Nothing is built

>nothing is built
>nothing is back
>nothing is better

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trump lost

>no one was imprisoned
>no one did shit

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biden lost

They are both part of globohomo u absolute retards.

In fact damn near everything is worse.

Was this catastrophe of a president really worth it libtards? Was Orange Man really THAT bad that tanking the entire world economy under a retard with dementia was the better alternative? Did his tweets trigger yall THAT much?

>not Trump tho
>not Trump tho
>not Trump tho

Whos both? Speak English like a good conquered peasant faggot.

Much much worse

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go to bed Oleg. its 3am

Cry more, loser.

>everything is worse.

Only a Russian would say that.

No we all lost nigga

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lol, there's literally an ongoing investigation, and plenty of people have been imprisoned so far

beat trump

the 1970's are back, better than ever!

its sad really. He probably fantasized about being POTUS as a kid and now he's finally there he has to clean up the mess Trump left AND take the blame for it.

he's the political equivalent of a janny.

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Love the pic.
Biden laughing as US supplied weapons murder thousands of Russians.

name one. go ahead and google it.

>ongoing investigation
stfu pussy

beat biden

lol, imagine being this naive

He doesn't even know he's the president

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Gas prices? Sky high.

Inflation? Record high.

Rent/housing? Record high.

Workforce? Median hourly wage is only 16 an hour.

Biden is causing massive inflation across all sectors of the economy while the workers get crushed under soaring costs

Weak bait.


But the republiCUNTS are seething and this is literally all the matters lmao XD XD XD

Complete failure.

When what?

he did his one job

Lol this is such a miserable looking photo.


A kinder, gentler Darth Cheeto.

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Had Epstein killed.

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>this naive

because the US hasn't trained, supplied, and gave intelligence to UA

because trumptards can't cope with Biden being better at war than trump

if trump was still in office he would be taking putin's tiny, russian penis into his loose butthole

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Yeah I stopped paying taxes years ago because of this. I could see it coming a mile away. If the government wants tax money they're going to have to do something to deserve it. Definitely not interested in paying taxes so big pharma can get it for some dip shit vaccine that doesn't do anything. Pretty soon they won't even have a budget to run the IRS. Fuck them


Attached: BigUnequaledAlbino-max-1mb.gif (200x245, 587.28K) has some of the cases. They are still at the tip of the iceberg on cases.

Wow what a compelling argument, faggot

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Lol @ conserviTURDS straight SEETHING. Have some cope with your dope while the Pope gropes a mope and when all else fails I hope you consider the rope.

I'm too tired to walk you through basic economics but Biden did nothing to cause inflation.

You should have stayed in school user.

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BDS. Get help. Maybe a lobotomy via 12 ga?

those are maga people

you people are on the wrong side of the war and the wrong side of history

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Hmm right thats why under Trump we literally had none of these problems. Yet only a couple years under Biden has led to the majority of Americans being worse off than when he started?

Yet somehow.....



It's not Bidens fault? The fuck kinda mental gymnastics are you doing to justify your argument?

wow. you should have a following.

>They are still at the tip of the iceberg

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obv biden is trash
whole world knows

amerifats just mad because literal dementia is running their country.

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lol this, the left are a bunch of weak cucks

lol what a chomo


Probably larping, but you know your taxes are already taken out of your paychecks, right? If you're an independent contractor or business owner, I know a couple of people now who went to jail for not paying their business taxes, so have fun with that.


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>under Trump we literally sucked putin's russian cock
>under Trump we literally printed 80% of the dollars in circulation today
>under Trump we literally couldn't even cooperate with NATO
>under Trump we literally paid a special visit to north korea to suck kim jung il's sweaty ballsack
>under Trump we literally were the laughing stock of this planet

you can still enroll in community college user

I do. It's all the illegal immigrants and niggers on social programs that your tax money goes to, except I'm not on a social program. Try it out and convince your friends. Watch how fast the government comes to suck everyones dick when they stop paying taxes. What are the consequences otherwise? A few years in a federal prison? Ooo. Letters telling you to pay up? Oh no...

Stop complaining about your country and do something these parasites notice. Stop having kids too like a bunch of beaner breeding idiots. Stop participating in their system and change things.

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>the illegal immigrants
You mean Melania?

>literal dementia

>mfw even president with literal dementia is better leader than trumpf

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lol, do you think that they start at the politicians? They work their way up by using the smaller players to give up dirt for plea deals, retard. There's still hundreds of cases to go for the rioters themselves

Watergate took two years, and it wasn't anywhere near as large an investigation as this

Yeah, federal prison. Whatever. You ever been to jail? It's fun, free food and shelter. Federal prison is even more fun. And when you're done they go through hoops to try to get you back in to society. So free everything, free education while you're in there, don't have to deal with idiots, surrounded by blue collar criminals that are interesting to talk to, and you will get a job like the shit job you have already when you're out. What's the problem?

The left can't meme

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