What do you think about the Waco incident back in 1993?

What do you think about the Waco incident back in 1993?

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I believe the bbq party went really wrong

Makes me want to start my own cult.

ATF went apeshit retard on a cult

I see fire I correlate it as GOOD, even tho I don't know the story.

thats nice fat retard

It was fucking hot.

Cultists deserve no better.

Cultists got what they deserved for breeding koresh.

ATF sucks. McVeigh gave'em a nice, black eye. End of story.

GenXfag here - this happened near the end of my freshman year of college, and this guy we were hanging out with kept laughing saying "JEFFREY DAHMER WAS SPOTTED THERE WITH A BOTTLE OF HOT SAUCE BA HA HAAAA!"

He even took a picture from Time Magazine or something similar to your pic related and drew a little stick figure with a bottle of hot sauce on it and was showing it to people like it was so funny.

based glowniggers. fuck those cult faggots

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Koresh deserved what he got. The ATF deserved what they got also. The rest of them didn’t deserve what they got.

That is a pretty Gen X thing to say, yeah.

t. 1975

Yeah, but at the end of the day.. ATF is still around. McVeigh is not.

>ATF is still around


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I'm skinny tho

Well, idunno what else to tell you, dude.. they're still around.

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eat something then

Well how do you think I feel, when I'm actually the one who caused it }:)

Shut up, David. You're long dead.

I think my government gets off on murdering christian babies

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You can blame this on the JEW media. Without the spin the kikes put on them, they would have remained a peaceful cult.

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See this is the kinda shit that happens when you change the recipe for jammy dodgers to be “vegan friendly”

Hear things went south in Jones town when they found out about the haribo too…

I think the US government is the greatest force for evil in modern times, at least since the USSR fell if not before.

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Next thing we know, you'll be claiming that babies can choose their own gender.

Awful lotta feds and their kids had a pretty bad day in that building, seems to me he won

the serie about it on Netflix is good.

>seems to me he won
Like I said, he'd dead and the feds are still here. What did he win? Participation award?

believing in some kind of guru like him ok, its insane but according to religion all holy person related to a religion has been some kind of a guru in the past. But seing all these guy agrreeing on the fact that david can fuck their wife when he want like if they was his property is fucked up.


it's pronounced "wacko"

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Tragic for the indoctrinated cult members. Justice for David Koresh. Children died that day, and fuck you David, for being such a douche.


Just another cock up in a long line of circus ops that the ATF and FBI have ran.
No, really, the ATF is the clown car of governmental law enforcement agencies, bunch of shit for brains chucklefucks that probably wear velcro shoes when off duty.

yeah fuck you David for forcing the government to burn all those kids alive and then posing for victory photos in front of the burnt corpses, what a jerk

Currently reading a book on it. The ATF doesn't need to exist. They had no reason or jurisdiction to investigate the group.

Koresh did nothing wrong. The Clintons and their pawns like Janet Reno murdered American citizens and have never paid the price for it.

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They shouldn't have broken the law

Based and 'pilled.

they didn't.

especially the children and pregnant women

That's what they all say. Dindu nuffin

what law did they break?

Koresh was crazy but not doing anything illegal.

Lawyers that went in to speak with Koresh made statements that the front door had bullet holes that went inside of the building, while the ATF claimed the Davidians started the gunfight by shooting through the door.

Oh plus it was a metal door and it just disappeared after the fire under the FBI.

Alphabet boys gonna alphabet

Here's another one that should infuriate you.

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They shot and killed police officers issuing a search warrant.

Maybe you can go fuck his burnt corpse up the ass

Once again, a ridiculous claim asserted without evidence

A search warrant for what, exactly, and with what justification for its issuance?

it was fucked up but you have to remember that the FBI has recordings of the people saying David wanted them to pour fuel everywhere and the few survivors even agreeing that the fire was started on the inside by Davidians. they should have just let him finish the 7 scrolls for fucks sake

Globohomo is evil.

One has to wonder why the FBI spent so much time and effort concealing and outright burying evidence if their case was so open-and-shut.

What authority did the ATF have to execute a bullshit child abuse warrent?

Definitely before. US has been funding autocratic despots since at least the 60s (see Vietnam)

Lots of religious groups hold bake sales to make money.

What's funny is that black people deal with this shit every single day of the week and people here praise it.

What those people did was as stupid as your average black person pulling a knife on a cop knocking on their door.

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Noooo! Lol

I don’t think.

>the ATF is the clown car of governmental law enforcement agencies

Not the DEA?

Because the black people in question usually DO turn out to have committed legitimate crimes. You're comparing apples to tomatoes, justifying it by claiming that they're both fruit.

>Koresh was crazy but not doing anything illegal.

Wasn't he doing illegal shit wrt guns?

Lon Horiuchi put a bullet through Vicki Weavers brain while she stood unarmed, holding a baby, triggering Ruby Ridge.

Lon Horiuchi fired the first shot that started Waco. Then he went home and rebored his rifle so that he could not be matched to the bullet.

They pinned a medal on Lon Horiuchi's chest. Then they fired him and tried to prosecute Lon Horiuchi.

Tim McVeigh was trying to kill Lon Horiuchi, who no longer worked at the Murrah Federal Building.

Burning children alive sucked. Talk to Lon Horiuchi.

Dont forget this is all after the FBI is caught lying on two separate congressional inquiries, first about the presence of the FBI HRT's sharpshooters, and then again about deployment of cs canisters near fuel tanks. Those pigs knew what they were doing, Davis got tiny dick syndrome because their new gang wasn't being bowed down to so he burned children alive. Simple as.

the only case they had was the weapons violations. there's only one county in the entire US where you're allowed to own automatic weapons and Waco Texas isn't in that county. plus they were ordering grenades and all kinds or crazy shit. the UPS delivery driver swears that he only came to know of what they had because he "picked up a box and dummy grenades (uncharged grenades) fell out of the box. which is complete bullshit. he opened that box up and he went to the FBI about it and they told him to say that bullshit. guy was a huge faggot. I have absolutely no issue with what was happening there and I think other than what was obtained illegally they had no fucking right to be there. plus they flat out tortured them for 51 days. American fucking citizens they waged war on. they pushed David into a corner that he should have never been pushed into especially when he had already made terms with the chief negotiator about writing his seals then surrendering.... something Janet Reno and the head FBI prick on scene deny having any knowledge about. it was an extremely fucked up situation... but why would people who believe David will come back (again) as Christ himself to this day admit that they started the fire? I think the faggot feds also used the whole "THINK OF THE CHILDREN" as a crutch to shut them down. the whole thing is so fucked up but I listen to Koresh sometimes when I'm drunk and the man had unrivaled conviction its pretty trippy tbh

Yeah, That was a cluster fuck. How many people
screwed the pooch for things to end up like
they did?

Its not a matter of mistakes. Federal law enforcement is about perverse incentive and mallum prohibitum all the way down. The system was and is working as intended.