What is there to gain from being an Atheist...

What is there to gain from being an Atheist? Even if you absolutely can not wrap your head around the idea of an almighty creator existing, what is there to lose from living your life as if there were? I find it equally bizarre to assume that everything was delivered from nothing.

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If you know that something is likely wrong, wouldn't it bother you to have to constantly pretend like it was correct? I would find that exhausting, to try and constantly double-think myself. Over time, I could see that creating mental illness.

The way I see it, there are three possibilities.

>Christians are right, I will burn in eternal hellfire for being a non-believer.
In this scenario, God is the sort of petty asshole who would punish a sentient being for eternity because it didn't suck his Divine Cock hard enough. Fuck God, he can suck his own dick if he's so powerful.

>Christians are wrong, the afterlife is real but it's something like reincarnation or otherwise doesn't match the Heaven/Hell dichotomy.
If this is the case, my personal beliefs do not have any impact on my afterlife.

>There is no afterlife or god.
If there's no afterlife, there's no reason to be a theist.

living your life as god intended makes you a better person whether you believe it or not

That's literally laughable, though. First of all, which god or gods are correct? Secondly, most religious people I've seen and met are pretty shitty people. It's absolutely not a given that religion makes better people. Do you see the viewpoint here?

Depends on the God I would say.

The “religious” people you cited weren’t truly living their life as god intended though. There many fake believer’s who attend church and put on a facade to be viewed in a certain light by their community.

Agnostic is best

Yahweh is the one and only true creator.

Oof yeah that's a pass

Apatheism is better.

Fallacious reasoning. Google "no true scotsman"

trips have spoken

>I need fairytales and boogiemen to make sense of existence.
Consider not being a coward.

>whether you believe it or not
Congratulations, your brain is broke.

I don’t think average humans have the capacity to live a productive life if they truly believe it’s all for nothing and there is no point to existence other than we are some advanced organisms that evolved on a floating rock in space

losing time on pointless tasks that bring you nowhere better
mind you going to religious gatherings and interacting with people can be usefull but ponderring too much on existenace and higher being will not inbue you with any more happiness, reassurance that everything will be alright, better morality or higher philospohical thinking patterns than complete polar oposote of nihilistic atheism where nothing is in control, we are hopeless and theres no point in sttuggling and we should just live our lives as best we can before we die and produce quality relationships
>the best possible track to follow from my perspective
admitting you have on an intimate and nitty level no idea what the fuck is going on
yes, you are aware that your guts produce enzymes to digest your food but you don't know from which cell one protein enzyme came from and where the other one that's supposedly the same type of enzyke come from, you don't know if thes are identical in every way or if they have minor differences in aminoacid sequenxe, we don't know if some posttranslatory change hsppened in golgi aparatus or in endoplasmatic reticulum, we don't know if they have glucose, galactose, xylose, N-acetyl glucosamine etc bound, are the carbohydrates linked in a chain or singular, is the chain straight or does it branch- what signal molecules preordaned the positioning of those monosaccharyde molecules in exact specific manner and what caused gebe expression for that enzyme to be synthesised, nor do we know on which chromosome does that enzyme lie etc etc
we don't know this because all those questions are hard to meassure in a matter we want them to be answered, we know a lot about some of our enzymes because we researched the ever loving shit out of then but I am not talking enzymes in general like a group of molecules with certain prperties that could be labeled as enzyme A or enzyme B; I am talking about specific singular created enzyme or rather two of them created by a cell or two...

I wouldn't be able to sleep at night knowing I am pretending to be religious and/or doing it for some superficial reason.

Why is it only theists have such defeatest mentalities? "All four nothing" doesn't exist when you're actually LIVING your life and not just slamming away on a keyboard to a handful of people who love to dump on your pathetic "beliefs".

Religious types are the only people who don't see a purpose to existence outside their faggy ghost stories.

