Twice thread!

Twice thread!

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Experts around the world seem to agree on the fact that those Nice threads we've heard of are also those Twice threads!

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I love Jihyo

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For me, it'd have to be the Top 10 Monsters Whos Attack Equals Their Defense in YuGiOh!

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>samples from

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Salutations, my frens!
I hope that everyone is doing well out there today on this one cozy day we find ourselves that's also the mid-point of the week!
Any of those truly comfy as heck partakings being dabbled upon?!

> I've heard rumors that today is Wednesday, my frens!

Greetings to you there, my frens!
I pray that all is going most cozily over there today on this quite cozy mid-point of the week we're in!
Hopefully some of those comfy as heck weekend partakings are being planned in the noggin there since we're nearly to that point!

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> For our first Jimmy-Jam of this Twice thread, I give to the frens a bit of a CLASSIC KJimmy-Jam from those Dreamyfus that I heard is a fren-favorite actually!

> CLASSIC Die Woodys by the way, my fren!

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> Are you aware that there's talk of a Band of Brothers sequel in development that revolves around the Twicefus and various other groups fighting their way through the Korean War?! For any interested frens, post THREE numbers [1-515, 1-542, 1-385] and receive THREE videos in the form of a Jimmy-Jam, SmartBoi video, AND a Meme!

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> The case does appear to be that we've found yet another RARE card!

And this one RARE card is of course quite the NEW card as well there that might also be a handy one in your future duels!

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>it's woden's day
>> CLASSIC Die Woodys by the way, my fren!
German tunes day

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> The next Jimmy-Jam on the YouTube Jimmy-Jam rabbit hole is this: Probably the one Jimmy-Jam from that one band about the peppers that I can get behind because all of the other BOPS just aren't the ones for me but this one most certainly is!

> But is the ironic band related to those Germanic folks I wonder, my fren?!
I heard they were British folks after all!

Also, any of those EPIC partakings going on there in Woden's Day, my fren?
Is it all still going quite cozily over there as was the hope?!

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and also more RC car day

in my head I was thinking of scorpions

>yeah I don't know what happened

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> CLASSIC VroomVroom AND Mis-Jimmy-JammingFren there!

I suppose it's understandable with such a potentially cozy day there to make you feel a bit complacent that you'd goof it up, but this situation has been fixed AND we have MORE Jimmy-Jams as well as some of those ol' card videos as well!

> Overall, I'd consider this to be QUITE the win in my bookies, my fren!

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>Is it all still going quite cozily over there as was the hope?!
I am doing ok. I am getting frustrated being at work because it is so uncomfortable at the office. when I need a spoon or a fork I go into the breakroom and it is packed with people talking and blocking the way.
and when I go into the restroom there are people in there and it is annoying me as well
I tried sleeping on a spare bed and it feels better than the bed I been sleeping on so I need to find out what to do with the old mattress since it is not that old and I need to get a new one similar to the spare

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I just hope it's not stiflingly hot there as well, my fren!
It's coming to those times and it's a quite warm one out there today for me at least!
> Also, you should just elbow your way through those folks like the TRUE New Yorker you are deep inside!

They might be in the way but if they don't move, they suffer the consequences of blocking the paths of transit!

> and I need to get a new one similar to the spare
This is the way to go, my fren!
Don't just settle for the old or spare there, make sure you get a GOOD one that works well for you as well there, my fren!
I feel like splurging on a bed isn't a half bad idea since you lay on it for hecking HOURS each and every night!

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> Our next Jimmy-Jam on the YouTube Jimmy-Jam rabbit hole is this: A chemical band Jimmy-Jam CLASSIC that, when I saw it, I just knew I had to partake in it with the frens here tonight!

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HI. how are you doing the thing you're doing?

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Greetings to you there, my Blessed HIFren!
I pray that all has been most cozy over there in the numerous partakings my fren has been up to!
> Any shopping adventures over there perhaps, my fren?!
For me though, it must be said, it was a smol bit of the ol' Pokevidya and some of the YouTubbies so it was something for sure of the comfy variety!

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Now I don't want to spoil anyone if they haven't dabbled on that one Jonatronathon video there if they were planning on doing so, but it must be said that this one BRACO character certainly has some SPIRTUAL powers to him there!
> At least from what I can tell with my limited experience in the realms of spiritual healing and what not!

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nah, no time for shopping today, my food reserves are still high for now, maybe can last until the weekend if i contain the urges of having trash food

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if it works it's medicine

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> But the fren makes it sound like he's running on some sort of Stalingrad-tier rations there!
Only on and a half slices of bread per day to make it last until Crimbas or something!

Hopefully said snackies and the like still manage to remain in good quantities AND that the fren will be able to go out and get some more of them one of these days as well as those extra clothes I was hearing about!

