You have to be reminded daily that an unborn human fetus is still a human being

You have to be reminded daily that an unborn human fetus is still a human being

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Election year will happen and you forget this happen and will be focusing posting anti or pro Trump threads again.
Or Some Russian war shit will happen again.

That's funny because these "daily" reminders didn't start until this shit was in the news. For all the bitching you people do about "I support the current thing", this is very much a forced current thing to be crying over. go pray on it or something retard, leave me alone

41% suicide
58.9% other
How many immortal trannies you know?

We shouldn't be able to take the baby out unless we can keep it alive...

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it's human tissue, but if it can't survive outside the womb, it's nothing more than a parasite


Literally unconvincing...

Not my problem

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Actually the right tovlifers have been here at least as long as I have... 2017ish

Women dont care if it is murder or not, this debate is stupid. They are willing to kill their children because they don't want the consequences of their promiscuity. Nobody cares when life starts because it is murder regardless, anybody that says it isn't is retarded. But also human beings are scum fucks that murder each other all the time. Coal burners that fuck a nigger and get pregnant should be hung so their babies get aborted in the process.


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>implying murder is bad

Goodness gracious, chang, I get it. You like Anal.

I am nobody, noone, nothingatall, I can attest to this; I care.


The moment that spermatozoon joins an ovum and successfully form a zygote, it is a life. That’s just the way it is. People want kids less and less. I say good, I got a wife I got kids, I value every child to be. Since people are not having kids as much or are having them older which leads to fewer, the value of a child will become more clear as there are less people to refill the working population. Europe is literally going extinct, being replaced with troons and sand niggers. Want to know more? Read or listen to “Eurotrash” by David Harsanyi. It’s on audible

Chang? Your rhetoric makes you sound fucking weird by the way. Are you trying to come off as an unhappy woman in their 40s?

Okay fine.
But in that case we'll have to pass a law allowing everyone to decapitate their children until they become old enough to legally move out.
Since they can't care for themselves or be independent from adults they must be legally classified as parasites.
Merely a clump of human cells is all that you are until age 16.


Here's the thing, the inner body requiring the use of the outer body is not an actualized person, but even if they were that still doesn't afford them the right to the outer body's autonomy, or right to self determination. Go fuck yourself.


Women don't deserve rights. Rights don't even exist, it is a manmade construct. Find me a single atom or molecule of rights in the universe. They are allowed to get away with this shit merely because of the fact that weak men have emasculated the west and it shall be the death of many.

>Women don't deserve rights...
Opinion discarded. Sorry that you're a fucking incel, champ but you don't get to say these things and be taken seriously afterward.

The mere fact that you post a picture with a late term baby shows the complexity of your brain.
USA USA USA!!! YEEEE HAAwwww! Ihm gon sit n my front pouch drinkin moonshine n shewt ma shawwtgawwn! Troump is ma master! Bortion s mourrder! Earth s flaaaawt n shit.

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>unironically sees women as anything more than property
Guess that's why you'll never learn. Have fun in clown world, you deserve it.

What do you mean by survive? Toddlers can’t survive on their own without extreme intervention.

>You have to be reminded daily that an unborn human fetus is still a human being
Nobody said they weren't. All that's in doubt is at what point in the gestation.

i can stomp on a clump of frog eggs and reap upwards of a couple hundred souls of their chance of life and have no issue with it, so what makes you think i wont do the same with a zygote?

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OP is a faggot. Any fetus that develops as much as your image is wanted, and will only be aborted if it's nonviable or the pregnancy puts the mother at risk.

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Go back to plebbit you fucking tranny

Perhaps because being a cannibal makes you a fucking Mongoloid?

user define cannibal for me and read my post again please

I'm just a simple landlord. I walk around town and see a person I don't like. I can't just throw him out if his house. Not legal, I don't have no authority to do that. But if that same guy was living in my house, i suddenly have new laws and options at my disposal that a normal person doesn't have access to. The sun still rises and the earth keeps turning.

It doesn't matter when life begins, what matters is women shouldn't have the right to abort their children if a man says no, correct. Your image is correct up until the woman moment where they say

It shouldn't be outlawed but it is immoral and I will judge you for it. Women are all talk anyway, they'll get knocked up and stay single mommy because "of course I wouldn't get an abortion. But it's a woman's right!" Yeah you know it's wrong. Use some of that "agency" you claim to have to put down the shitty Malibu rum and hop off the dick for a second and grow the fuck up.

