DrawThread - Backshots edition

DrawThread - Backshots edition

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First lol

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2nd kek

third lole

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beautiful, Sarah is such a sweetherat

sorry goo, i'm here to fag up the thread kek

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not gooey, just dont like dante

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Jesus fucking christ why


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give horny requests NOW

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big tiddy phatt ass

Draw alisa eating her own shit

A big tiddy fox girl giving the viewer a titfuck+blowjob combo

i-how do i-i cant-

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requesting your favorite OC/Avatar giving a footjob (females or femboys only).


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Lewd kikegasm please

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Requesting 2 autists one cup

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/r/ lewds of this little boy pls

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Slim Verna please

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Requesting trans shark ending her life

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Hmmmmm today I will work on a new ref and color it

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Duuude same has a huge ass

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Sam* omg lacking oxygen in my brain

Verna's design is just more pleasing to the eyes

requesting her spreading her pussy and giving a footjob.

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counter-requesting transgirl shark getting her bussy fucked while she sissygasms with a vibrator


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>spreading her pussy
>trans colors

post op?

these 2 in picrel pose, bunny as the front one getting her bulge rubbed

ok sorry i'll stop, trannies are just hot ok i cant help it

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>post op?
Oh you mean spreading her "surgical wound"?


yeah, I wanna see her spreading her chris chan unclit

Gonna go on a bike ride, be good, I love u

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WTF, Sammy an granny.

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im jealous of the bike

Its night-time! Did you all have a good day?

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have fun goobert! wear a helmet and dont hit any rocks!

wip for u, trying to find titjob ref is harder than i thought

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>wip for u, trying to find titjob ref is harder than i thought
Oh nice, thanks a bunch!

topless fan? awooga!

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ghost head! Woohoo!

Fuck off eggwater nobody likes you

requesting her giving disembodied head and the cum falling through her neck

Yea I had a good day.
Did you?

pre-op FtM.
see above.

Casper the friendly ghost lookin ass

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what are you, a faggot? trans girldick is way hotter than trans boypussy

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Requesting her eating another requested characters ass, can find a pose ref if you want

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yo, imma take some warm-up pics. wuchu got for me?

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Deer god!

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is it even worth coming here anymore? cause from what i've seen drawfags are transitioning over to discord and so the threads are gonna get deader and more drama filled

i read the filename as Leibniz and expected the image to be anime girls talking about calculus

have a genie coming out of a lamp, but make the lamp look like her legs in a seated position.

I'll take one hecatoncheires, please.

YES, I am a faggot, thank you very much.

There there user... All that anger must feel really terrible. What's got you so upset?

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>casually draw 50 heads and 100 hands
the audacity of this bitch.
so like sitting on the lamp?


Requesting trinket chugging a bottle of Tabasco hot sauce please.

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nah, no legs at all, the lamp would be her legs... like her upper body would still be there, just she'd be legless.

Is there like an exclusive drawfag only discord?

>50 heads
>100 hands
Yeah, but only 1 character.

plz trink youre the qween of girldick

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warming up to what?...

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yeah apparently

if genie is too abstract, you could draw Whitney. She's good eye practice.

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Deer is another example of how borked my colors tend to go.

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nah nah iv already got started

whats the point? Just go do art trades somewhere else kek

Slim Verna giving the viewer a footjob please

!!! i actually have a solution!!! i usually "cheat" when i color by using (painstakingly curated) color palettes from stuff like copic markers, the animal crossing pattern creation thing, and my magnum opus of palettes, the full pantone color spectrum. here's a pic of a couple of em, i also have a torrent of the CSP-compatible format, but i'm not in the mood to seed that shit rn kek

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