Does thrusting actually feel good for women? Can they orgasm from thrusting alone?

Does thrusting actually feel good for women? Can they orgasm from thrusting alone?

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I think it depends on the woman. My wife can, but then she orgasms pretty easily. Supposedly a lot of women can’t.

>Can they orgasm from thrusting alone?
Women can not orgasm by any means. They don't have a penis.

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my question is: does it feel good for the woman? I think it doesn't feel good at all.

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For me personally I like it. Idk something about hitting the cervix and shit like that.


As a man, feels great when my boyfriend thrusts in my ass.

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Yes, women do find thrusting pleasurable, provided the angle is good for them and you aren’t making it painful (e.g. bruising their cervix, slamming their pussy when they’re not wet enough, etc.). However, it doesn’t provide the right kind of stimulation some women need to make them orgasm.

I guess it’s possible there are some women who don’t find it pleasurable at all, but they’re a small minority if they exist.

The more and harder and deeper I thrust the more she likes it

Feels heavenly though. Get to relax and get railed, push back every now and then and moan.

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I think women that can't cum from penetration have only been with dicklets.

>The more and harder and deeper I thrust the more she likes it

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What is the right stimulation then? I'm personally a fan of getting my cervix slammed.

Nah, some women can only cum from having their clit rubbed, not from internal vaginal stimulation. You can make them cum by rubbing their clit with your tongue or fingers, or if they grind on top so their clit is rubbing against your pubic region, or if you’re doing it missionary style getting the angle right so your shaft slides over their clit on the way in and out. But if it’s just going in and out of their vagina (e.g, thrusting doggy style, spooning, sliding up and down cowgirl style, etc.) they won’t cum unless someone’s rubbing their clit as well.

My lubricant is either pure silicone, or coconut oil. No lidocaine and so on - although I have extracted lidocaine from such lubricants for... other purposes.
First time I used a finger, I was shuddering and moaning in 30 seconds. Faggot.

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Depends on the woman. My wife cums fastest from thrusting while I suck her nipples, but other women I’ve fucked cum most easily from having their clit rubbed with fingers. If you like having your cervix slammed, good for you – just make sure you only fuck guys long enough to hit it had enough. But in my experience, most women don’t particularly enjoy having their cervix slammed, and some find it uncomfortable or even painful.

The trouble for you is you’re working with a sample size of 1. You have a pussy, but that doesn’t make it representative of the population. If you want to know about dick, ask a gay guy or a prostitute who’s dealt with miles of it. A typical straight guy only knows about his own dick, not dick in general. Same for pussy – a manslut will have dealt with a lot more pussy than a straight woman.

That's fair. I mean, it can hurt if you do it too hard so I guess it's just a preference thing.

They did study's on this 60% of woman can coom from just penetration the rest can not and need to rub the clit.


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My GF can cum from having her nipples sucked alone. But it works much better if I'm fucking her at the same time. Most guys she's been with before or after me barely thrust at all, like they can't hold back. I pound her relentlessly for 15 minutes and suck her tits for 5 or 10 more and by the end she is screaming.

It depends on the woman. My wife's theory is it also depends on their masturbation habits. E.g. if they primarily learned to get off via clit, thats how they'll get off during sex. But if they finger themselves instead they can come via thrusting.

Also, some women have different tolerances around their cervix. Some like it rough and deep and others are absolutely not about that at all.

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Some women can come from thrusting alone, some need clitoral stimulation along with it, and some women never have an orgasm.

Younger women mostly grow into their orgasm. They start small when they're younger, frustrating many women. When they get older, they come like a house fire in an earthquake. My wife is older, and comes like that.

She's always told me, it's not the deep thrusting that makes her come, it's the feeling of the head of my dick popping in and out, rubbing just inside her pussy where the clitoral wings are.

Grinding seems to accomplish more.

Hmm so from the replies it looks like some do enjoy thrusting.

idk it just seems like it doesn't feel good for them

Maybe you’re just not good at it?

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other than the pace what else are you doing? you can't get better at thrusting in and out.

Not that user, you can change the pressure and depth and rhythm and angle

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Positioning, other touches, whispering or dirty talk... there's an infinite number of things you can do.
Personally if my boyfriend bites my neck and whispers into my ear...

Angle and depth make a difference, as well as what you’re doing with the rest of your bodies.

She also requires a finger in the asshole too

I get the feeling OP just unceremoniously shoves his dick in, then rubs it in and out until he cums. He’s basically just using pussy as a masturbation aid – that’s not going to do much for anyone.

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Horses for courses; different positions hit their insides differently (G-spot etc) and outside too (eg balls banging clit, or shaft rubbing it when "riding high"). Find what she likes.
The big secret is that when she says she likes something, or tells you "oh yes, right there" - that is not your cue to do something different and break out your fuck-ninja moves; keep doing*exactly* what you're doing and she'll climb that orgasm ladder like a monkey.

I don’t think most women cum from penetration alone. and if they do I think it takes a while. my last sex partner I used a condom with and because of that (and having had a beer or two) I lasted for like a half hour or more. they came from that but usually if we weren’t using a condom and I didn’t last as long then they wouldn’t. The bad side of it though is condoms cause more friction so you can’t fuck them as many times in one night.

Ive been told it's the sensation of being filled up completely and stretched with the forceful hitting and gentle tapping of the cervix.

Penetration is also appreciated.