How does an user go about getting a legitimate covid vaccine card in New York if his job and school dependented on it?

How does an user go about getting a legitimate covid vaccine card in New York if his job and school dependented on it?

inb4 get the shot chud.

Any anons know of any ways? Don't wanna put bullshit numbers since they can be traced back. Thought about paying a homeless person some shekels to take it for me, print one myself out of the right cardboard and wear a fake Silicon prosthetic arm when taking the shot.

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>inb4 get the shot chud
get the shot chud

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Be serious nigger. If I wanted your opinion on it I'd have worded the thread differently.


Any connections would be appreciated too. I'd rather not deal with people though.

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Aight I'm gonna try pol. Thread isn't going anywhere.

user: CDC Covid cards are printed with magnetic ink (like checks) and are traceable and readable.
When you get one from an accredited facility, the information you gave them is encoded and stored and updated with each shot(s) or booster.
An unregistered card will show as fake.
Get the shot(s) and save yourself a lot of problems.

Any other solutions? I'm sure there's plenty of cunts working in the medical field willing to help out for the right ammount of shekels.

None that I could suggest.
Just get vaccinated and be done with it.

Fuck off

Sorry user but I will still be here and you will just become another number on a spreadsheet buried in Govt archives.

Borrow someone's vaccine card and forge one retard


the only way to get a legitimate jab card is to legitimately get the jab, chud

if you are so morally opposed to the jab, change your job and your school.

Good for you. Are you trying to convince me or yourself here?

honestly, you might be out of luck if you don't personally know a doctor who might be willing to do it

Can't tell if being ironic, probably are but every job and school requires it. At this point it's out of principle. I will not be fucking threatened or coerced to do anything.

Borrow card
Buy heavy paper stock
Cut out
Write down numbers.

Nothing is standardized, and the comment about special ink is a lie. My dad's is done on resume paper, a friend's is done on 100# business card stock.

>At this point it's out of principle
if you have such strong principles you should be a man and live by them. Move away, get a different job.

Also, go bribe a pajeet doctor.
Those fuckers are as corrupt as hell. $200 should be more than enough.

No. I've put way to much into this to run away with my tail between my legs. You fucking change not me. I'm not gonna be at the mercy of megalomaniacs who can change their minds in a whim.

You're the one bending the knee and begging to stay at your cucked workplace by any means possible, coward.
If this is so important to you then be a man and tell them to fuck off to their faces.

I told my boss I would quit before I took it. Grow some balls, do not condone their actions with your silence.

I'm not going to help you commit a felony. Just get the jab. You'll be fine. It's just a needle you pussy.


I have a house, a great education and job. Sacrificed years to get to this point. The problem with western cuckolds is that they run away at first sight of trouble showing themselvs to be pushover. You move nigger.

Get the shot, chud.

I have a great job in a great place in an oversaturated industry full of replacements. They fired a lot of people before me for the same reason and just as easly found replacements for them.

You're not standing for anything, coward. You're not voicing your concerns, you're not acting on your principles. You're just seething with your tail between your legs amd hoping it will all blow over without you having to actually do anything.

>I will not be fucking threatened or coerced to do anything

I will not be fucking threatened or coerced to wear pants in public. Freedom.

You're literally being the pushover going as far as imagining yourself using a silicone arm to scam yourself out of the situation instead of just confronting your place of work. All for your fake principals on a shot that matters so much less than you think.

He has a house. Sounds like you don't.

go to a CVS, do what you need to do then when you get pulled in to take the shot get a good idea of the person. if they look normal, take out $500 and tell them to shoot the vaccine down the sink. if they look weird then tell them you get really nervous around needles and duck out.

No. If I have no choice I'll move, but that in it of itself is giving up. The country has lost its collective mind and people who don't go along with their insanity are at the receiving end of their faggot rage. If they're no longer playing by the rules neither am I.

What he doesn't have is the will to risk maybe being a little bit uncomfortable to stand for what he believes he is right.

in other words, he has no principles.

imagine being such a pussy that you're willing to wear a silicon prosthetic arm instead of getting a little jab

Also silicon looks like skin but it doesn't feel like skin. The person would instantly know you're a retard.

