Family fap and incest discussion thread

family fap and incest discussion thread

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anyone have any brother sister experiences to discuss or any pics of their sister to share?

ive only ever cum to my sisters pics, and it was the best load i spilled in my life

my cousin!

I've wanted to fuck her so badly for so long. I want to put my cock on every cm of her body and suck her toes while fucking her ass while she makes her vomit all over herself.. I want it so nasty that we aren't going to heaven

forgot picture

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keep sharing

looks easy enough to fuck

I dream about rape my stepmom

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Are Syndee and Scott really brother/sister? Has it been confirmed?

cant be totally sure but it's the most believable I've seen

post more

my cousins

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bump for stolen nudes

i fucking wish

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fuckable as hell


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I stated this in the other thread yesterday but it bears repeating

I think if all of us anons are being honest with ourselves that the only reason we don’t fuck our family members is due to social fallout

If there was no risk of social falllout or ruining your family or whatever every single one of us would be plowing our moms and sisters and daughters if we could. Even the old ones like grandma, even the ugly ones like your trashy cousin.

We all know it, people can lie to themselves all they want but we all know it’s simply due to self preservation and the social damage it would cause that we don’t.

I hope one day we can live in a word where fathers and sons can jerk it to their moms and daughters together, where friends can help eachother fuck each other’s moms and sisters. Where brothers can swap daughters and where spending a night getting drunk and fucking your sister is thought of as no different than doing that with a gf

Maybe some day, maybe we can make it happen. Good luck incest friends. You aren’t alone. We aren’t alone.

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>the only reason we don’t fuck our family members is due to social fallout
It's legal here. The only reason I don't is because they don't want to do that with me

keep sharing

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>the ugly ones like your trashy cousin.

What are you talking about? The trashy ones are usually the hottest.

Nope. I would have fucked my sister about ten years ago (she had a kid and aged like milk) and I have two cousins id love to fuck, but that's it.

The closest I got is getting head from my sister for vapes. Alcohol sometimes if she was having friends over. It really become pretty normal.

I thought "sister" porn categories were so popular just like lesbians because it was normal, not because it was a rare fetish.

spent a very long car ride day dreaming about cumming on my sisters face

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Fucking my 1st cousin was amazing freeuse slut and she squirted too. Happened over a Summer and I found out she was banging another guy, our relationship dissolved after that

Several years later I have a gf that is friends with her, she leaves us at her house to get drunk, and takes our son home, fucked my cousin that night doggystyle

Lies! Your going to tell me if your chubby mom came on to you, offering no strings attached sucking and fucking as much as you wanted and nobody would ever know or find out.

It would be a complete secret no fallout? No risk of anyone knowing, no risk of mom being weird or catching feelings.

Your saying you wouldn’t ?

I had a cousin i wanted to. She was a Ms. Teen "state" then later Ms. "State" and went to compete for Ms. USA.

She saw me check her out a few times and seemingly liked it but never did anything. Closest thing was I jerked off next to her while she was sleeping once

Not incest for me but me and my best friend used to fuck his sister all the time, we would literally take turns.

When we were 17 he told me his dad had been fucking her regularly too, the girl was a total gutter slut. half the guys in our town fucked her before she was 18

Was house sitting for my sister and found a folder of her pics on her laptop. Spent the entire week beating off to her pics

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Lucky duck, I’ve searched for years and only gotten one lewd pic in underware and one short video from my bro in laws Snapchat where you can’t even see anything besides some ass and thigh

I jerk to my cousin

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my exposed sister. I love wanking off to her and i wish i could fuck her so much

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This. You could hook up with anyone and have 0 consequences just by being a Chad.

Trust me, it was like winning the lotto. I was excited just to go through her underwear drawer, but hit the jackpot. Had about 150 pics on her laptop. I think I've beat off to them every day since

I would definitely probe her sphincter.


Well we already know Chads been fucking his cute sisters and cousins and his bimbo mom and aunts all along we are talking about normal mortals

No joke I knew a complete chad stereotype kid in high school that was fucking his Mom on the regular when his dad was out of town and eventually his little sister who of course had a massive crush on him.

He thought nothing of this really since women and girls throwing their pussies at him was just the thing women did in his experience

Keep going

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>normal mortals
Don't get incest. At least closer than the degree of cousins

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+50 points: butthole delivered

fuuuck, keep going lol

>ywn get to see your sisters butthole

Why even live bros

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Social fallout doesn't have anything to do with legality.

Fixed my brother in laws phone and found a whole bunch of pictures of my sister

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Not literal incest but I had a brief "thing" with my recently ex-stepmom. I was 17.
>be me, real mom was junkie and abandoned me and my older sister
>i dont remember her, sis does barely
>live with dad and his folks for awhile
>dad meets woman, we get a place with her, they get married when im 7
>shes fucking awesome, spoils me hardcore because she wants me to like her, i eat it all up
>we stay close, not weird close but like an actual mom
>fast forward to high school, dad and her fight tons, money issues then both of them cheat in a revenge cycle
>dad and her get divorced after she gets outed for nailing her boss, i dont want to take sides but sister is firmly on dads side so i stfu mostly
>she gets a condo across town, she keeps texting me but i kind of avoid it, not sure why, felt scummy to get involved
>fast forward a few months, i turn 17 and am drinking with friends and playing vidya
>i drunk text her for some stupid reason, she is excited to hear from me and literally invites me to her condo that night. its already like 10pm so this is weird
>i make an excuse to friends, she picks me up, immediately the "vibe" feels different. She is flirty, touching my leg, playing with her hair, in a tank top that is tight and holy shit
>get to her place, smoke pot, she comes onto me hard and im so nervous but deep down had wanted this for years
>she fucks my brains out on the couch then her bed, she acts like a porn star and its fucking surreal, like she is trying to show off
>laying there sweaty and sticky, she admits she did it to get back at my dad, to have something "over him". I feel less special but realize i just dont care
pic related because fuck it

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Post all sister.

The pinker the better!

>ying there sweaty and sticky, she admits she did it to get back at my dad, to have something "over him". I feel less special but realize i just dont care
post tits faggot

Don't have one

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Call it whatever you want, I just know i got rejected

Was groomed by my mother.

I feel so cheated... I've asked leading questions over the years to get a feel if id ever stand a chance with my sister and it looks impossible...she's to traditional/conservative. Even figured out her Snapchat login and there's no nudes saved.

All this sucks because me and my fiance both have incest fetishes and I asked her flat out, if I some how ever had the chance, if she would watch me fuck my sister and she said yes.

What a cruel hand I've been dealt

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Why faggot he’s sharing here

Fuck zoomers so much

You lucky motherfucker, I did the same thing and got basically nothing

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>All this sucks because me and my fiance both have incest fetishes and I asked her flat out, if I some how ever had the chance, if she would watch me fuck my sister and she said yes.
That's the worse part.

Dude I got so lucky honestly wasn't even hunting till I realized what I had haha. Had to back his phone up just incase and once I realized I had his camera roll I knew I had to go through it

>all these zoomer anons get to see endless photos of their sisters pussies and assholes in the modern word of social media whoredom

>be a 32 year old millennial just slightly to old for the tire nude Revolution

God truly hates people born in the late 80’s

Green text user you know the score

I have a good friend that was also groomed by his mom. There’s a lot more lady pedophiles out there than people know probably just as many as men if not more because they aren’t held accountable