Am i pretty, anons?

am i pretty, anons?

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sorry, the picture came out lopsided


Yes now show us the tits

Drop some nudes

your age is of great concern

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Yea :)

Pictures don't "come out lopsided" idiot. They are exactly as you take them.

you don't pass tranny

you look like someone i used to have a crush on.

Kys incel so brainwashed you can't even recognize a woman

i’m 19! :)

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Kind OP can you please drop some tits?

sounds a bit extreme

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Timestamp or gtfo


You must not know the rules, tits with time stamp or you can quite literally get the fuck out

Here you go boys! WWYD to me?

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Time stamp

cut em off and feed them to my ratfarm

together with your head.

sorry, i didn’t know. was i supposed to show my tits or face in the photo?

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>19 and in a school bus.


Tits with timestamp

show tits and stamp

not comfortable with showing bare tits.. sorry anons..

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I’m a literal chad so I wouldn’t even speak to you Jesus Christ you’re beat

fake and gay

Post a picture of yourself pointing at your earlobe so we can know if you're fact or cap


Stop being scared and just do it

Would take u on adventure n dates/10

here ya go. have i proven i’m real?

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You're very pretty! Why are you feeling insecure?


Im sorry op the rule simple
No tits? FUCK OFF

dubs of truth

also kek

tits and time stamp

let us jerk off to you

No timestamp and no tits. Ashamed of your body? You need to be proud of how good they are and show them off

now show booba

Yes you are beautiful and look like a really cool person.
Would probably hang out with you

Super fuckin cute. I believe you. But rules are rules.

Super cute. Post tits

ywnbaw kys

Then you need to get the fuck out and never come back you fucking attention whore

More casual pictures? If this should indeed be you, you are cute

Kys incel

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that's a jewish tranny
ywnbaw kys

Ngl, your hot. Ill accept nudes without face

Get lost.
Sage thread sage goes in all fields

Literally any tits could be posted then you dumb simp.

I choose to believe in her lmfao

Could you post another one with a timestamp? Just to be 100% sure


You look like this one twink that always matches me on tinder

You look like an uglier version of my ex

Any more recent ones?

Yes you are.


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Timestamped tits to bask in out attention. Or gtfo

i’m not posting tits, so i’ll see you guys never ig..