> I never doubted BRACO for a minute there!
He didn't even have to mess with chakras or anything, he just KNOWS how to heal folks with his stare!

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> The next Jimmy-Jam on the YouTube Jimmy-Jam rabbit hole is this: A Jimmy-Jams that's sort of synonymous with that previous chemical band BOP for me at least since I've heard it in just a few of those BLESSED wombo-combos and the one with the chemical band BOP was certainly one of the coziest ones for me!

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i'm trying togo healthy with the snacks too, lots of pickes, oats, nuts, etc
the thing is, I should defrost my freezer, so I have to empty it has too much ice in the walls now

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it's a hell of a placebo!

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> But... what about all of the frozen meats there, my fren?!
You might have to get an icepick or something like that to get all of that out before those meats thaw and are RUINED!

Maybe you can go with the whole pot of steaming hot water underneath it or something so it melts the ice a bit faster, that could be the way to go as well as the chipping away at it with a pickaxe or something!
> THEN, once the freezer is ice-free, the fren can organize his foods a bit better for PREMIUM healthy foods!

If those healthy foods are indeed PREMIUM because I heard McNuggies are quite PREMIUM!

But is Braco actually from Croatia or has he just done work there, because there's some other countries on that list as well I see!
> Maybe Braco was the ORIGINAL Mr. International!

If it works, it works!
Braco will become a household name by the end of the decade I'm sure of it and you can quote me as saying that, my fren!

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Upon further easily done reseach, he is indeed from Croatia!
> The more you know!

His Wikipedia entry is also quite POWERFUL there as well, it makes him seem like quite the LEGENDARY character!
> Josip Grbavac, better known as Braco, sometimes called "The Gazer", is a Croatian self-styled "healer". He does not touch, speak to, diagnose, or treat the people who come to see him — rather, he stands on a platform and gazes.

At least Braco is trying to do his best for the folks of the world oppressed by war!
> He began practicing "healing" after the 1991–1995 Croatian War of Independence.

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luckily I have everything all precooked separated in small bags, but even so it's too much...I already finished all the remaining burgers last night

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I can't look at anything without laughing so if this guy was staring at me I would just be laughing the whole time
like a nervous tick type of laughing or some other spastic tick
>the type of guy that laughs at a funeral

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> Our next Jimmy-Jam on the YouTube Jimmy-Jam rabbit hole is this: One of those Linkin BOPS that I remember a fren saying he was all about many moons ago and I can understand the appeal of such a cozy yet also POWERFUL Jimmy-Jam from them like this one!

Heck... that was a STAPLE of the whole healthy eating bit there, my fren!
I pray that you'll be getting a HECK-TON more of those once you manage to make some more room in there, my fren!

This is a DISASTER!

But what if that's all part of his ploy there, my fren?
To cause such unease in you that you start to nervously laugh until his piercing look steals your soul or something?!
> It's the ANCIENT Croatian black magic at work there!

Also, a related Jimmy-Jam actually!

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burgers can be healthy of they're not too greasy tbqh, just some egg, veggies and cheese, and not that sugary bread they give you in some places

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It must be said that I've seen some of those TOO greasy borgors for sure... and I'm not very picky at all when it comes to fast-food and the like there as well!
> Some local place had it's grand opening and folks were super-hyped about it (and still like it to this day!) but the hecking borgor was SO greasy it went and melted through the hecking wrapper AND bag like it was some of that Aliens venom or something!

So I know those feels for sure... I could only imagine what it would've been like with all the healthy bits there as well, just a greasy mess of BLEH!
> Also, egg?
Our fren is known for some WACKY toppings after all kek

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or you can have a burger patty with a brown gravy and call it salisbury steak named after the man who discovered you can put gravy on minced meat: Jimmy "boom boom" Salisbury
>Salisbury served as a physician during the American Civil War, and became convinced that diarrhea suffered by the troops could be controlled with a diet of coffee and lean chopped beefsteak.
maybe the black magic is in everything

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it's eleven, so 11-11-11

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>troops could be controlled with a diet of coffee and lean chopped beefsteak.
if it were me during the Civil Warr I would need a diet of get me TF out of here

But that's the time according to my clock... maybe you're on THE NUMBERS time or something in which case I might have a few of those videos for you then, my fren! RESSE'S PUFFS RESSE'S PUFFS

Truly a VALIANT attempt was made there, my fren!
I believe that one day you'll find those RARE DUBS you're seeking!
> I want to believe!

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Maybe the Croatian black magic could get you out of there as well, my fren!
> Although I suppose back then it might've been like... Austro-Hungarian black magic perhaps!

For some reason, the Civil War doesn't seem like such a cozy war to be part of!
Maybe it's the whole lining up and getting shot at and then getting amputated and dying of infection!