...that synthesised them on the same day with difference of possibly several seconds or several years- how are they different, do they have defects, do the different elemental isotopes affect the folding and enzymatic properties, what inhibits them and what activates them etc
for the record yi am talking about gut enzymes, but the truth is that almost all biological reactions occurring in our bodies happen due to enzymes, thing that took millenia in orimordial soup are happening within minutes and seconds and even less in tiny localised compartments in our body
you don't pay them much thought
yet we know they exist
we can see their direct influence
we can idolate them
we can monitor them
we can observe them
yet we don't have the money snd resources and time because people decide to fund religious organisations because it makes them feel less sad that our enzymatic machina isn't meant to last as long as plastic in our seas
>once you've admitted you got no idea what is really going on
you can come to peace with reality that you will never know, you can strive to learn atleast sehments and find goals in life to fulfill to bring about great history to human race
do not be hopeless and do not trust blank promises of heaven, struggle to find a way our of death and suffering but do not succumb to paranoia and restless fever dreams of beating death
we are just links in chain but every link is important
if you start to wonder what god is you'll find it has no definition, you don't know what you are looking for, it's like going on a search without setting what you are looking for

It's fine to pretend there's something like an almighty creator or guide to things we don't understand. But christianity, islam, judaism are definitely fucking bullshit.

for me its the "laws" that doesn't make sense.
Be kind to your neighbor and dont be a whore etc. If you ask me, it is just basic common sense stating "dont be a dick you faggot", so i choose not to waste time reading fictional stories designed to scare people with super low iq ( year 0 standards when people lived in mud sheds).

If you really want to boil it down, then religion is just that times police, enforcing laws thats become redundant in our information and data driven society. Like you get thrown in jail now, and told youre gonna get ass fucked by a nigger named jerome, you sort of figure you dont wanna end in jail and getting your asshole dialated. Likewise in year 0, if you broke the laws of religion, youre basicly fucked by your "community" who will forgive your sins by a suitable ponishment. Take sandniggers and showing your feet, the result is that youre getting stoned. Hinduism and eating a cow, public shaming. Christianity and being a jew, crusified.

As i said, religion is basicly become redundant and only kept alive by people who figure out a meaning of your life, cant set up requirements for themselves to be "happy" and generally need "spiritual guidance" in order to live amongst other people, getting told that there IS an afterlife, because youre afraid of 'what else', you feel you need that sort of control over your life, that you cant get by yourself, so you find it in a fictional character created by people with less IQ than you, to control people with less IQ than them.

I usually see highly religious people as brainlets due to before mentioned reasons. I dont need guidance because i was raised to find my own path. I dont need external approval or denial, because i can provide that for myself. I'll be my own judge for what is right and wrong because i got morals and belive in my own custom set of values rather than just accepting what is told.

TL;DR religion is for brainlets who cant think and need guidance

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Imagine not repenting that Jesus Christ is your lord and savior to avoid being cast into the lake of fire

atheist are less retarded than religious believers, not by much

Theyre basicly the same, created when the society needed "rules" so you cant steal, fuck everything, be a general dick.

shit, did i just prove that all religions boiled down message is "dont be a nigger"?

if there's an afterlife and I die an atheist, I can just wing it to the doorman and say shit like "my bad wasn't fully convinced [god] existed by I do now"
if I die an theist different from the afterlife I land in, I am fucked, ain't no way wiggle out of that

Well, don’t you just take a lot of your morality from Christian principles then? Christ was the person who really came up with the idea of “love thy neighbor” i.e. don’t be a dick, and the reason why we think public shaming and cruxifixction is bad today is because Christ sacrificed himself for us to show us why scapegoating is wrong. So really all you’re doing is following a bunch of basic Christian principles and then calling everyone who’s a Christian dumb for believing in those same principles, doesn’t that seem hypocritical?

Freedom of thought. Freedom of action.

>not being a dick is exclusive to Christian countries

imagine being such a maga faggot claiming responsibilities for basic human decencies
pretty sure you can find scriptures predate bible that says stabbing random people to death is wrong, but what do i know

>>What is there to gain from being an Atheist
You get to act smugly superior and berate others for the the lack of evidence for their faith based beliefs with your faith based belief. Not a believer myself but atheists are essentially the vegans of religion

Try going to a non Christian country and talking shit about whatever their religion is…. If it’s an Arabic Muslim country enjoy getting burned to death

>try talk shit about non Christian religion
but that would just be me offending someone else for no reason
also yes, I have done that before, telling someone of a different religion (Muslim actually) I don't believe in it, turned out fine.

