Be me

>be me
>Invite tinder date over from other town to drink
>She says yes
>Ayy finally gonna smash after 8 month of dry period
>At my place, we drink and watch a movie
>Star making out
>Shove hand into her pants, she says no
>I'm like ok why
>"I don't want to user"
>Oh ok fine, please leave
>She gets hysterical "i don't have anywhere to go, it's 1am"
>Tell her to go to friend's place or hotel idc
>"I don't have any money user"
>Starts giving me shitty head but still won't let me fuck
>Gotta finish myself off
>We fall asleep, next morning kiss each other goodbye and she leaves
>Fast forward to today
>Cops call and say that they have report of me forcing that dumbass of a girl to give me oral sex and i need to go and give my statement
How fucked am i Yea Forums?

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That was a man.

get a lawyer

That was a man

Why didn't you just let her crash, it's one night?

I hope you get fucked over in jail

you deserved it and probably won't be punished as severely as you should be unfortunately- i hope you never get laid again tbh

I hate women so much.
Get a lawyer, speak to them first - your story might let her hit you with a rape charge, make sure you have the right story before you talk to the cops.

Kek same happened to me. Bitch wouldn't fuck so I told her to go home. Week later accused me of rape. No police though, fuck going through that shit

because hes a piece of shit did you not get that from the self-pitying greentext or the attention whoring on Yea Forums?

These, next time just leave her out in the cold.

It wasn't a man
Im thinking of this but I didn't do anything wrong, she stated the bj, i didn't take things further
What happened?

piece of shit =/= rapist. Assuming story is straight, she voluntarily sucked his dick after being told to leave

This isn't rape, this is a woman caving

still a piece of shit tho idc if hes guilty (altho he most likely is) and i really dont give a shit what happens to OP legally- i just think itd be funny if he want to prison

I will say OP, saw a guy who got his dick sucked by a hooker who was drunk and didn't charge him and claimed rape (she kinda raped him actually)

Fortunately, she didn't even show up for court, so charges were dropped

maybe this bitch will be retarded enough to do the same, but if not, get a friend to talk to her and secretly record what she says. Could throw out a court battle

oh wait she actually sucked his dick? yeah he blatantly forced her to suck through coercion- she was going to be kicked out onto the street at 1 in the morning unless she sucked his dick lol

its so funny how OP damn near admitted their crime on a public forum such as this- hey OP where do you live so i can forward these screenshots to whoevers in charge of your case?

you are going to prison enjoy it

got damn

cant tell if you are a white knight or sadist. If shes legal to fuck, she should be able to handle going out at 1 am. its called being an adult
Take a second to consider your logic
>you are a horny guy
>get with a girl, have her over, or anything, trying to get some ass
>She refuses, thus making your investment null. You ask her to leave
>It is instead more moral to throw her out into the street while she sobs like an abandoned child, than accept her sex after she initially refused, even if she begs to be let in

This is what you want?

i like how you want to be reasonable but im not interested in a dialogue with you- people with your attitude should be castrated

Considering this is you telling on yourself and this can be used as evidence, I say you're going to be on the sex offender registry really soon. Dumbass.

i really hope he does get busted, honestly the idea that stupid people like OP might reproduce is actually shocking

I mean you're gonna lose cuz you have a dick. It sucks but hey, that's the price you pay for being a jackass to the girl. Should have just said "fine you can sleep on the couch" then just refuse to get off the couch and watch TV all night till she gets frustrated she can't sleep and leaves. But hey you're going to lose your case if you talk. Don't say a fucking thing to the cops though. If they pester you just tell them you need to speak with a lawyer, get a lawyer and leave it to them. The case is super weak so if you don't say anything she can't prove anything. Especially if you finished yourself off.

you didnt force her, it was the implication

>sucks dick so she doesn't have to get an uber or wait out at the bus station all night
>accuses him of rape afterwards
And people wonder why I'm a misogynist.

Don't say a fucking thing. Get a lawyer - a good lawyer, don't cheap out, because your ass is on the line here - and have him give the cops a statement.

He never said he forced her, dumbass. She sucked his dick in hopes of being able to stay. Her choice.

He was so shitty to her, it was absolutely unnecessary.

It doesn’t matter if you’re wrong or not you’ve been sucked into a massive hassle that you definitely want to get yourself out of. Get a lawyer, if you don’t you’re opening yourself up to getting fucked over by this whore.

Well, I found the feminist user aha. I will say, this kinda shit is EXACTLY why women are viewed like absolute irresponsible children. Because the potential for bullshit there is an absolute landmine.

I expect you think he should just let her stay the night regardless, if you stay til 1 am somewhere, thats getting in deep, especially with a stranger (not really a hookup person for this very reason) but you need the social tact to understand you are getting yourself in. But I guess certain females cannot bare this responsibility.

