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Machine guns are cool. Having to prep for MG ranges from scratch isn't.

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What are you machine gunning?

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Anyone else just want to snuggle? I need a fluffy girl to spoon and fall asleep next to.

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Some targets

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I love being a furry. It helped me accept my sexuality. I used to be so in denial about it till I discovered the community and realized it was okay to be different

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snuggles are like my favorite thing
my gf and I cuddle all the time


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Just paper? Seem to remember some videos on youtube of people machine gunning old appliances with dynamite or propane tanks in them.
Sorry if it's a strange question - not American, so I don't totally get the gun thing.

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Is your gf a furry too? I've always wondered what it's like being a female furry.

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Oh jeez my mom went on about pleiadeans too
I ended up essentially mocking her nonstop when she'd bring it up and essentially told her even if it's "real" I don't want to fucking hear it and will immediately grey rock her if she tries to bring it up

thankfully after a few years of my standing up to her bullshit she got tame and now sticks to wasting time on social media instead of saying dumb/manipulative shit to her kids

I essentially tried to become the bulwark that stood between my siblings and my mother to try to minimize the psychiological damage, and while I think I failed my psychologist long ago said that I most likely saved them from a life of hopeless dependency on her

The price I paid was too fucking high.

Damn she cute. I'm not a furry BUT

( ◜‿◝ ) (。・ω・。)ノ

yeah, maybe not as into it as I am, she likes furry femboys
our new housemate is also a furry, she does some art apparently

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furries are nice, supportive, and open people which is kinda rare
I think being around furries has helped me accept who I am as well

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Hehe ( ◜‿◝ )

tbh furries are the epitome of sexual freedom and refusal to accept the limits of human society
for so called "degenerates" they are an incredibly wholesome bunch

No, it's actual gunnery so there's a few solid targets, moving targets and tables involved. I'm trying to get my Marines qualified on MGs.

I don't own any transferables. That's on my not so short list of guns I need soon. I have a few other things I want first but I need to get my move done so I can settle out my finances before I make fun purchases again.

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I can kinda relate, but since I was so abused and lacked self esteem, I wasn't always that blunt
most of the time I'd listen to her out of pity, and habit from the countless hours I spent being yelled at and not allowed to walk away or she'd give me the most hateful, evil look I've ever seen
I tried to protect my siblings from her, but my living situation has been very tumultuous, so I regret not being able to protect them as much as I had wanted

So i made the spaghetti code sometime ago, managed to fix it, or so i thought. Deadline was yesterday and i sent it smiling, knowing i will get a good grade, it until i realized it's still broken on some parts after testing it more. I'll lose points surely and get one grade lower number.

Fuck me, i really hope the teacher accepts the code if i send it today. Could definitely fix the broken mess and get better number.

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I know right

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(◍•ᴗ•◍) I'm glad we are seen this way

coding can be tough, idk how my gf manages to do it for a living
best of luck user, hope your grade is okay

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Oh right cool, thanks

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If anyone wants to be my friend message me @ puddles da fox#8371 (◍•ᴗ•◍)

Don't feel bad for not being able to do more, like I said I paid a horrible price for it

honestly I was very meek for the longest time but I had my youngest sister die from something easily avoidable in a situation where I expected horrible things to happen, and it mindbroke me.
I was in a haze for almost two years and when I finally broke out I turned into a ruthless demon.
I didn't want to have anyone else die at any cost, no matter what happened to me.

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I don't know how common that opinion is, but as someone who was forced under the yoke of christian sexual shame as a kid I salute you

Wow. One of my longest, best friends who I've had a crush on for years MIGHT be a furry, at least I have my suspicions. But she got married a while back so I missed my chance :(

I hope one day I find a furry gf. Being able to share my love of floof would make me such a happy man.