>No. If I have no choice I'll move, but that in it of itself is giving up
If moving is "giving up" then your only choice is vocally oppose the jab and lobby your local government to remove any and all jab mandates.

do you hear yourself? you're delusional

Cunts who talk big game are the worst examples of what they champion. I'll bet my dick and balls that you have nothing worthwhile to lose that's why jew speaking like this. Either that or you're a slippery kike. If the government jew illegally and immorally decided to change the rules to fuck me over I don't care about breaking said law

damn bro even literal babies whine less about a jab than you.

don't blame jews for being a pussy

Ask me how I know you're underage.

>Just openly go against globohomo so they can ruin your life bro.
>Trust me bro, the state with overwhelming anmount of anti- anti-vaxer sentiment won't make an example out of you bro.

Begone jew.

Did this and I got lucky with a better job almost immediately that didn’t require the V pass. I feel for ya man.

>Cunts who talk big game
you mean literally what you're doing right now?
you're going on and on about how you've got such strong principles but you are completely and utterly unwilling to act on them or live by them in any way.

have you complained to your local representative?
have you been to any protests?
have you spoken at any town hall meetings?
have you raised your concerns to anyone who can act on these concerns at all?

No. Because you're a coward.

Yeah do nothing IRL and just bitch on Yea Forums. Real men fear only God.

Canada is the posterchild of globohomo fuckery and they still rescinded all vax and jab mandates after a couple weeks of protests.

What are you doing to stop the jab?

Shut the fuck up, Jared.

None of that works, stop being so naive. If protesting and beging the government to pity spare and do the right thing for you worked we wouldn't have a stolen election, people thrown in prison and their life ruined for speaking against grooming kids and all other depraved shit.


Covid is a total hoax. Wake up.

We still have mandates(unvaxxed cant fly or take trains/long distance bus) here in Canada and we are still standing up to Globohomo. I gleefully await the day I can tell this story to my grandkids.

Nah man, we still can’t get on a plane or a train or a boat, which means we can’t even leave the country if we wanted to. Still.

Literally just ask a nurse. thats how i got mine

>weh weh there's nothing i can do

sounds like you've already given up, coward.

In NY you need many vaccines to go to school. Just curious what makes this one different to you?

This reminds me of a story I heard about 2 captured soldiers during the Vietnam War. The first one stuck by his principles, openly defied his captors and made it clear to them that he won't give them any information no matter what. The seccond one bulshited them for months feeding them misinfo and telling them what they wanted to ear. The first one died a horrible death and went through unimaginable torture, the later waited it out for long enough to be rescued and was treated pretty well by the Vietnamese.

If I openly stand my ground I lose my good paying job, house, years of school wasted and probably become homeless. If I bullshit them I lose nothing and still get to stay unvaxed.

Unvaccinated 41 year old here.
Fit. Non smoker.
Caught the initial covid. Got the sniffles for 3 days. Golly.
Caught "omicron" variant. No symptoms, only knew from testing.

Why should I be forced to take a flu vaccine? Why should I be forced to take a "booster"?

The only people in any danger are the same people that have always been in danger. Obese smokers, elderly, and those with compromised immune systems such as those on immunosupressants.

damn bro you're one experience must be the universal experience.

I'm not gonna argue with you m8. This conversation has already been had hundreds of times on this board. We both made up our mind on the matter and nothing I say will change yours. I'm asking for solution to my problem not a political argument over it.

Because you can get Long COVID anyway, like I did. I had it twice, first some silly flu with light headaches, second a year later three days sniffles. Then Long COVID started, fucked me up for a year and I'm still not fully over it.

Well fatass. Tell me why I need an experimental vaccine? This isn't exactly polio or small pox.

>long covid
Cool story bro.

>This isn't exactly polio or small pox
You're right. It's safer than both of them.

I'm not trying to argue, I'm genuinely curious as an ex-NYer why this shot is any different. I'm glad I fled the state, no vax or mask mandates here for anything. I did catch covid here though lol.

So you're a coward with no spine. Thanks for agreeing with everyone.

You idiot don't even know what it means that it is experimental. It is experimental because nobody knew how long the protection lasts, you're using such "experimental" stuff all the time (Like the battery in your phone, wasn't tested)

To be devil's advocate even though I mostly agree with you, that didn't work out so well for Samsung

Those words mean nothing coming from a literal stranger. This isn't high school m8, I'm not gonna beat on my chest and challenge you to re-assert my courage. There's 2 possibilities on the angel you're playing here based on your comments. Either you're doing this out of a genuine sense of principle but are too scared to lead by example and expect me to sacrifice myself. Or are just a shill antagonizing people for the sake of antagonizing.

Either way you're a faggot user.