>Don't say a fucking thing to the cops though.
T.atrorney here
Ops post was taken as evidence and a formal request has been made to Yea Forums for his ip address. It will be forwarded to the proper police department. If I had to wager, he'll be a level 2 sex offender with a felony.

nice larping faggot

Stfu, OP did nothing wrong, expectations were not met, he told her to leave she wouldn’t, oh no he coerced me, I mean what did you expect

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

its called coercion, you can have your literal moral/ethical political "belief" but i'm talking about how it would be seen to the eyes of a prosecutor- there is no way you can say to me that OP posting this would not be seen as an admittance of guilt and something OP's lawyer would advise him to delete

but guess what faggot i am a feminist, because there are scum out here like you and OP who shouldnt even be allowed around women- you are predators with a predatory criminal mindset

There's a whole sequence of events between these two sentences

>"I don't have any money user"
>Starts giving me shitty head but still won't let me fuck

Which is where your jailtime comes into play. You're kicking her out then [scene missing] and suddenly you're getting head and shes staying the night? Nah, pretty obvious that "i'll blow you if you let me stay" came out and you agreed - And this is AT BEST the situation you're in, equally likely that *you* said "Convince me to let you stay"

What absolutely didn't happen, is she started grabbing at your dick and you were just powerless to say no or stop her.

So you're fucked user, because her version of events that she gave the cops is almost certainly more accurate than the version of events you described given how much is obviously being omitted

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kill yourself, i'll "coerce" you to suck my dick and i'm sure you'd be too afraid to admit you were raped

We can only hope.

Actually it was coercion which is force. I don't think op nor you appreciates the gravity of the situation.

Op if I were you, I would pray to Jesus for forgiveness then eat a bullet. Because you're going to prison if you don't and if you survive, life outside will be constantly checking in with the police, telling every neighbor that you're a sex offender, forced to have software on your computer that watches your every move. It won't be fun. You won't be able to play video games or own toys. You'll be lucky to get a roofing or construction job. If you're in SSI for income, they'll drop you instantly and won't let you get food stamps. Your life is over.

you better call Saul.

Wait so you’re saying OP is obligated to have a stranger stay in his place? How fucking double standard is that, you want to be treated equal well here you go, it’s like listen you can stay here just do this, nope then…. Leave!!!!! Holy shit we are supposed to like treat women with special treatment where if the roles were reversed IT WOULD HAVE NOT BEEN THE CASE!!! Fuck off feminist cunt

Lmao if we both knew our expectations and I didn’t follow through and you told me to please leave me alone now, I would simply leave, imagine I show up to a bar get shit faced, they close and I told them listen bud you can’t just leave me on the streets around niggers I’m too fucked up, YOU COERCED ME TO GET MUGGGED!!!

A person with a bit of TACT would avoid this shit, of being put in a vulnerable situation when you didn't want to be vulnerable.

IE, if she had some intelligence, she would think "its 10pm, I should get a bus and go home before I'm stranded, unless I feel comfortable with things, and possibly being a little beholden to the guy if I have literally no options to get out"

Basically your logic is that if you refuse something to a woman, or want to make your own choice which she dislikes, and then she does a sex act to convince you otherwise, its rape.

IE, if a woman says no, its no forever, throw her on the street and let some homeless dude rape her because thats less illegal.

Never give a statement to the police without first speaking to an attorney.
If you somehow still end up in an interrogation room, ask for an attorney.

Not the person you're replying to, just explaining the law in lamens terms. Get a lawyer. It won't help. You've given the cops everything they need by posting your rant.

Bro, if this happened to me (straight man) I'd literally sleep outside. This isn't even winter time. Grow the fuck up

Should have killed her lol

But you're not a woman

Actually everything leading up to the sex act was legal until it happened. At this point it's coercion against her will and testament. Did he use a weapon? Remains unknown.

Imagine if genders were reversed retard, imagine a girl tells me to leave, I said I have nowhere to leave… yeah you want equality well here you go dumb fuck

I am now, I declare myself one

But seriously, if it was indeed that bad for her, then taking chances outside would be far better.

Dude, listen. He did not say "suck my dick and you can stay". She has no right to be a guest at his house. She tried to coerce OP into letting her stay through blowing.

this. OPs story is insanely questionable and clearly just him trying to justify his actions to himself and a bunch of retards on the internet. theres way more to the story clearly

What does her gender have to do with anything though?
1am? So what? The time got away that easily? I get that it's easy to forget. But she has a phone. No friends? No family? To call?
I get that op is going to prison. Here's how I've handled the situation.
Upfront, I'm looking for sex, if you're not into it, let's call this a friend's date, we will talk but you're not coming to my house unless I know I'm getting ass at the end.
I pay for the dinner and movie because I have the money to do it.
Why didn't she have an out? She sounds retarded. No car? Nothing? Where is her father?

