Kik thread

kik thread

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Share your wife or GF with me privately. 100% discretion. Looking for guys that want somebody long term to show of their wife to and discuss.


Send me your gf wife ex or anyone you have nudes of for a rate or wwyd


25m Looking to chat, trade or do anything with.


Post or kick

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Cuck looking for bull to tell me how he would dominate me and my wife


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message to see a selection of 20 girls to choose from, all with archives of me to feed while you stroke and maybe even show off? Mainly social pics starting clothed then going to swimsuit kik me

Send me your hot moms, sisters, daughters, wives and gfs. Tell me your forbidden fantasies. It'll be our little secret.

Kik: Xxnix13

Trib my beloved wife's juicy ass.. Anyone jerked to her before? Kik krekoless

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M/22 german looking for sluts to rail
Kik: mg506070mg

8.5" BWC help me cum

40one20dies send me taboo shit no l1mits

41 [M4F] Who wants to help Daddy Cum
Daddy all alone and need to cum any little girl wants to help

Girls you want to end up as home invasion victims


Looking for porn pervs who want to talk about bukkake and blowbwngs
Kik is pornfapper

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(And everything else)

Dm me and we can talk :D

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Can someone please fuck with my ex (19/F) I’m just really pissed right now she cheated on me and she still has the audacity to act like she’s the victim

Hers is @kousetsuuu

34 blk m

Looking to trade porn and taboo vids. Tryna get a nut off. Hmu


Anyone who’s tried to message me please try again Kik didn’t show me ur message

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I’ll rate your girl wide ex daughter


Scores over 25 win tribs


Alright, seems Kik is still busted, hit my discord at snow#5299 :D

Looking for people who can make edits/photoshop pics of my hot 21 yo gf. I want to put her head onto a pornstar’s body or add a guy fucking her. Bonus if you can make gifs/videos

kik: j.gordan3

Message again if I didn’t reply kik being a bellend

Sharing my old roommates from college. Looking for fellow BWC to join me in colonizing these Indian sluts. Be as degrading as you want.

Making a groupchat for talking about gangraping these whores. Just send your BWC for verification.

Kik andilovelisasomuch

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Send me your gf/ wife nudes to cum to, as a bonus will be honest and tell you if your wife is hot or not lol.
First time sharers always welcome, so you can see how good it feels to share
Whatever happens in chat stays in chat ofc

25 m bi Irish

Sub bottom with a huge cock worship fetish and oral fixation, also obsessed with balls, love coercion, cnc and degradation. Older/younger idrm, let me worship your cock. Bonus points if you're from Ireland


Kik is broken for me but I’d love to join :(


Add me to your groups

Also looking for/sharing bbw/chubbies

small euro cuck here looking for bulls. make me feel pathetic, tell me she deserves bigger and better, jerk off to my gf. have lots more to share


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Any Tennessee people wanna trade? Drop kik.

Oc family share- archimp

Whynot4577 looking for someone to make a babecock of my crush

Anyone rate my dick?

Sharing ex kik liamgg98

27m, tall, curious and looking for fun
Looking for feminine people, girls, traps, femboys, trans, cd and so on
Kik or snap johnnykiol hmu

Send anything, especially cumshots, tbnl

Slut gf sharing kik hodagos

Send your cock, can send mine too or porn
Kik throwaway011292

send jerking/cumming vids, hot porn gifs, or add me if u can show your cock, caption or tribute some girls I know


fill my messages with your cocks.

Look for rope you degenerate.

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Kalmarison. Mega sc hacks trade

Looking for cock and jerk tribs of my girlfriends feet and soles.

If you love feet, add beyondreason69 and please be ready to trib


Exposing an Irish slut. Help me make her a famous webslut. Hard exposure welcome

kik: merc7613

26 m USA

I enjoy hearing about gay group experiences from guys who experimented and got pretty dirty with a bunch of buds growing up, especially during sleepovers, campouts, scouts, school trips etc.

If this describes you, you’re 18+ and are down to chat about the fun you had then feel free to message me anytime. Even if you consider yourself straight I won’t judge. Include your ASL when you message.

If you only want to talk about a rape/molestation experience then don’t bother, I’m only interested in hearing about consensual experiences.

I have a cuck fetish and a blonde fiance
Kik: SomberC

Naughty girl who loves being exposed
kik melilee98

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Keep posting

Bm her

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Not kik, but you should really check out cityybabyy on OF. She’s new in the game and up for whatever

23 m tiny cock

Please laugh at me
Please humiliate and bully me

Kik woskful

Bored looking to see some boobs
kik Some555Guy
Don't mind trading with women

Amblizz9911 cheated on her hubby with bbc enjoy she had a meaty moose pierced cunt

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Moar. Your kik?

That’s the sluts. Took it in her ass too

no rules group

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Show is what she's got or gtfo

M22 german looking for sluts to rail
Kik: mg506070mg

If you want to tribute my fiance kik SomberC

Blonde and slutty

Kik is thatdude.88 if you wanna trib my slut wife in exchange for more pics and vids… nude, non-nude, fucking.. anything goes

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I need more