Waifu threaden

Waifu threaden

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There are these weird maid services where you can order one to tend to you for a day. May or may not go lewd..
Mmm.. alright, I'll forgive you but now u bring the beer and cider! We'll meet in your cold, dark, lonely cellar next time!
You say they are all natural yet I keep seeing their size change at random, especially in bikini.. maid-san, are you lying to me?
Also, yes, Violet#7758 I ofc do cause that's cool nowadays.
We should do a raifu thread

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waifu breaden
fluffy and warm

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I'd like to post Earth chan because she's so careful and nice with me.

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You mean a waifu gun thread

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I want bread. I want. I have barely eaten.

Oh I have never heard of those, my only experience with maids was when we ordered one for a friend as a joke bc his place was a mess. She was a nice old lady and a great cleaner so we tipped her a lot in the end, to make up for involving her in a prank, lol.

>Mmm.. alright, I'll forgive you but now u bring the beer and cider! We'll meet in your cold, dark, lonely cellar next time!

Phew, I thought I made you dislike me. I don't mind buying the alkies. We can keep it outside, too!.

>You say they are all natural yet I keep seeing their size change at random, especially in bikini.. maid-san, are you lying to me?

I'm not lying - You simply can't worry about common sense in Gensokyo, is all!

>Also, yes, Violet#7758 I ofc do cause that's cool nowadays.

Ok i'll add you - I hate using this website on my phone (In general, I hate my phone.)

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Heat some up for a quick and tasty snack. You could even spread some jam or butter on there if you're feeling frisky.

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me and Earth chan's kid
cute, reminds me of photos in a photo album where only the part with her in it is cut out

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Nay, the maid service thing in jap land is like.. for hot, young girls only. At least the granny got some mad cash
It's cool, don't worry. I'd never hate another maid. We are destined to crush cans together.
I feel ya.. I refuse to use Yea Forums on my phone. Just keeping all those files there, browsing through them, texting.. aids, fuck that shit.

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I'm going to say the m word

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Do it. Do it you filthy animal.

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Ohh right, explains the possible lewdness, lol. I've never been to Japan or anything, I do know of maid cafes but not of actual cute maid services.

>It's cool, don't worry. I'd never hate another maid. We are destined to crush cans together.

Crush cans, crush skulls, crush messes. In any order.

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You're... disgusting... filthy fucking animal

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~~~~Question of the thread:~~~~

How would you feel if your waifu threw an innocent little fart?

Yes, its a smelly fart because she ate Nep's four cheese bean burrito

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Maybe one more Erwin post before I am drugged into a stupor... maybe 2. I would like to erect a church to him and split the atom with him. My brain is slippery. He could put his fingers through it and it'd just run off his hands unharmed.
Immediately fart so your fart covers waifu's fart and preserves her honor

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Me when you.

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Claiming Twilight Suzuka from Outlaw Star!
I'm currently sitting here at the plasma donation center waiting for them to hook up tubes to muh armmm...
Enjoy a waifu themed automotive sticker!

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Plasma selling*

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Great answer, i respect that

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Today is her birthday?

Have you ever fired an M4 carbine?

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Ride wife, life good. Donate blood to your vampire waifu
Erde beere

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Why does it all have to be Katakana...

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It wouldn't bother me; my waifu farts like any other person. I just wouldn't be like, turned on by it.
>poot poot


Vampire waifus take too much!

Because our community themes itself around Japan.
So, because Japan!

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what if the window is closed because winter?

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My love for her overpowers her eel dinner and green tea farts!

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No like, the whole thing is just the same english phrase but with katakana instead of the latin alphabet. It feels a little lazy.

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meh everyone farts

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That sounds healthy tho, she probably won't fart

Its not IMG cap yet, silly~


not me...

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best date a live -fu tbqh

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These threads have gone to shit anyway
Don't know why I continue to post here. Only sociopaths/people who hate me. Plus I have to focus on schoolwork. I will be blocking and deleting everybody on my discord related to /waifu/ besides a few people. And I won't be posting anymore as school starts literally tomorrow.
Maybe I'll come back after I graduate, hopefully the scummy anons currently here won't be around 4 years from now. That's assuming Yea Forums or these threads will still exist then.
Sadly, a lot of anons hate me and want me to go. Some of the anons that are indifferent/like me were cool.
Shinoa was cool while it lasted. Hates me now, but he's passive agressive and I'm sorta glad. Dunno if Mai and Chen hate my guts but they were alright. Junko is cool. A bunch of older anons that you mostly won't recognise were cool af. Sadly, like Shinoa, Neptune, and Nevada to name a few don't like me and want me gone. Hell, Neptune demandef me to leave or he would post my nudes in thread.
Unfortunately, I am being harassed and such. I'm young and people are trying to ruin my life before I even become an adult. It's really sad that people hate me so much that they want to ruin a life of a kid.
So with that, see you fags never. Have a great life and such. Hopefully while I'm gone I can improve myself immensely
Also if you respond to this post with a reply that goes along the lines of "lmao Mi Liu btfo'd so hard he's leaving" or anything similar, you're a niggerfaggot and should kys. Also don't turn this into a copypasta, nigger.

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Stop what?

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*spins away to work*

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Don't leave

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That's so that other people realize it's Japanese themed!

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Stop tryna be me


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hehe gotta go to work~

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me too....

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i dunno about the rest of these mortys but you're alright friend

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and just how exactly am I trying to be you?

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I'm not alright in the head


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lol this amv is awesome

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You're avataring with my avatar

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neither am i lol

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Kurumi is mine. Always has been

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It's hard not to when you've had so many.

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or maybe we're alright in the head but everyone else is abnormal...

she's not a hasbeen, newfaf

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Who are you talking about?

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Ok, fine. I don't want to force myself where I'm not wanted. I really didnt mean to start drama or cause problems.
I'll just leave for now. To those of you who were kind, I appreciate it, maybe more than you know. To those who weren't, well, fine, you win.
Maybe someday I might come back, but I don't know. This whole thing is just upsetting and frustrating.
Goodbye, waifu. Most of you are great. I'll miss some of you.
Edited because I messed up some words.
If that's what clues people in on the weebiness of it then i don't think there's much hope for them to begin with, lole.

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You're too much of a sub for her


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ice cream cone waifu fren

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Silly girl, I am a switch

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There is no way you could dom my Kurumi, you don't have it in you

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Why must you people always say that word stop it please

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"Your" Kurumi, oh you're hilarious~

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mhm if i wanted i could make her fully submit to me

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Melon butt

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don't eat herrrr

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What's your excuse then?

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Melone has already been eaten
I am now moving on to more delicious food

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Excuse for what?

There is nothing more delicious than a watermelon that was petted by Ikaros for a month

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If you could, why didn't you

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I want the original watermelone the most but I doubt I will receive it
I will suffice with lots of sweets and ice creamu

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Oh because she likes MC-kun. I don't want sloppy seconds. My waifu (Sonokawa) has no love interest.

Only cucks waifu girls that are already taken

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you can't have this one...

And ice cream is bad for you...

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