You should be a lawyer

Kinda a JUMP to assume there was a weapon rofl. If he did, doubt he'd be on Yea Forums asking like this.

Also I bet you go on and on about womens choice...what about the responsibility over her choices? She CHOSE to suck him , and then claimed rape. Rights should be determined by responsibilities, you are claiming you should have no responsibility, so what does that say about rights?

This wasn't a troll comment I'm just speaking frankly. If she really had no money or the situation really made it so she couldn't go anywhere for a period of time I disagree. Better the devil you know after all and just like everything else, two sides exist to every story. The last comment isn't me being a white knight/simp whatever you want to call it, it's being objective.

How the fuck have we reached the point as a society where 'I'll let you stay at my place if you blow me' is regarded as rape by some people?

Coercion requires the threat of force. Telling someone to leave your apartment is not a threat.

>be adult
>go to stranger's house
>without money
Sure thing.

No she didn't. It wasn't a choice. It was safety. But then again she's stupid for not having an out.

Fair point I guess. But a woman who insists her safety is everyone else's responsibility but hers is DOOMED to have her safety violated. And no, not by OP, all it takes is one ACTUALLY deranged man who will beat the fuck out of her, and she will be to fragile to even ask for help, and become basically a slave.

The feminist here thinks I hate women, but no, being that way is dangerous.


It’s not kicking her out if doesn’t suck but it’s the shoddy story that’ll get him. Let’s please be fucking real, a judge is going to look at this and take the woman’s side simply because her story sounds more believable.

Bitch please, the only deranged man was op. Most men leave women alone. I'm not a feminist but I see the situation for what it is.

>>But a woman who insists her safety is everyone else's responsibility but hers is DOOMED to have her safety violated

I'm having a hard time understanding what you're saying here user, I would like to continue our discussion.

i wasnt implying it was rape. but the judge could probably see through ops story in 3 questions, and at that point hes fucked, whether hes in the wrong or not

You aren't wrong that most do, but to the predators, who can pick off that women like that do literally NOTHING for their own safety, you are like the perfect prey. No contacts? no cash? no willingness to avoid bad situations? yep....good mark.

Call your mother and tell her you love her.
Pray to Jesus and ask for eternal forgiveness.
Then put a gun to the roof of your mouth and pull the trigger.
Best option you have because life as you know it is over.

What three questions?

Follow up question: how have we reached the point as a society where we put women on a pedestal to the point where people won't believe a chick would suck someone off for a place to stay for the night.

There is nothing about OP's story I find remotely unconvincing.

It's not 'seeing through' if OP's telling the truth. But your right that if this goes before a judge there's a good chance he'll side with the woman because vagina.

This. Fucking retards. The woman's story isn't more believable than OP's at all.

Yes and op was the predator here. That's how the court will see it. I feel bad for him but he should get right with Christ and an hero. I'll pray for his soul. Not even miracles will save him from the hell of being listed as a sex offender.

Judge sees vagina, judge wants vagina, judge sides with vagina. That fucking simple.

Doesn't change the fact that both stories are fucking retarded.

A logical woman WILL, normally, either avoid situations that can devolve into things that are bad for her (IE, a situation of "leave or suck my dick", where you feel you absolutely cannot sleep outside, so you are forced to suck dick)

Its like the "teach men not to rape, but don't dare tell me not to wear just a thong at 3am in the ghetto" women. They put all the responsibility (which is power) on men, and so when men take advantage of that, they have nothing, because they didn't take the responsibility of "lets avoid this bad situation where I could end up in X, and get really fucked over, because I'd rather not let my well-being DEPEND on someone else when I have no leverage."

Basically, if you put yourself in a situation where the man has ALL the leverage, you PUT yourself in that situation

This isn't putting women on a pedestal. This is op being a predator and taking advantage of a woman instead of being decent and offering a ride home. Yes it's a mistake but it's a bad one. He will be labled a predator for life. I've actually been in ops situation though.
>No I'm not feeling up to sex.
>Alright, want a ride home?
I've had women call me back for a second date which did end in booty. Op is clearly the rapist here.

How exactly did the bitch get to OPs house if not by car. I have no sympathy for people who put themselves in situations to be stranded because they don't plan.

3/10 weak bait

>men must drive women home or it's indecent!!
Zoomers are absolutely dumb.

You wanna know something interesting? It's not bait. I've actually been too drunk and or high to drive so I called the cops and they have women rides home. Op had options and didn't take anything. He was horny and raped her mouth.

>I've had women call me back for a second date which did end in booty.
>women are into fags who can't stand their ground

He could have called the police, they would have given her a ride home.
>Look I'm over the legal alcohol limit to give this woman a ride home.
It's not rocket science.

This is becoming really fucking hilarious. Absolute beta buck provider here. Honest question. Are you into cuckolding?