What do you think about Tucker Carlson?

What do you think about Tucker Carlson?

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Meme man?

Isn't that the guy who reported on Virginian YouTube personality Chris Chan's incest allegation.

One of the greatest journalists in the west, not afraid to speak his mind, one of the few politically incorrect people with influence that are determined to preserve conservative values no matter the backlash

Well paid dishonest shill from a rich family who believes nothing of what he spouts

Pretty goofy, but based.

brainless talking puppet

Aka polarizing manchild, puppeted by his GOP Masters.

Every journalist is a "shill". Shilling for your nation and for sound beliefs isn't bad. How is he "dishonest"?

Fun buzzwords. He's more out there than most of GOP and that's a good thing.

Millionaire heir to fortune, who is in his own words "100% Murdoch's bitch".

Dude's so fake he started stealing Alex Jones' personality once he got punted off YouTube

Knows very well how the game is played. Would say the complete opposite if the pay was right

probably gay

He is literally an act though. Like watching fake ass reality tv. He is payed to play a reporter that is a right wing "hero of the people" for "speaking truths" that aren't politacally correct.
Keep eating it up though, you're doing great.

Just another Shabbos Goy

Punchable face.

I hate that he's become the voice of reason in this fucked up time line.

As little as possible.

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boring puritan grifter who pretends to get mad about the moral panic of the month.
probably does coke when the cameras are off.

He's nice but is an asskissing faggot given his political leaning, fuck all of you political niggers

Europoor here. I think he's a cool guy.
Not funny (and trollish) like Watters, and I think that a title of most of his topics on YT (I don't have Fox News "at home") sound like low effort bait titles, but topics are interesting there is obviously a reason why is he one of the most popular commentators.

travelers check

That makes it editorial. That ain't journalism.

lil bitch ass wigger

It's nice that someone publicly asks questions as opposed to just bending over and taking whatever CNN is shoveling up the ass like a fucking retard.

True. Point still stands.

controlled opposition

He's funny, and the way the libtard media eats right out of his hands every week is even funnier.

The nation is morally bankrupt. It should not exist anymore

He is a wealthy elitist who needs to be thrown in prison for treason, sedition, and crimes against humanity.

Her name is Christine

lol this jealous commie who only knows the language of violence and censorship.

He knows what rubes like.

carlson says things only because you want to hear these things. always remember that

you libs really get an authoritarian hardon about silencing your critics. Thought you were supposed to be "antifa".

Most of those things are true and provably good as opposed to you subversive leftists

Most powerful propaganda piece the right has and they utilize him scarily well

>ask questions
No he doesn't. He a typical propagandist. He tells you the question rather than ask it. It's everywhere now.
>"You know the left are evil, right?"

This is why you should never give any concessions to communists or socialists. It always ends with you in a Gulag.

He's an idiot. But he's a smart idiot, because he says idiot things only because he knows there are bigger idiots out there listening.

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"Journalism" means whatever you want it to mean. There's no entry exam or license involved.

He's a part of the 1% making this country divided so they can keep fucking is. Also "news" and a actual news are all vultures, showing up to any bad event to point cameras at people for free and make a show out of it is trash entertainment for trash people.

>sound beliefs

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Not Britfag, but ok.

Least shitty guy on TV, occasionally tries to be honest with his viewers

Of course, that's like being the least retarded kid on the short bus

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seen from yurop, he seems to be the only sane man on burgeristan mass media

You mean heir to the Swanson’s food trust fund, doesn’t want to “stoke fear” amongst the “peasants” Tucker Carlson. The one that peddles false consciousness to divide the US, and keep them from “storming the gates.” Yeah I know who you are talking about. If you’re going to be a propagandist, might as well be good at it. Heard he’s popular in russia.

to be fair he might easily be a paid foreign agent

Nancy grace with a penis.
His fans are of the same calibur as hers as well, ravenous retards that want to mob someone or something.

Totally not something sheep watch

Russian fingers typed that comment...

He literally stated under oath that his show is a bunch of fluff

They never acknowledge fox news isn't actually news, because they don't have a reputable hyper Republican news channel to actually watch, because they're minorites and don't warrant it.

How did you set a questionmark to the filename?

He's good at making liberals seethe.

Real good.

What if you're not liberal or democratic, but can see a slimy rat from a mile away?

I just find it funny how there are so many anti-Fox threads lately, when other news channels are losing views and are being sued.
It's like...CNN shills are here, with us.

See what I mean...

Real, real, good.

I don't think about him / her at all.

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>What if you're not liberal or democratic, but can see a slimy rat from a mile away?
Well, I guess that would explain why you aren't a liberal.

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