Like who? You already mentioned stuff like stoning in Islam, which Allah himself put into the Quran, the Incas did massive amounts of systematic sacrifice to please their gods, India had the caste system which basically banned any social mobility, and African tribes had all sorts of female genital mutilation etc. In other religions and belief structures, being a dick and oppressing people was kind of the norm.

this is your almighty creator. pic related its JC! PRAISE JC

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not the same op, off with your tribalism talk.
also good job pretending slave owing, incest, treating women like shit wasn't in your big books of Christianity and used as excuses until recently

That's right
Live your life as if Superman, Frankenstein and Popeye exists as well

God punished two incestious women who had sex with their father in the Old Testament IIRC, and the Catholic Church banned cousin marriage when the clan system started to get out of control
>slave owning
Again, Old Testament. It goes to show that slave owners would only let their slaves know about certain parts of the bible, conveniently the part about the Jews being good slaves to the Egyptians, and never allow them to learn to read for themselves because of all the parts that said slavery was bad. Hundreds of years of institutionalized moral loopholing for money accounts for slavery being allowed, it doesn’t conform to Jesus’s principles as stated in the bible in any way.
>treating women like shit
Christianity actually first became really popular with Roman women and then eventually the whole of their society converted. Among all the other shit I talked about before, Christianity has the best track record with women’s rights. No purta, no sharia law, no Confucian ideals of women as birthing machines, no foot binding, no genital mutilation.

but I am Superman

What do you have to gain from a god who sucks at managing the world? Imagine you created a dumb simulation and Neanderthals evolved enough to decimate themselves because they thought they were pleasing you, or they sent one off the planet they've been living on for thousands of years and reached the moon. Wouldn't you step in at either points and interact with them?

If there is a god and I'm punished, she's unjust, because I'm a great person. If there isn't a god, I'll die knowing I lived my best life. Once we die, that's it. You don't even have a thought. You stop existing, like the billions of years before your birth. You simply won't be.

>What is there to gain from being an Atheist?
Why must everything be put in such selfish terms? Religion shouldn't be a matter of reward.
>what is there to lose from living your life as if there were?
That question applies just as much to theists - what if your religion is wrong?

That doesn't apply. There is a clear code of conduct that christians are expected to seek to live by. The shitty people referenced are not following that code of conduct unless they are at least making an honest and meaningful attempt to live as they are called to live. Jesus himself called out the fake-religious people.

Both yes and no. My morals are similar to that of christianity in some points, because it logically makes sense. i.e. dont be a dick, it doesnt have to be written for it to be true. While It is written in basicly all religious pieces cross religion, is why i dont connect it to christianity directly. Christian rules make sense, because theyre designed to make sense as it represents that times rule/lawbook.

While religion is of course more than a basic rulebook, it really boils down to it when taking away all the fill with stories, lessons etc.

While the stories are good and entertaining, i much prefer it boiled down without all the analogies and interpretations, you can pretty much write a similar story with more factual wordings and storyline, but then you lose out in entertainment value. Try imagine if all the stories ended up with god as a narrator actually stating the lesson, sort of like a conclusion to a scientific piece. The stories and thus religion probably would not survive that, because the priests would become redundant. Interpreting on the conclusions have lead to branching, especially from christianity.

I know all about what christianity is supposed to teach us, as i grew up with it, but i dont want to nor need to be religious in my day to day life to be a functioning human being and having a purpose in life.

I enjoy learning and i found that religion is designed to stop questioning, and have a finite answer to all questions you cant find an answer for, namely: "because god says so / it is his will / *insert derivative here*". The answer is always targeting probability and giving value to the unknown rather letting it be unknown. When a thing is not unknown anymore, means that we accept what it is and move on. When learning it really limits how deep down the rabbit hole you can go.

Gonna hit the bed, hope you found the information you were looking for.