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damn, I'm really sorry to hear about your sister
that's really sad, but it seems to have been good for you in some way, despite the cost
stay as positive as you can

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there are definitely plenty of furry girls out there, especially if you're ok with trans girls lol

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Again my Discord is puddles da fox#8371 for any furry frens who wanna chat

some really wholesome and eye-opening conversations today
I love you guys, furries are some of the best people I've ever known
I don't know what I'd do without all of you, y'all are the best :)

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Love you too fren

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Since they are polite, they want something. You are very naive.

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I don't know..
so much happened that it's almost like the old me straight up died or went into hiding and what was left was a hollow shell of fury and fear.
I'm still not myself and I don't know if I ever will be again, but that's okay.
I don't have many regrets anymore, I just want peace.

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yeah, sometimes it really is but it definitely shows in the paychecks aswell.
Also thanks user C:

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it'll be okay user
we all change over time, and that isn't necessarily a bad thing
don't feel bad about what is lost, but be grateful for what you have and it has made you
it sounds to me like you did the right thing
try to find peace within yourself, as difficult as it is because believe me, I know how difficult it is

Discord is closed-source spyware. Email, XMPP, and IRC are much better.

honestly my psychologist straight up said I most likely have a dissociative disorder because for the first year I saw her half the time I'd just freeze up and not be able to say anything

I'm still willing to put everything on the line to chase a peaceful and mostly stress free existence. I've come to terms with my mortality and just want to enjoy what I have with what time I have left.

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What the hell are they gonna spy on if I have nothing to hide

Agreed, and include yourself in that group of best people my friend

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I recommend Session
It's like Signal but with no phone number or registration requirement
just generate a session ID and boom

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They'll spy on the person you're talking to who DOES have something to hide.

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Link? I can't find it.

>dissociative disorder
I can't speak for you and your experiences, but for me, I'm damn near certain that I have complex-PTSD and probably avoidant personality disorder due to the traumas I've suffered
a big part of CPTSD is dissociation, and I certainly do that as well
have you done any therapy for PTSD?

I'm sure you have plenty of time left though, be as positive as you can
you'll find that peace, but it takes time and effort like everything else
I'm definitely getting there, I still struggle but I'm far less hostile and volatile than I was even two years ago
so keep it up, it gets better :)

thank you, I try

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You seem rly paranoid.

If nobody wants to talk on discord whatever, idrc

Fuck, that's hot. I love hiding in public stuff.

Don't know that one, but Threema is the same and has a good rep

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Opinions from furs about sex dolls?

>You seem rly paranoid.
you're glowing

no clue, not something I have experience with
can't be that hard to find someone to play around with, right?

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Yeah, a bit of DBT group therapy (actually helped loads in the beginning when I was a real mess) and 5 years of on and off psychodynamic therapy
the problem was that my life was way too stressful to make good progress and I started getting stuck/not able to really make any progress

tbh the idea of my death reassures me, it's a reminder that there's a way out that no one can take away from me. for some weird reason it gives me confidence.

I'm pretty familiar with CPTSD, I've read The Body Keeps The Score and a few other books on the topic.

It's a Signal fork, not sure why it's needed

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Please consider this, you lose nothing and the accounts aren't tied to anything IRL, it's perfect for anons

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I owned two onaholes for a while (got a UTI from them because I wasn't cleaning them right haha) and they were god tier

I feel like they really aren't worth the money
I mean, for hundreds of dollars you can either get a silicone doll that surely attracts hair and dust like crazy, is a pain to clean because of it, and you will have to hide from everyone, or you can find someone to date or even an escort for a fun night
now if we had realistic AI that is virtually indistinguishable from people in their communication and behavior, but you can make them look however you want, that's a little different, but we're still a ways off from that

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I wanna be used like an onahole :3

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I personally have no issues with meeting people, but I'm also not a people person.
Think for me about dolls is that you could get a really good looking one and make her into a really cute furry chick for cute photos.

Found this, which is interesting, but I don't know enough about Signal's inner workings to comment on how the two differ.

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oh okay, in that case I think I'd prefer to just put together a cute costume for myself to wear
you probably aren't as cute as I am though :P

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