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or shimmy shimmy COCOA PUFFS

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Now why didn't they go with Shimmy Shimmy Ko Ko Bop for the one commercial... it would've been a HIT to say the least!
> Also, I do somehow even know this one Jimmy-Jam which is a thingy!

Maybe some other commercial used it to expert effect unlike the Reese's company!

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> The next Jimmy-Jam on the YouTube Jimmy-Jam rabbit hole is this: One of those sort of kind of newer-ish Jimmy-Jams from the rising against the thingy band that aren't as good as the OLD ones but still they have their cozy moments nonetheless!

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Me too! Sorry I'm late boys. Hope you all didn't start sniiiffffing without me.

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> Our next Jimmy-Jam on the YouTube Jimmy-Jam rabbit hole is this: A CLASSIC Jimmy-Jam for the frens from that one pink fellows band that I'm sure you've likely heard once or twice in the past before along with some other BOPS from this one album!

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How would you rate this webm from a 1-10 on the sniffometer?

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I summoned white flag after talking about dido the other day!

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looks like you took the wrong left again

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I secretly like that edit
>For some reason, the Civil War doesn't seem like such a cozy war to be part of!
actually I'll be the one to say it. I don't think actually being an active participant in the field of any war would be cozy and I would want no part of it.
>Austro-Hungarian black magic perhaps!
or as they call it "just plain magic"
>is there Austro-Hungarian WHITE magic?

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Heck, it must be a sign that the Dido BOPS are the one to partake in there, my fren!
> Or at the very least the ones to partake in are covers of those Dido BOPS!

It's hard to tell which is the right one though!

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but have you ever summoned Tom's Diner?

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Started off as a 7.0, moved to 8.8 when sh showed off the goddess body. Sadly no beautiful face in frame so it's peaks at 8.8. Nicely done bro. And since I can't have her for dinner what should I order?

I suppose it depends on the war there!
Like if you were in the Iraq War, you can just sit nice and cozy in your Abrams blowing up everything and shooting depleted uranium at folks!
> Walking around in the heat though... maybe not!

> or as they call it "just plain magic"
It's all about being inclusive these days after all so I can understand it!

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or Alice's Restaurant
>which is a type of Tom's Diner

Jihyo's favorite foods are yogurt smoothies and chicken.

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I had yogurt and berries for breakfast. I also ran 6 miles in the blistering heat so I'm really hungry, made $600 in commissions today so I feel like something nice. Last but not least those proportions are out of this world! How does she do it??

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But what about having some breakfast at Tiffany's?!
> I heard that's the PLACE to be for some quality pancakes and what not, my frens!

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>Like if you were in the Iraq War
I am sure I would feel better flying USAF drones off a USN ship 200 miles from shore or if available flying USAF drones from an air base somewhere in the mid-west US
that might be more cozy
three songs counts as a theme

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I like the skirt

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I should have added this one too but it might be cheating

Maybe Sana can go and spear me some tuna and ocotoPUSSY?

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> The next Jimmy-Jam on the YouTube Jimmy-Jam rabbit hole is this: One of those particularly cozy Jimmy-Jams from the cold band that I know some frens are on the fence about but hopefully a Jimmy-Jam like this one might help the frens get better used to them!

Sure that's cozy, but that's not exactly "in the field there" I suppose!
I figured you'd need to be down there in the combat zone for that to count!
> Otherwise heck, you could just sit there launching Tomahawk missiles all day and night and that could be fun, too!
> Also, for me at least...
I'd rather partake in that McDooble breakfast!
Maybe you can even get the kiddos version there so you can get a FREE toy as a bonus!
It's been a while since I've dabbled in their breakfast so I don't know if they have anything like that there...

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Dry heat or humid heat? I'd take 100 degree dry heat over 70 degree heat with a high humidity index.

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is dido even alive?

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epic song, epic 90s aesthetics!

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I suppose it depends on the Dido there, my fren!
But the Jimmy-Jamming one is still alive at age 50 it seems according to the Interwebs!

> The Phoenician queen Dido died back in 759 BC though!

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Really hot, really humid.

Attached: seol.jpg (583x653, 34.39K)

but at least it's a dry heave
she does not seem that old. she has to be younger than the Queen and the Queen is still alive
>Sure that's cozy, but that's not exactly "in the field there" I suppose!
I don't actually want to be in a war
>what is it good for?
well there you go

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> Whether you like it or not, my fren, WAAAAR will be coming to YOU!
Joe Biden will enlist you for the GREAT PATRIOTIC WAR #2 there against Russia one of these days and I hope that the fren is prepared for that!
I heard if you shave your head now, it hurts less when they do it day 1 in the military!

And what I do know it's good for is some JIMMY-JAMS of course!

Also, a random Dido-Fact for the frens!
> In most accounts, she was the queen of the Phoenician city-state of Tyre (today in Lebanon) who fled tyranny to found her own city in northwest Africa.

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