What exactly do conservatives mean when they say they love America? because you hate most of the people who live here...

What exactly do conservatives mean when they say they love America? because you hate most of the people who live here, you hate the civil liberties afforded by the constitution, you hate the separation of church and state, you might claim to love it's economy, but you hate all of the states that make the largest parts of it (California, New York), you hate the government, you hate people that are anti-government, you hate the rich because you think they are a part of a conspiracy to fuck your kids, you hate the poor because you think they are lazy, you hate this country's natural beauty because it get's in the way of industry, you hate industry because it gives jobs away to immigrants, you hate immigrants for taking things you feel entitled to, you hate liberals because you feel like they are too entitled, you hate government interference for getting in the way of big business, you hate big bunisess for being to globalized, you hate globalism for taking jobs away from American workers, you hate American workers for unionizing and demanding better jobs.

When you say you love America, what exactly do you love?

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>how can you love america if you disagree with kike big government

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Read again what i said

Peanut brain detected
Go back to redbit

Read again what i said

>What exactly do conservatives mean when they say they love America?
It means that they are longing for an imaginary version of America that makes them more valuable than they are in the real world.

Even if they managed to read it all, they're not going to comprehend it. They're idiots.

but i feel like the last time that was true was in the 60's and even then conservatives back then would be considered communists today

democrats from 2008 are considered fascist bigots today by democrats

There's two different types of conservative. The rich type & the rest. The rich type understands the complete hypocrisy of everything a modern conservative stands for but doesn't care because that has led to the broken system that got them rich. The rest are too stupid to understand this & go along for the ride because "muh freedumz".

the progressive wing is a cancer.

The America that upholds the constitution instead of the corrupt cesspit that it currently is. That's all it is now, an 'American Dream'.

You love your home but hate the land owner.

You love your home but hate the niggers, thieves, and rapists that sneak inside while the authority flounders or malicious ignores it.

You love your home and can't stand leaving it despite it being covered in shit, on fire, and filled with corpses of every race.

This is the end of my presentation...

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fuck kikes
fuck niggers
fuck troons
and fuck you



lol imagine not even knowing what a conservative is

They love to remind you that you will never be a woman!

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Man, you're gonna be really upset in another decade or two when whites aren't the majority anymore, aren't ya bud? Can't wait for those glorious tears

What democrats mean when they say they'll save the planet when California is literally a cesspool with unafordable housing, a hobo and nigger problem, and the biggest income inequality that's founded on the abuse of illegal immigrants?

California is a 3rd world country now.

Yeah, but where are you going to run to escape poverty then? There would be no other place for you to fuck up.

what you are saying is, you hate the government

Imagine being proud of being poor and not owning a house kekw

"conservatives" are not conservative. and they do seem to hate America. and democracy.

this clown lives in his mother's basement and seen a few pictures of California on Yea Forums

Its funny because the places where income, housing, education, and homeless are problem are mainly blue states.

They wish only to conserve their fear and hatred. Keeps their blood pumping.

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What is skid row.

California is a shithole delussioned on its grandeur.

Enjoy 1 million dollar homes, single home zoning, highest taxes on state, tranny laws and hobos nigger.

You'll never own a house

They only hate your kike worshiping version of America.

Imagine paying 400k for a crack den.

You are one projecting, retarded mother fucker.

>See the Super Kike
>Imagine him creating a bunch of anti-white propaganda

this. you will not get answers from actual cons here. /thread
> itsallsotiresome.gif

You'd need to be a pea-brain to believe that trickle-down horseshit for starters. And if you didn't peg Drumpf as an utter shitheel after 5 seconds of the shit that never stops spewing out of his idiot mouth, well, you proabably can't tell the athletes from the judges at the special olympics without a program.

Agree, and those that voted for Biden, what is their problem?

desperation. they would have voted for an inanimate object instead of trump

What is the vast majority of rural america?

Meth, rape, incest, racism and shittonne of dying local industry because of the people those areas typically vote for.

You'll never have a mouth full of your original teeth.


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Go outside and talk to people instead of just cycling through political rage porn. It's literally driving you insane.

Source required.

There's more meth on skid row and kennigston ave than the entire state of Arkansas.

Niggers comitt the most rape and they only get free passes on blue states.

Hispanics, niggers, and asians are more racists than the average white folk.

You'll never own a house delussional coping nigger.

Too many words OP, reading hurts right wingers brains seeing as how their info comes from memes.

This, right here. They don't mean anything by it because they're just repeating slogans. There is no thought behind any of it.

What's worse is that the stupidity is artificial in most cases. Had they been afforded decent a education and taught some critical thinking skills, they'd be so much smarter. Instead, we have people reveling in their local government imposed stupidity.

It's fucking weird and sad. I feel sorry for them.

>MFW hobos paint the walls of SF with shit

Whole lotta denial & cope from an inbred hick with 3 teeth.

Implying democrats aren't ignoring the world outside literally crumbling. If they owned a house and paid bills they'd sure be angry.

The average redditor and the average democrat are the same kekw both living under their parents basement with no full time job.

>MFW white trash literally live in their own filth

Democrats have been spending metric fuck tons more money and I hate their "progressive" attitude. Easiest way to describe it is they say throwing money at every problem will fix it, trust us, then they just snag it and install bumbling old fucks prone to strokes just to stay in some form of fleeting power.

xD I would bet money I have nicer teeth than you. Still source needed for any of your claims faggot.
You'll still will never own a house.

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why don't you post this shit on /pol/?
do they bully you?

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>mfw u seem bootyhurt ur state sucks
Its like the classic communist shill who never has actually worked a manual labor job and believes he somehow will not have to work one if communism happens

Hijacking this roasties blog post to inform you all that these niggers gotta go.

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I remember when that justice subreddit banned anything against niggers.

Wow. OK. All very good, legitimate questions, OP. For me to respond and answer every one of those in detail would take a couple of hours and a lot of typing. I feel strongly compelled to do so, but the standard thread retention rate here is about an hour. I'd type it all out and it'd be lost to oblivion in 60 minutes. It's not even worth it.

That won't happen. What will happen is exactly what happened when the Italians and Irish weren't considered white but were outpacing whites. We just let them in the club. This is what will be done with Latinos. Suddenly, they'll become "white".

The first thing they'll do with their new whiteness is shit all over black folks, as is tradition.


This lists several sources so you can verify them all individually but numero uno is.....ARKANSAS

Pic related. It's you and your family.

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Desperation for what, especially when Trump was just a grifter?

>t. user who lives on the internet

You do realize the city of LA has more people than the entire state of Arkansas and they're rated by percentages?

This. OP clearly is a disingenuous fag who doesn't want actual answers.
Checked btw

I love it when stupid cuck liberals cannot figure out what the fuck they are doing wrong and start losing elections again to the people they claim hate American. The tears... Fuck yes.

It's called statistics. Don't worry though, this will hopefully give you some background on how it works


>mfw most Trump endorsed candidates are winning

>Pic of a normal family, a mother, a father and children, be them poor
>Referenced as something bad.

The reddit spacing. Kekw

You'll never own a house nigger

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>b-but i support the working class

>as long as its not on my backyard of course

>Doesn't have a leg to stand on

Guinea Pig Broccoli my dick?