function doesn’t correspond to the tach bezel.

You jealous gweilo?

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It stops me from wearing other watches. Unfortunately it does not stop me from hoarding other watches

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I work in a jewlery store and we get a ton of watches in for battery replacement and minor work. Brands to specifically avoid: Invicta, Tommy Hilfiger, Bulova and G-shock. They aren't necessarily unreliable but they're all a nightmare to open and close and the first three are really cheap on the inside, especially Invicta, never fucking buy an Invicta.