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My problem with that is that humans for all of history have thought that they know exactly how the world works, and we’ve had all sorts of different belief structures; it’s foolish to believe that we understand everything now. Modern science can’t account for gravity, dark matter, why there’s more matter than antimatter, or a bunch of other universal phenomenon; why can’t God be responsible for the creation of the Universe? Genesis was proven wrong of course, but Jesus was an actual person who actually existed, and religious texts are also essentially historical ones. It might be hard for some to believe that God sent down a messenger to teach humans how to live and then left, but believing that it’s impossible requires knowing as a certainty God doesn’t exist, which we don’t yet. Besides, if nothing really matters, then neither would believing and God and being happy, so why not? Just to be miserable for no reason?

outdated crap anyway

>Jesus was an actual person who actually existed

you don't know that

I actually don’t believe any morality is “logical” or “rational”. For instance, the Nazis had a perfectly “logical” argument that because Darwin showed that different animals were always fighting for dominance over each other and that was the way nature worked, that humans should genocide other races for the furtherment of their own race. Similarly, there’s no “logical” reason that two consenting adult siblings having sex with contraceptive is wrong. Morality is entirely driven by our emotions and whatever we’re taught by society on how to live.


>what is there to lose from living your life as if there were?
this is why i embraced Islam

Most people are agnostic, even the religious. People can believe in God without KNOWING he exists or not. That's known as an agnostic theist. You can also be an agnostic atheist, like yourself. It's the people who aren't agnostic that are the total douchebags. Those people that KNOW god doesn't exist are arrogant idiots and the ones that KNOW god exists are the dangerous idiots.

Atheism is a temporary condition.

Why, then, do you judge your brother? Or why do you belittle your brother? For we will all stand before God’s judgment seat. 11 It is written: “As surely as I live, says the Lord, every knee will bow before Me; every tongue will confess to God.” 12So then, each of us will give an account of himself to God.…

Then they’re weak. That’s the difference between a strong man and a weak one. Strong men know they’re going to die, know they’ll be forgotten and nothing they do really matters, they know their kids will meet the same fate and are able to stare mortality in the face and keep on trucking for themselves and their family. Christians are weak and meek and it’s designed that way. Be a sheep, iam your shepherd, turn the other cheek, etc. some people are sheep and some of us are lions. I’d rather be a lion and have to cope with the death and nihilism than be a comfortable sheep and lie to myself.

Most atheists are not miserable, I love my life.

If Jesus was real, how come none of those miracles he performed were recorded in government documents and historical text? Also, who says Christianity is accurate? That book was written by a dozen men and then revised by English monks to make it fit to the liking of King James. Only one answer: all religion is bullshit.

Kids don't even believe in Santa Claus, grow up.

>What is there to lose
Truth, you lose reality to fiction. Very possible that we do all exist from some miracle of god. I am not discounting it, simply saying that this cannot be proven, so should never be treated as fact. You can keep your faith, but it does not make it real.

Atheism might not be temporary for everyone. Atheism deals with belief. In this case a lack of belief. Just as one can hold onto a belief in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, so can someone never hold a belief in god even if presented with God himself.

Well put if everything around you is a cosmic accident and nothing but atoms and molecules, randomly bumping around and absolutely nothing matters. Considering all of known history and the reality around me. I'm not buying your version.

Imagine trusting a wiki article that references a historical figure that existed centuries before we have the data collection. There is no provable evidence of Jesus, not any that count in anyway. We could find a grave with a mile long cross over it and the words 'Jesus lies here' and it still would not prove he existed. It's unreliable data because no one was who was buried there.

Evidence to the contrary? What evidence? Macro Evolution? Belief in a bunch of molecules and atoms randomly bumping around without meaning and all of known history dividing the fallen gods from the one true God? I can't imagine the shock when you die and find out you're not a cosmic accident.

Changing the known world forever, on the event of his resurrection is no evidence?

It’s the same thing with you then, what definite proof is there that God doesn’t exist? Nothing wrong with not having any idea.
Furthermore, religion isn’t about telling you how the world works, not really; its about how do you live your life. What does being a good person look like to you? Because I think you’d be hard pressed to say that Jesus himself was a bad person; therefore, don’t you follow a pretty similar moral code to him?

