Celebs for hump day

Celebs for hump day

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you know about my noodles?

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Nigga I graduated from the 25th ranked university in the country as a double major, double minor in just over 3 years. That's after I dropped out of HS and only had a GED and my SAT scores to get me in. I took the SAT test for the first time when I was in 7th grade at Duke University, an ivy league college. I'm a published writer. I have been since I was 12. I was a junior American ambassador to Australia when I was 16, where I got to stay for 2 months free of charge. I got to spain for free when I was 17, based solely off my scholastic merits, merits that I accomplished while I was stoned and drunk the entire time and had 67 absences on average a year. I speak 4 languages. I am learning a 5th now. Not only am I as half as smart as I think, but even half of my intelligence would still trump your basic understanding of knowledge itself. Knuckle dragging fucking narcissist. Yeah my ego is huge, yeah I'm bipolar, and I admit it openly. But I can back up everything I've ever said here. None of it is scripted like the alternate reality you so vehemently cling to and try with every fiber in your being to convince people who see right through you of your aforementioned false reality you bitch ass nigga. And to think, I thought you were being serious about burying the hatchet. You’re so good at deception that you fooled a dude with a degree in criminal psychology, again. Make no mistake that it was the last time, though. You’re going to die alone in a hole somewhere covered in your own shit and piss if you don't heed my genuinely heartfelt advice to you, coward.

future mommy imminent

>dads a trillionaire
>gets no work
>chad husband full of cum

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U know about my cellar?

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this dude is thoroughly obsessed


papa Fritzl

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Damn u Australia

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thread seems nice and calm. nice change from the last one.

mmm fuk

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sorely missed in the last few threads

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That can always change if you want

no. it was intolerable.

her ass is delightful

can there be such a thing as too much gap?

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I know, I'm surprised I lasted out for so long

where you one of the Taylor anons or the person posting the gay pics?

I am a Tay user

"Regular" Tayanon or a "gay for tay" user?

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thread is quiet. should I post some emma w or elle fanning?

how do you say whore in chinese?

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A regular gay one

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the amount of anons who have shot thick ropes of cum to those pics could probably fill a swimming pool already.

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Now that's a pool I'd love to get in

imagine the smell

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holy shit. if i looked in the mirror and saw this, i think i'd kill myself.

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Anyone with tits?

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I want another life in which i'll be world famous mma fighter and she'll be my girlfriend, be a loving husband, do fun stuff, kiss and cuddle, watch movies, make food and take long walks together

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