No way in hell the 2020 election wasnt stolen

No way in hell the 2020 election wasnt stolen.

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checked but honestly dude anyone who gives a shit about politics in the year 2022 should be shot out if a cannon into the sun


inb4 the stndard leftist programmed response ad hominem against the director

With Dinesh it's all about the moolah.

>No way in hell the 2020 election wasnt stolen.

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>doesn’t have kids
>doesn’t care about the future
Shocked. Get your head out of your ass and help us fix this republic you prick.

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bro I’ve got three kids and work/own my own financial tech companies(plural). Fuck off with your bullshit. Politics are just like any religion. If you want change, actually do something. I’ve invested about $180k of my own money for my daughters educations. My sons is going to cost a lot more, but I am prepared. You see you sit there behind a screen and shout your tyrannical beliefs like you’re making a difference. Actually do something and have things to show for it or fuck off.

Is it worth spending the 2 hours on movies2watch for free or should I just wait to be spoonfed the info?

Dinesh is the criminal retard who tried to convince people that the Democrats are the Klan. He's laughable levels of retarded.

His crime was donating $2000 to a campaign over a cap in a state where he didn't know that was a thing, calm down

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/pol/ has an edited version that cuts out all the fluff. there really is only ~20mins thats important evidence presentation

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Kek is this pasta?

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Triggered Trump niggers have all been crying for one and a half YEARS straight without stopping. Fucking amazing. The deluge of ambrosia flows ever on and it shows no signs of stopping.

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No, his crimes are the "movies" he makes and tricks people into showing in theaters.

I'm just curious how someone who couldnt get 50 people to show up for his rallies was somehow able to get 50 million votes

we're not crying.
we are giving the left one last chance to prove outright they really don't care about election integrity.
you won't like what happens next

There's actually 0 minutes of important or relevant content though.

The only thing you need to know is that Trump's lawyers all went before judges to argue this over and over and they all refused outright to insinuate that there was any fraud because knowingly lying to a judge is an actual crime and they knew it was all bullshit from the start.

>wwhhhhaaa!!! Whhhaaaaaa!!! WHAAAAA!!!! WHHHHHAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!

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>you won't like what happens next

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Your daughter's are getting fucked by black men

To be frank, anyone who can read shit like this and still go "that's the guy i want to vote for" deserves to be locked in a padded cell and scheduled for electroshock therapy.

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thats not what happened. the cases got dismissed on technicalities, only one of them reached the discovery phase and its still going through the judicial process now.

you are completely ignorant to what really happened because you live in an echo chamber of propaganda

A crime is a crime

Which one reached discovery?

No, they were all dismissed because not one of the lawyers asserted that there was any credible evidence of fraud.

curious then that a billionaire's swarm of lawyers failed to find any proof

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watching videos of the testimony isn't "an echo chamber of propaganda." It's called living in REALITY.

I love Biden so fucking much. Not only is he doing a good job, he's making everyone on the right collectively make retards of themselves 24/7/365 for ̶f̶o̶u̶r̶ eight straight years!!

Regardless of how much fraud there was, the real question is; how is anyone going to trust the system going forward, regardless of party affiliation? If there are now drop boxes all over town with thousands of people getting paid to stuff them, what's the point of voting? I get the whole "you don't really have a choice" bullshit answer but in all seriousness, on its face, this is basically like living in a totalitarian regime. Do the democrats realize the pandoras box they opened or do they actually believe this is just going to pass and nothing is going to happen? This is the kind of fire one plays with that burns down the fucking house.

oh shut up with that psyops bullshit Ilya.

There is such thing as a crime lacking evidence for a conviction. It doesn't mean it didn't happen.

What psyops? It was ballet harvesting using mules and there's no chain of custody to audit the crime.

>something totally happened even though there's literally no indicated something happened
the denial son, get over it.

>playing dumb
try all you want to undermine the citizens' faith in elections, based on speculative bullshit, but I'm still voting asshole.

*indication. Fucking swype.

Real reliable

but there was literally zero fraud other than a couple butthurt Trumpies who were caught voting multiple times.

Retarded sore losers claiming fraud doesn't automatically mean there is any merit or validity to the claim. In fact, in the case of a subhuman pathological gaslighter like Trump, it means there is LESS chance of any validity to them.

legally, it does mean exactly that.

