Apu thread

apu thread

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Fren are you steel here

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Eggxcelent, thread revival in progresso

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Well, I'm dying at the moment, but I will return with more apu after I get a smoke and some coffee.

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glad i made so many frens, cheers

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Hope you're doing well

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i need to break out of wage slavery :(

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Come farm with me fren . We have nothing to lose but our ants.

that sounds comfy how do we do that?

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SimAnt has multiple versions with one on Steam. It just needs a multiplayer. In the meantime, FrogGame!

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i cant find FrogGame anywhere, do you have a link?

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You already played it and won, fren. It's just the pic. My bad.

You are not fren.

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I already won? I must be the best at this game!

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At least I'm inclusive.

I can't even get a wagecuck job. Save what sheckles you can, they go fast when there's no more coming in. Hang in there, fren.

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i dont want to see a good thread die

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I feel very sick, frens. Don't think I'll make it through the summer. Never stop Apu posting, it makes the Legoom Consoomers™ and tranny jannies seethe.

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Drawing all frens

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reminder that Apu is a sperg that loves to play with and eat his own shit

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pepe is so peaceful there


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>le pepethulhu has arrived. Prepare to die.

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>everything I do and everything I try it just never works out

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Dis thread is beautiful

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>thread didn't die while I was off dying for the six gorillianth time today
Great posts, frens.

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hop in on the fren mobile! tendies and choccy milk await

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