Drawthread: Helpful Pollinators Edition

Drawthread: Helpful Pollinators Edition

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Hello everybody. I hope you're all having a nice day.

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Requesting any of the character with their ass up like the right

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if this one sages or gets blasted I'm out

it is with great pleasure that I announce to you
the shit inside the litter box does not belong to me, as I did my business on the neighbour's roof

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Can I draw something for you?

A masterful performance

Why is there a thousand threads

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for sure buddy boi

exemplary indeed
anyway time to draw that request, finally got that free time


pass: orange

current board:

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Not enough threads! The entire Yea Forums should be a drawthread!

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I made one just for the lolz

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Op of the new thread was dumb and put cunny in his post making it autosage so everybody else made a thread too.

Requesting Oskar the dick vampire taking cock up his ass

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Gay time

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draw something then

why is there an IBM 2 button track ball mouse shoved into his ass ?

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counter requesting him being forced to lick garlic and then sit in full sunlight naked

You're so fucking cute in that bikini I can't stand it

prime ignoring material right here



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This but oskar showing his smol pp to the viewer pls

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Why not butt?

Eggs if you are reading this: you remind me to Makoto Kino from sailor moon, because you are an incel just like she. Have sex incel.

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Keep my wife's name outta your fucking mouth

Aka Croanigger still asking Leofwulf for that request

pick one

requesting your oc as a quadruple amputee

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add them wearing a shirt that says
>human bean
and i second this

Butt stuff is good sometimes but there simply isn't enough oskar pp draws..

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Requesting cute sex

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>but there simply is to much oskar pp draws..

How is she so perfect?

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The butt isn't as focal as I would have liked, it was difficult to show with her hindlegs and big head. Still, I hope you like it.

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what? no autism hippo

I'm bored.

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There's a shortage of draws like it, im serious!

Requesting her pinning user to the wall

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Requesting her pregnant

teachies drank energy drink and slept at 4 am last night

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no there isn't because no one needs it or wants it other than you and the other faggot that chimes in who you could just talk to some where else

go play video games or wash your car do some laundry go outside and touch some grass

Requesting the Venezuelan dog girl riding Cece's cock while she flips off the viewer.
Please include the dog girl saying "¡Jodete jalabolas, no ves que papi me esta preñando!"

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whoever said my displacer cub was "just wrong" can go suck a dick. Unless it was commentary on the coloring then; carry on old chap.

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Same. I do not want to annoy Doyle aka Leofwulf

Draw somethin

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wrong pose


/r/ her wearing a cute (preferably slutty) outfit

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Oh boy tumordick and requestnigger joined too

Fuckyoufuckyoufuckyoufuckyou I'm not the fucking pacman guy

requesting you commit nonexist

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but the oint was that in order to color her was that I just re-drew her on top of the trad pic. because coloring would have turned out yucky.

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Extract your line art


Who even is that

>Draw somethin

fuck you!

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On model is fine too, thank you is cute

it's a not a work in progress if it's not in progress

that was the line art. this was colored (maybe shaded too)

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every image is a wip until its posted you cretin
the image youre looking at isnt a work in progress you dumb retard its an image of a work in progress

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She was supposed to be lying down but it's abit shit ngl

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See its shit like this why women dont want to fuck you

You drew nice porn, that's all we ask for, thank you!

ok, glad to know you've given up on it.

Requesting alisa being fucked by a shota while she just reads and is uninterested.

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its wip until i finish it

it might also have something to do with them not bathing or doing anything other than requesting their shitty oc over and over masturbate then sleep rinse and repeat

I want her to hold me and tell me that she loves m,e and that everything is gonna be okay.

Alisa ref

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changed the spines on her tentacles, and very little else. also changed line weight a bit here and there.

just like dogs can't see color you can't see how retarded you really are

What is she? Shota ref?


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Awhh thanks user!

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Leofwulf, where are you

Any of the thread shotas would be fine, toby, lee, catbb, daniel. I only have this reference for daniel.

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How do you make your gifs?

she's an escaped Russian experiment gone awry who carries a plague virus that will kill us all

Dante going all out itt