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i'm gay

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too late

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I'm straight and horny

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but im gay and horny

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borb is gay

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I detect a little communism.

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i can not get rid of the double space between subject and trip


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further test?

you are gay.

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very B)
especially this nigger

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sorry :(

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Impossible. This site ond the rest of the free web would have been censored by the communism.
Negative margin and position:absolute as custom css?
Thats just the russian shadow from across the border.

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i just swallowed some balls

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looks like marty

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'spoint in custom CSS if everyone else sees it, it's bugging me because it's there, not because it's there for me

good girl, finna get them badoinky boobers

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better do or i've been scammed

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ivan is niggering around and destroying the world by inciting the democrats to burn loot and murder

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div.post div.postInfo span.nameBlock {
margin-left: -7px;

no, pointless

should just script a button for adding the directional overrides so i don't have to do it haphazardly by hand

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lots of booty

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>Uncaught DOMException: Node cannot be used in a document other than the one in which it was created in Yea Forums X.user.js:24592
Its literary 3.70001 pixels of space. Some can't even differentiate between one or double spaces.
And next you want your own unicode character.
Why all the name changes?
Its more like Merkel from her grave is still destroying things here.

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okay here we go, script output version

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wait so close what the fuck just happened

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i think you got it

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Theres also like 15 names with colour - discolored, precolored, coolor, colorfull, coalour
what the?
Welcum back

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>15 names with colour
He likes changing it

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just add like 40 spaces lol

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omfg, kay trying a reset cause i do not believe this can be this broken

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Let me troll a bit^^

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ALL I WANT IS THAT DOUBLE SPACE GONE but no it has to re-evaluate it's whole stance on how tripcodes and names work


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lol have fun

damn close!

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i see you there opros.

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Not nearly enough hornyposting

I'd never take a cock up the ass bad man I do really want a fat cock down my throat

just got back from the convenience store, what are you queermos getting up to?

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?Opinions from furs about sex dolls?

I added some extra spaces but it looks like they got snipped off somewhere. So theres not much i can do.

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Playing some hearthstone

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Many gay people don't do anal: anal is simply a popular fetish or kink, it's not vanilla.
Many gay men prefer oral, frot, and thigh sex.

it's not you, i have a space somewhere it doesn't need to be, but if i use scripts to put in the directional overrides so i'm sure it's not me screwing things up, it hashes the trip different, i think, nothing can be done

ty tho

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ok radical frot advocate

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mmmm do i sleep early

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