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gotta admit I think the furry community is legit one of the most sex positive online communities

one of the things that keeps me coming back

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sex is really nice, especially with friendly, respectful, and consenting people :3

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Furries are superior to humans in every way, sex included since you can snuggle the floof when you're done.

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Never been much for furry shit but damn if I don't want to slowly sink my cock into a tiger girl then nuzzle into her fur while I breed her fuzzy hole.

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You're beginning to realize the appeal, then. Furry girls are just so warm and cozy and loving, what's not to adore?

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I love these two a lot

hi there

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hey girl. What's up?

just hanging out, got some company coming over later so I'm gonna do a quick workout and then shower in a bit

how's things?

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Freeing oneself from the shackles of human expectations is truly wonderful.
I cannot wait for the day when VR is sufficient enough to simulate full touch so I can have any fun I want with all the virtual floof I can handle.
To hell with reality.

These two images are genuinely gorgeous

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95% of all furries are either Gay, Bi, or Incel. Only like 0.01 percent of "straight" furries have ever seen a vagina lol

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I'm doing stuff for the Marine Corps now. Today is my sunday so I'm trying to procrastinate. I moved earlier this month so that's cool. Not much else otherwise, I'm enjoying living solo now

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I hate you for being right lol
If I lived in a sane country I would have hired a call girl just to get it over with

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Any good apps out there for furries to find dates? I want to find someone who shares my interests but since being a furry is kind of taboo I haven't had any luck.

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Its a sad fact. Women are drama to keep around so I pump em' and dump em'. Here in the usa its more difficult than ever because of new laws on the federal books that make "hookup" sites a criminal offence. Plus you might be talking to undercover and not even know it.

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Seb made me realize that I'm not 100% straight lol, I would absolutely have a threesome with the two of them.

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weekdays was a good comic.

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The US is remarkably sex negative while also supporting casual sex in media
so weird

I don't think it's over user. They've still got the weekend to get through.

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None of them are good and they're full of sex pests

We still have saturday and sunday to go.

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Our country is a paradox. Our laws make no sense. Don't move here as you will hate it within a week. The stereotypes are 110% true about Americans.

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True lol

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I'm bi but I've seen plenty of pussy in my time :3
been craving cock lately tho

a little time in solitude and independence can be nice
does get lonely after a while, but enjoy it while you can

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Cock is easy to get lol. You should not have any problem there as most gays are thirsty af lol.

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It's been really nice so far. I still have a lot of unpacking to do so my time not spent working, I'm still doing that. I'm amazed at how much storage fees have gone up. It's kind of insane.

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I'm personally just hoping for a happy ending and an "I love you" shared between them, but man... once it's actually over I/m going to be a little depressed. I love these two so much it's going to be hard to say goodbye.

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I'm a tranner, but yeah I've met plenty of thirsty dudes
a couple of my old high school friends from before I transitioned have even tried to fuck me lol

I just gotta figure out something my gf and I can do together

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The wincest cannot last forever sadly. I'll post the comic later if anyone else is interested in a comic dump.

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let her peg you lol

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Yeah, it's too bad. On the plus side though this comic actually inspired me to take up drawing. Hopefully some day I'll be good enough to post on here.

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Too late.
I'm italian, family moved to the states in 99 when I was young.
Can't wait to go back to the country where nude marble statues are acceptable haha.

we might try that too, but she's expressed interest in doing like a threesome
besides, cum is nice...

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I showed this to my grandma and she had a heart attack


I'm sure you will user. Keep at it.

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suh dude

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How many times can you guys nut in a day?

Thanks. So far I'm still trying to understand basic anatomy. Next I'm going to try to learn basic poses, and then move on to furry stuff from there.

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I can't do that anymore, but I can have multiple dry orgasms

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How much nut could you produce?

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just a few drops of clear liquid pretty much

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