Sounds like you need an excuse to keep going. I love life and helping others, doesn't matter that nothing comes after.

I think your reading a bit too much into that comment. It's simply dealing with whether or not atheism is temporary or not. If I die and meet God on the pearly gates, it does not follow that I would believe it. It's entirely possible SOME people would simply thi k they are hallucinating, and there is nothing you could tell them to change their belief.

What makes you think we are so much more advanced than people of that time? Besides technology, we're still very much the same. And most of those advancements were made possible indirectly through religion. Religion is a major component of what created community and cooperation among groups of humans. Most governments started off as some form of theocracy. Without religion, we wouldn't have a society advanced enough to support sophisticated scientific pursuits. I don't think we have outgrown our need for an overarching moral guidance that goes beyond the attitudes of today. It seems to me that atheists have a lot more confidence in humanity than is reasonable. If we aren't united by something that like a shared idea of what is good, we will find other ways to group and identify ourselves. We're starting to see this now with race, sexuality, political affiliation, perceived intelligence, etc. "Human decency" is not a concept that exists in and of itself. The western idea of common decency is entirely derived from a judeo-christian perspective. To think we will hold the same values without a reason is far from certain. As society becomes more secular, we are already starting to see values be deemed antiquated and unnecessary, and we're also seeing the unraveling of society. Correlation does not equal causation, but maybe we shouldn't be so quick to tear down the institutions that got us here without understanding why they were put in place to begin with.

Maybe some extremely intelligent and well adjusted individuals are capable of being good and finding meaning without religion. They're not the majority though. I would even argue that most of the people who think they are in this group are actually smug assholes who could stand to learn some things from religion about humbleness and humility.

Believing he existed as all is a folly in logic. Everyone we know from back then is long... LONG dead. Centuries and centuries dead. There is no evidence that could have existed back then to prove he was real. Only written word, stories, even his body would not be enough proof. That may sound crazy, but as I said, even finding his grave would not prove it was actually him buried in there.

Of course, spending your entire life, glorifying yourself and calling Jesus death on the cross nonsense, is how most of us live. I get it.

Oh okay then, Julius Caesar didn’t exist, or Confucius, or Alexander the Great, or Plato, or Sophocles, because that was all before “data collection”. Silly me. Literal 0 iq argument.

What? Eight or nine hundred trillion years burning and agonizing in hell, with absolutely no chance for redemption, I think those of us without Christ will maybe begin to see it in the Creator God's way.

Which is exactly why his body is gone after the being ordered kept by the Roman government.

Pascal's Wager: en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pascal's_wager

Proof that gods have never existed and never will: the idea of gods came from man. Man created gods to explain nature before science could. Look at Zoroastrianism, it's the first religion ever recorded and it's about good vs evil.

My friends and family look up to me, and I'm talented, work hard to create systems that work, and I'm happy. Instead of praying, I take measurable action.

Religion can be whatever you want it to be, as long as you understand you'll never be right in the end. That's why they call it faith.

Which verse in the bible describes hell is like that?

I mean, that’s your perogative.
Just make sure you don’t ever pray to God in bad times, because then you’re just a sheep who needs comfort, not a lion who can soldier on in the face of nihilism.
When a barrel is pointed at your head, make sure you don’t plead with God just in case there is a hell and it’s your last chance to repent and go to heaven, right?

It seems like you're just making shit up with arguments like that. No wonder most people don't believe anymore.

Shit nevermind. I think I took the bait.

It's cooler to know the difference between reality and fantasy.

Hell was created for the fallen ones, the Devil and his angles, but we are to be thrown there too at the last judgement of God.

Revelation 20:10
10 And the devil, who deceived them, was thrown into the lake of burning sulfur, where the beast and the false prophet had been thrown. They will be tormented day and night for ever and ever.

Revelation 20:10
10 And the devil, who deceived them, was thrown into the lake of burning sulfur, where the beast and the false prophet had been thrown. They will be tormented day and night for ever and ever.

...but he loves you!