ASMR, Twitch, and Youtubers you want to fug

ASMR, Twitch, and Youtubers you want to fug

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used to fuck this chick



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hey me too, what are the odds

I am fucking her right now

show penis

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is that Neeko? Why does her face look more like a chink??

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I'm too addicted..

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Get better taste

lol what an embarrassment

This bitch is so fucking overrated, and yet she makes my dick diamonds, post more

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yeah I used to hate her and being exposed to her so often just started to make me horny for her

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100% this slut

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Yes, agreed.

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fuck is this real or an edit?

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fran definitely

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I'm assuming its an edit, this fabric seems too dense to see through.

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shame, but this one seems hot too

I'd plow this chick's asshole until her lower intestine fell out.

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Best girl

It would greatly upset me if you posted video and photographic evidence please don't do that

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Maya has been looking extra cute to me since I started cumming to these threads.


You’ve seen the beauty of the little anal slut

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And now I can't go back

Welcome to the club. Been giving her my loads non stop for the past months

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That's hot, how many loads do you think you have spilt for her?

I want Kimi to bully me

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how do you want her to bully you?

Easily pushing past 150. She’s just too irresistible

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Damn that's a lot! But I can see why, she's so cute and that body is so tight.

Want to use her so bad

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I want her to tease me and tell me to do stupid things..

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maybe a bit of humiliation too

She truly is… I’m just completely addicted

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Yeah.. I want her to humiliate me, all that

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I think I can feel it starting for me too...
I haven't cum to her yet, but I know when I do I'll be hooked.

not the person you originally asked, but easily over 100 times personally

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It's hot to know how much she drains people here.

those glossy lips

You are missing out.. you need to blow that load for her sweet face

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id like that too user just think of her sat in her chair you on your knees where you belong before her

I will be, I don't think I could resist now even if I tried.

Same here, totally addicted to jerking off and cumming for her as of late

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Mmm fuck yes she needs all the cum. For the last two months it’s been daily she has been draining me

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Mommy Meg

I'd do whatever she told me to at that point. I'd let her leash me

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She has her hold on you :3
She's about to get her claws into me too...

hopefully she ends up wearing that top from your photo on stream one day, would be perfect jerk off material

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More of this slut

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Mmm enjoy the ride!
God I would lose my shit.. her streams already get me bad enough

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Thanks, that was the first of what I think will be many