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that's an interesting way of looking at it, and I would agree
that kind of religious indoctrination is why the hippie era and left leaning stuff is so important to society, because it rebelled against that kind of stuff, and promoted freedom which we still don't have a whole lot in that regard
it also led to rock and metal which I used as a perfect excuse to grow my hair out and wear girl's jeans and pretend it was just me being a metalhead which I still don't think anyone realized what I was actually doing lmao
but unfortunately, that only caused bible freaks to push back harder and harder which made the Republican party a joke, and that's sad to me because I would love to see a Republican party that isn't strangled by Christian dogma bullshit
but yeah, people like that are just dumb, I try to accept everyone for who they are which everyone should do
and if you want my honest opinion, the hypocrites that like more passable trans women but treat more masculine looking trans women badly are dumb because, quite frankly, I like big tall girls, so more for me :P

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this song goes hard af

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I quite like the original version, I've got a thing for female vocalists :P

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>but yeah, people like that are just dumb, I try to accept everyone for who they are which everyone should do
I do my best to do the same even with my deep childhood indoctrination, if they're not doing harm they have my respect by default.
Life is too short and the world too big to get worked up about how individuals live their lives.

Don't care if you're a homeless man, a stripper, or a super buff drag queen, everyone is deserving of respect and empathy.

yeah, growing up I was hoping the internet would open people's eyes to these issues, but I feel like it's only caused more people to double down on their beliefs, left and right wing, and has only set us back again for the rights to bodily autonomy as a whole, Roe vs Wade being a perfect example
nobody should be repressed, nor should they be forced to be one way
I don't know why it's so hard for people to just others be how they want to be instead of controlling them in one direction or another, it's so harmful to both individuals and society as a whole

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same. I also am just missing edm events a lot rn :c

how are you today Dash?

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also, to add to that, why the heck do modern straight males consider it okay to consume copius amounts of porn and then in the same sentence call pornstars whores and say they'd never date them.
Like, hello, your precious fap fuel wouldn't exist without these fine women baring it all and you demean them while beating your meat to them daily?

Pornstars are amazing people (and so are other participants in the erotic content ecosystem) and I'm tired of pretending they're not.

yeah the internet just seems like a giant indiscriminate amplifier

I for one am grateful for it, who knows how twisted I would have become under the yoke of a shame fueled cult.

I'm very tired, haven't slept well in over a week and don't know why
also need to do chores soon

well testosterone is a weird thing, and the internet has made it unbelievably easy for men to get addicted to porn, even women as well as teenage girl's perceptions of sex and how they think they should look
it's a real problem these days, it's honestly not even their fault
I firmly believe that companies are the ones at fault for these issues by promoting bullshit and allowing these things to happen
this is a fringe case where narratives *should* be controlled by the government because porn and social media are very damaging to mental health

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It's simple, they are purveying the basest of all desires, turning intimacy into a commercialized commodity. Just because you want to consume it, doesn't mean that you respect the people who produce it. They are literally selling their dignity. I may be willing to buy it from them, but once I do that, they don't have any left, so there goes the respect.

Sounds like you speak from experience.

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yeah access to high speed internet porn is definitely not ideal,especially for young people.
IDK if my experiences are relevant but I couldn't tolerate video porn when I was young so I stuck to still images of women for a looong time and it greatly influence my habits in what I think was a positive way, because getting off for me almost always involves a hyper detailed imaginative component that I fear most people miss out on.

So, if you consider it undignified, why are you consuming it in the first place? You're giving implicit approval to the content by consuming it, if you're serious you'd cut out porn entirely or risk being a hypocrite.

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have you tried taking a sweeping aid? That sounds pretty exhausting haha. I once went nearly a month with no sleep, but it was pain related and I could only rest my eyes for about 15-45 minutes before the pain woke me back up D: felt like I was losing ma mind!

I'm good today, just jamming to a bunch of good moosic :3

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like call me crazy, but I think instagram and other websites should be held accountable for their actions, and fined by the government as we have scientific proof that social media is terrible for mental health, particularly teenagers
yes, it's not inherently social media companies' fault that their platform affects others' perceptions of reality, but they should really be more transparent and a little more restrictive because the medium itself is the problem
that isn't to say people should repress their sexuality, but when someone's looks and social media presence becomes their entire existence, that's really bad and it is taking advantage of the reward system of both the posters, and the audience

yeah, it's a really tricky situation because it's not only a very recent problem for society as a whole, but it's difficult to regulate without seemingly being intrusive and unfair, like how prohibition was an utter disaster
I think it's a growing issue that we'll begin to see in politics as well

I've tried everything, and the thing that helps me sleep are drugs that I got addicted to, not fun
that's always fun, just chilling and listening to music

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Are you proud of looking at porn? Is it something you share with everyone? Or do you keep it secret like everyone else. My consuming it doesn't give it implicit approval, it makes it a secret shame. And the fact that these people are willing to make money off other people's shame is what makes them unworthy of respect.

I'm not saying im gonna stop looking at it, but asking me to respect people who are selling their dignity. Nah.

I completely agree
the psychological consequences of the modern internet will be felt for generations, it's extremely dangerous, especially with algorithms that dynamically reinforce beliefs, further biasing worldviews and opinions.

I went through january getting an average of 2-3 hours of sleep a night because my doctor had the genius idea of having me take a dopamine reuptake inhibitor and an SNRI at the same time and when I finally realized that was the cause I went through a heroin level withdrawal
I still don't feel right.

Should I be ashamed of the urges my body was born with? Really?
Hell yes I'm proud of looking at porn, it represents independence from the inborn drive to reproduce that would drive me nuts in the modern world without an outlet, and if people ask I openly admit to it.
I have no shame and no reason to shame the producers, to lust is to be human.

oh no :c well I hope you are able to get some rest soon.
Nice, what kinda music you listening to today? or just a mix of it all?

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yeah, it's just a really weird time where everyone is so polarized
it's either repression and suppression, or glorification and feigning ignorance
it's going to be awhile before we start to reach an equilibrium, we're at a point in time where society has never been so extreme in their beliefs, and it's this huge tug-of-war, or so it seems as many people seem to be quite neutral but are completely drowned out by the extremists
it's weird, but I think it'll get better in the coming decades, I hope

oh I haven't really been listening to music today
not even sure what I'm in the mood for, I might put on some classical while I'm doing the dishes

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I suspect the solution is going to involve AI and strict information controls, which isn't great.

this is what I've been listening to

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I haven't listened to Hatsune Miku in years, I forget that people still did that
then there's me who listens to 80s and 90s music of all kinds, and classical lol

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I don't either, I ran into this channel yesterday, it's covers of 80s songs and they sound amazingly good for vocaloid covers in english.

Pussy Liquor by Rob Zombie is an awesome song

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another one I really like

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underrated too, it's one of my favorite Rob Zombie songs but it's pretty obvious why it was never popular lol
such a sexy metal song with a great fucking groove, that guitar/bass tone is godly

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most def :3
I like a lot of White Zombie songs too.

I am getting down to Shoot you in the back by Motorhead rn

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alright I gotta quit procrastinating and get shit done
see ya furends

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I too need to bail
peace out

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noice :3

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