Doll thread

Doll thread.
>you wouldn't just download a supermodel would you

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when hot cosplayer doll waifu friends to play with

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starpery makes some intensely beautiful dolls

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I swear some of them look real
Beautiful shot

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Well I'm in the market for a new doll and my dick and balls are having a raging battle with my brain. I don't even know where to start this time. I like petite women so like a-b cups.

I definitely want this Starpery she's just fucking beautiful. Too tall in my experience with dolls 130cm - 150cm is ideal. But man if I had a bigger place I'd just throw her on the couch to be part of the decor and get a new bedroom fucktoy too.

I'm really torn. I want to try silicone, I want to go for realism, and then there's just gorgeous new TPE dolls coming out right now.

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Starpery makes some fucking dolls, alright.

Do you like shorter dolls because of the weight, or do you actually prefer the height? Starpery actually offers weight-reduction on TPE dolls now, so you could get one of their 170+ cm dolls for somewhere around 75-80 lbs, even in TPE.

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A bit of both. My last two exes were very petite. I like really petite beautiful young women with perky tits. After that I have owned a lot of dolls and yeah, weight/size matters for positions and maintenance. Anything full figured after 130cm is ideal with 140-150cm being what I prefer. Starpery has their Rong 150cm but I like FU Doll's a whole lot more.

Hell yeah I want to fuck a 20 year old 10/10 Asian delivery girl. I think this head will work better with blonde hair than most Asian style heads too.

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Too many dolls
Not enough space
Not enough money
Not enough nut

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I've got the nut and the money but not enough space. That's with an extra room and total privacy.

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What career would lead me to have a harem of dolls

offshore welder or oil contractor. work like 6m a year and roll in doll ass the rest.

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>oil contractor
You mean being a CEO of a company?

no, i mean a worker on an oil rig site, on land or offshore. its usually seasonal or short term contract work, requires lots of travel but pays pretty well. some of them require out of country travel too.

gotta have the prereqs for it though.

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I want my Emi sex doll wife.

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How long until they make slightly muscular, veiny, fake titted, bimbo Gilf/milf ones?

i will work below average and save a meager amount of money until i can afford to commission a custom kig, and then i'll be able to brag all about it here.
but for now, i will make do with stalking these threads.

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wait a second this isn't the thread

That's why I'm looking at FU Doll. I got yellow fever bad right now.

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Looks like someone is selling Akane TPE version for cheap. Well, not that cheap, but $150 less than a brand new one.

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if they don't have it they'll probably make it

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I want one that looks like a trophy gilf. I think the fun in it is getting something weird

How's her weight?

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>trophy gilf
I didn't know that was a thing

Pretty sure I saw a couple of ones fulfilling most of that. Too bad no one does fake looking tits.
Image unrelated

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>just bought a sexdoll head on ebay for 150usd with shipping and taxes
if this goes well i MIGHT try an actual full doll

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Quite manageable or would you go lighter? I cannot decide between a 108cm or 126cm catdoll

Well it would just be a trophy milf, but older. Probably spends a lot of money on her appearance and has gotten some cosmetic surgery. Wears lots of jewelry and expensive clothing. there are some really hot women out there who are older. They’re really rare though. Hell most women let themselves go the second their metabolism slows down in college and never put the work in to stay in shape.

Now make it red, give it a huge cock and horns. Long claw like nails.

they are very different. the 108 is much easier to move around, but the 126 is very nice

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Thanks for the feedback! I guess it's a "depends on the mood" sort of thing.

Well listen man she can be yours for just a few grand and some junk jewelry from any online store lol.

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I’d have more fun using that head on
This, or something similar. The appeal of a trophy milf or Gilf is that they have some tone or muscle to them.

If you could put Sasha's head onto Tami's body and slightly enlarge the breasts to a-cups, you'll have the perfect hebe loli dolly. Especially if you add a touch of bush.

126cm must be overall more enjoyable than 108cm, I'd assume.

Been thinking about getting my first non loli one. Bimbo or crazy big tits but all are also expensive

The discoloration is annoying to me.

yeah. they are both very nice, so it just depends on what you like more, or you can get both lol

the 146 A cup is pretty nice and Sasha works on it

well i just use both for photography. i like how easy it is to move the 108 around for pics

they are just different colors. every time they mix a batch of TPE the color is a little different

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Anymore of this set ? Panty pics ?

Put her head on this model.

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i didn't take any panty pics

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The 146 Qiu is a ridiculously cute Asian doll who also has a-cup and b-cup fittings and can easily be turned into college-aged with a bush.

May have to get this one

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How long until people combine this with stuff like cosplay to make things like bimbo Harley Quinn

this happens all the time.

Source? make a bimbo female venom using

I mean like cosplay in general. I'm certain someone has done a Harley Quinn somewhere. I mean there's no way someone hasn't with that character. I don't know about a female venom. Sounds like a lot of makeup to do right.

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