Oh, and since there is ZERO credible evidence for this so-called widespread fraud, you don't have a leg to stand on.

If voting actually made a difference and actually helped people do you really think there would be such a process as voting? I highly doubt it.

Look at how quickly the swamp from both sides got together and agreed to put america last by giving ukraine 40 billion for a war they will never win. When people were going homeless because of the covid lockdowns it took them forever to agree to help people. This whole system is rigged against its own people.

Well he tried to cheat, so he assumes everyone else did too. He can't fathom life without playing dirty.

So you watched it?

Swamp swamp swamp swamp swamp

>ballet harvesting
Oh, hi Ivan! Fancy meeting you here!

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>war they will never win
actually it's looking pretty good. They pushed the Russians back and have even managed to hit within Russia a few times. I wouldn't bet on aging puffy bald manlet at this point.


too retarded even for /b

Voting to terminate as many republicans as possible does make a difference. A very marked one, in fact.

You hate the truth of reality that much, to say that?

he's everything wrong with the american mindset in human form

you act like this is new or something
most elections are stolen by those who can pay for it and i dont mean the people that get elected are paying but they will owe favors

I'd like to stuff her ballet box, if you know what I mean.

An accurate assessment.

Lmao sure

lmao kids too dumb to get scholarships

Sure bud. The dems are so much better huh. How is that build back better looking so far?

The defamation lawsuit against dominion in Ohio

you don't even know what the term "testimony" means based on how you just used it.

typical midwit

you have to reach discovery before you start presenting evidence you fucking retard.

why do you think its ok to talk about the legal process when clearly know nothing about it?

Quite well, as a matter of fact.

And speaking of facts, it's a fact that the Dems are tens of thousands of times better when in power than the subhuman grifters, retards and obsessed lunatics in the GOP. Been that way noticeably for about 40 years now.

literally, not exaggerating, the Republicans are responsible for over 90% of the crimes committed by officials, nearly the entire deficit, over 70% of the national debt, the division, the propaganda and anti-education, anti-science, anti-equality legislation and last but not least they are SHIT for the economy. 16 of the bottom 20 single day drops in the market, tens of millions fewer jobs created with more years in power than Dems, stagnated wages, Giving all the tax breaks to the billionaire criminals. the list goes on and on.

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That election was fuckin' RIGGED from the very get-go. DemonCrats got theirs comin', man.......

>it was rigged
>i can't prove it in any way
>but it was totally rigged
cope and seethe loser

don't even TRY. You're making a complete tard of yourself.

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NO fucking way 80 million people voted for this clown show, no fucking way.

81 million actually. Just because you don't like the result doesn't mean it's invalid.

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We did. To put a swift (legal) end to the ENEMY Donald Trump.

Cry. Fucking. Harder.

they didn't vote for this clown show, they voted against the preceding clown show.

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literally what rightoids and leftoids always do
>nb4 adhom hur dur
no this isnt an attempt to refute any argument, just an observation
with rightoids it's always "ur a kike, tranny, faggot, nigger, etc."
with leftoids it's always "ur a russian bot, ivan, uncle tom, incel, redneck, cletus, etc."
fuck all of you fucking faggots
>nb4 le centrist hurdur
project harder you fucking retard, hating left and right doesnt mean you think the answers are between them, it means all of you subhuman fags should be sterilized or gassed



The globalist deep state and CNN said energy independence and lower taxes were bad, I guess this nonsense will be beautiful after they take our guns and tax the weather. Is it going to get better then?

And Dominion countersuing all the right wing liars for billions because they know for a FACT they have no evidence?

lmao they have no case though

Dominion is hiding that shit and blustering, they can't follow through with those suits, you will see none of them go past discovery motions.

hyperbole and histrionics, take your meds

Kill yourself.

See, what you fail to grasp with your inferior intellect is that we aren't thinking drones who automatically overwrite everything we say and believe when a TV "news" stations makes claims. That's a distinctly right winger shortcoming. Though I have to admit it's downright funny to see you all get your upload from the FOX mothership and overnight you all start making the exact same word-for-word claims and using the exact same insults for people you disagree with.

Dance, monkeys, dance.