Hunger Games

Hunger Games
First 24
No sames until OK
Hold swaps 'til roster check

hardcore show

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Loony Glamcock

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Max Payne

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Diego Brando

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AFK for a while, gonna take a shower.

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a fucking gun

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Carl Brutananadilewski

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Roxy Glamcock

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There she is!~

Mae Borowski

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Tom Brady

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Richard Rawlings

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£igma Balsz™

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Crazy Horse

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Donald Trump

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>Skip or swap if ya want

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There are too many guitarists in this band. One of you has to go.

But I play bass.

Sir, I'm on bass


Trump has a different guitar from roxy's

Sandu Ciorba

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Situation probably not helped at all by the frequency with which guitarists give themselves credit for more talent and charisma than they've got.


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So... do we settle this somehow or?

We have a bass-off to see which of us is more bassed, duh :3


whoever gets farther in the game gets the role.

It's the month of Mae

I'm using a keytar!
There you are~


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>There is no thread I'm waiting for, and you seem to be irritated by my presence. I'll sit with you guys.

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I finished Night in the Woods just last week. God but I *stank* at the bass sequences.

Drum man

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Not a good rhythm gamer?

give me three sames.

Nutella Girl

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UwU~ Paw bump


Not any kind of rhythm gamer. I think as these things are reckoned that's even worse.

We good?

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Lets jam.

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I guess. What should I do?

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Ready for Roxy and Loony!
Great idea OwO~

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Let's get Loony and Roxy!
I'll be joining you in the band shortly~

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>"Hey Ingrid what's the difference between a drummer and a drum machine?"
>"dunno what"
>"You only have to PUNCH the information into a drum machine once."

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I don't know which is one and which is the other. In that case, one *staaaaaareeeee *
And the other I don't give a fuck.

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Playing this code as a reminder that Kendrick drops his first album in a half-decade in less than 48 hours.

theme -

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My left nut just went vi~ral

Well I have died taking or attempting to purchase all the drugs in pretty well every game scenario resembling this one.

Attached: ingrid has a question.png (255x256, 25.72K) sounds better

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How do you fuck up pizza...?
Kill them all, my Love~

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Woah. I kinda feel bad you had to go out that way Loona. At least you made it to the bathroom before it set in.

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The better furry won.
Congrats on your place in the band, Mae :3

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Oh Loo you should have tasted our pizza at the Pizzaplex~
As you wish~

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Horse lives up to his namesake.
Based frogposter?
Max, I'm gonna assume he had a gun or something cuz this is pathetic.
That pic tracks, Tom.
You love it.
Mae's hereditary'd.
Kiryu Dies Lit.

I'm sure you'll fare better here.
Pineapple. RIP
>working with a frogposter
Shame on you
pffft. overpriced

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this is going straight on ebay

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You can always be a singer if you got the voice for it.

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Fuck I just realized I accidentally put Tom Brady instead of Super Stalin. That would’ve been such a great event.


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>Hit it, Frisk!

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I'll give it a shot!
Like this?

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AF's given a fair foreign review. 3 1/2 Yens out of 5.
Elvina's colonized.
Crazy Horse's corpse is featured on the next LP cover.
Frisk slips in something more toxic than ricin.
Ingrid' telling y'all, it's sabotage...

/hg/ has finally reached celeb status
you don't aim with a heavy attack.
Ever seen hereditary?
Works for me. We can photoshop it.
Ingrid isn't British.

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You go girl!

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Never stopped Rancid.
As it's measured on this planet though Ingrid doesn't have any nationality.

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My my, Hey hey
This is the story of Johnny Rotten
Rust Never Sleeps

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daily reminder

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Phew I'm back.

Ah yes the good old times.

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YOU don't aim with a heavy attack...

Power chord! :3

We charge extra for that, Kirby.
Frisk's gender makes this a lil bit less impressive.
Carl flashes gang signs at teenagers.
Post the shower pic Kiryu do it now
Are you guys all here for Runaways???

I hope Neil's listed in your will.
Yeah, but it'll ruin my night if she is.

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Why didn't you DODGE?!

I don't even have ears.

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Sorry Kiryu.

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I don't blame you Rox, it was Smashing Pumpkins after all~

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Point taken.

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No commentary right now babe, I'm listening to the 14 minute rock balld "Voodoo Chile" off the greatest rock record of all time.
>TLDR like, five of you are dead

my game my rules
300 pounds of spinach makes you have low dex
You hear through your nose?
1972 is good. Ramona is good. You reccomend me a rock band
I assume everyone in street fighter is born in southeast Asia

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Is that a bad thing?

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Our band name is Touhou, and nothing will change it.

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Does Roxy have a maintenance port?

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