Chubby thread: hump day edition

Chubby thread: hump day edition

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Sounds weird but one of the prettiest girls I've seen

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nah for real

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Ok cool, I'm not the only one lol.

some OC of the gf

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Full body

The body aswell though

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Gf sent me this earlier when I was at work

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Her body is insane that goes without saying, I just thought she was kind of gorgeous.

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My chubby slampig

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Definitely agreed

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Face down ass up?


hell yeah, keep em coming

Instagram Diamond_lue

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Keep going with her please user

Shes cute. Post more

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Full body



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None where she's chubby. Here's some panties

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So nice keep going

skinny is acceptable too

Alright, but just one since this is a chubby thread

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She stop taking pics like this because of the chub?


Oh fuck... ima need more


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Keep going

Nah, I just preferred nudes

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she cuts
i cri

this chick has a cute af body

Shes perfect. Gonna need you to dump all of her user

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Jesus fucking christ!

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Stroking. More with face?

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Perfection. Any hc?

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Fuck yes. Any vids?