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I don't think I'll ever be found in a situation where I could try something of that quality but if I do I will
Yep, Snarf needs a femboi for himself
You got it!

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Hey, how's everyone doing?

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Hey Rudi! I'm good, how's you?

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doin alright, you?

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Doing well
Did my last thing on campus yesterday, so I'm actually, for real done with the semester now.

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Nice! Got anything planned for the break?

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Play games, try out some ideas for my portfolio website.
Got like 3 weeks before my internship starts, so there's plenty of time to relax.

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gay bird

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wow that is in pretty deep :x

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Hope you enjoy your time off

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Hey Aaryx, how's you?

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You aren't wrong.

You also aren't wrong.

Hey, how's it going?

I will

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oh man, things gonna get heated

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heyo :3
I'm gud, today is pretty laid back, not a whole lot going on for mee.
How are y'all doing today?

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Gay fags are the best fags

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Same here
Welcome back

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Hell hath no fury

More or less the same here

Welcome back!

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bananas are good for you

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they are

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I am awaken.
image is still goals.

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I hope I put the collar in with all of your stuff so I don't forget it
I should go check now since I wouldn't know where it would be if not there

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It was not but I found it, so now the rope, collar, and blindfold is now with your stuff so I can't forget to bring it now ;)

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faggot. i wonder why that pic makes me feel fuzzy.

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Collar, dog tag or bell, different leashes, cuffs, whip of flogger, maybe not the blindfold because you want to see those begging eyes, maid costume^^

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You barely let me kiss you once most of the time >:(
Made you too embarrassed/fuzzy feeling
Also thoughts on maid costumes?
Don't think we've looked into the others eyes while we've done it yet but think that would just be for foreplay. I need to run the maid costume by him but I'd like it :)

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This pic really bugs me, because shouldn't the butts be the other way?

Attached: 1613613259.kazui_ass_1.jpg (870x1280, 264.33K)

i got you fam

Attached: 1613613259.kazui_ass_1_FIXED.jpg (870x1280, 273.62K)

not if they're looking at a mirror, ez.

Attached: 1649978812011.jpg (1170x1013, 602.4K)

ok but that's not an answer to the maid outfit

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no cheap chink costumes, only high quality garments. faggot.

Attached: edb96d39c9479d122578ac9b01a721a7.jpg (1280x989, 397.84K)

thanks you :3

Attached: 1558035287.notesaver_alackoflife_.jpg (1265x1280, 187.99K)

Got a new toy ;) so happy i could find something with a knot locally :):)

Attached: 20220511_215119.jpg (4000x1800, 1.78M)

Depends on the position but true.
It fits to his cooking skill and is such a tease.
The rookie mistake of turning 180° and mirroring/flipping, cant unsee.
Maybe that lower one is taken in australia and a portal joins those two wooden walls.

Attached: 1651274078821.jpg (797x1280, 109.39K)

dont thank me, thank my mystical MS paint skills lol

Attached: 1621716431483.png (1250x1750, 884.42K)

that's no lego bionicle...

Attached: 4da6dc0d9a27cdb21c58dd37839f4253.jpg (763x1280, 385.18K)

Yes, those throwaway unisize one-day costumes are annoying.
What child toys did you have when you grew up, lol?

Attached: 1596471020.esszx_resized2.jpg (1280x961, 162.59K)

Nor a hotwheels ;)

I think most would be japanese that are somewhat cheaply made right? Fits the anime stuff
Ye, haven't done a position that we would have made eye contact but I'm sure we will
Also ye ye ye

Attached: 5f5567b875d9bf57363c2dbb52cb1b61.jpg (1448x2048, 167.8K)

It isn't Japanese, or even Chinese, that indicates quality. It can be a factor, but it's primarily what you're willing to pay.
So, I'd need it custom fitted and all..

Attached: 1649876147386.png (1070x1280, 1.25M)

dont put those up your butts

Attached: 1565232542021.png (1125x1113, 845.25K)

not a dildos

Attached: s-l400.jpg (365x400, 20.28K)

Moon shoes... and stretch armstrong, this should tell you my age range lol

Attached: 1651518102682.gif (938x760, 1.96M)

Well wouldn't you want to start out with relatively cheap stuff to see if you even like it in the first place? And besides don't you want to get fit then get a custom fitted one?

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Attached: 1652288200740.jpg (845x821, 85.46K)

I'll gay your fags.

Attached: f4e7f9223114707a78fa7da83d30dce2.jpg (1009x1280, 160.51K)

ha xD

Attached: 1612372005.geyn_расселся_и_сидит_а_зачем24.jpg (1280x1215, 226.46K)

uhg infinity ptsd flashbacks

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