Eating a human being makes you a cannibal faggot.

so then what does that have to do with smashing frog eggs? are you eating frog eggs, user???

user - we knew you were a larping tourist newfag etc etc but you didn't have to SAY it.

>what makes you think i wont do the same with a zygote?

what part of any of that makes me a cannibal

>Eats frog eggs
>what makes you think i wont do the same with a zygote?
You can't be this retarded can you?

If it's it's own body then it can survive on it's own. Remove it, and if it dies it is its own fault.

And so are terrorists, traitors, enemy soldiers, and murderers.

Who's advocating that THEIR lives be saved? Either you're pro-life ALL THE WAY, or you're a hypocrite.

>>Eats frog eggs
where did i say this



I mean you're the fuckin clowns. You should anhero right now.

You eat the fricking frogs and turn them gay by putting chemicals in the water

> be prolife
> want death
> did what mean this by

I'm not a prolifer, I want the prolifers to die.

Well, womens rights have led directly to the decline and downfall of the western world from its status at the very top, most powerful and prosperous nations in history.
So regardless of what simps like you say about it, future generations and cultures that look back on this time WILL learn the lesson that women are teaching them about the quality and value of women and what happens when you give them more rights or worse, actual power and authority.

Islam is right about women. Thankfully, western women vote to import Muslim men into their countries en mass, after doing their best to castrate their own men into simps that make posts like yours. And eventually, since demographics are destiny, masculine Islamic culture will become dominant and set right the wrong that is womens suffrage.

checked and maybe be clearer next time idk

Hey look its an incel.

They want the amount of sex they have to not equate to their worth as a human being. But lord forbid any one enjoy casual sex. Then they are naughty promiscuous whores who dont deserve any anatomical rights.
It cant work in both directions bitch. Either the amount of sex you have matters and you are a low value bottom feeding pile of shit no body wants. Or it doesnt matter and all the so called "whores" you dislike should be able to casually fuck who ever they want with out judgement from people.

Yeah, no, that's not a fact, that's incel bullshit.

More rights make for a more egalitarian and advanced nation. That's why the worst parts of the country are where people get denied human rights, that's a fact, you dumbshit.

Based, they lose both ways. However I also dont want the white race to die so after society collapses and we take away women's rights and stop the privatized banking scumfucks from having a grasp on the west we will be right as rain to reclaim the rightful place at the top.

>Islam is right about women.
Every Islamic country is a shithole wtf are you talking about retard

Dumb americunts thinking it's one or the other.
You have a whoppping 24 week abortion, while normal countries is at 12 max.
You cannot see anything but white or black after Trump fucked you over - you will never recover from that.
Your country is so divided that either side will die screaming for a course that was lost before you even started.
What a bunch of morons.

The same women making this argument now were trying to force me to take an experimental Jewish made drug regardless of risks so that THEY could feel safe and were willing to exile me from society, force me out of work- out of hearth and home to do it.
Fuck them.
They can take responsibility for having sex or fuck off and get an illegal coat hanger abortion for all I care. But they don't get to have protection from my government paid with by my taxes so they can murder babies en mass because they have no self control or responsibility.

They don't have any more right to murder their baby for their own benefit than they have a right to force drugs on me for their own benefit and they can fuck off with all their arguments. Fuck whores and whore enablers.

Yes. But they are not shitholes because of the women.
A broken clock can still be right twice a day.

So... fascist control over other human beings? Good luck wit that (and go live in North Korea).
They will just buy an abortion pill online - how stupid are you?

It matters and the less you have makes you a better person, fucking too many women makes you realize they all work fundamentally the same and have very little depth to their entire being. Fucking too many men makes you a spent up whore that is unable to ever settle down happily. Casual sex is bad in both ways and you're just a brainwashed cuck if you think otherwise.
Holy shit they really got to you. I'm sorry. I don't think you'll ever recover from the lies you believe in.
Probably to do with the constant warfare, western intervention, and religious fanatics, not their views on women

Rights make a country egalitarian sure but that is not the highest goal of government. The greatest real good for the people should be the goal, not some vague undefined ideals. As you should be able to see, too many rights, the wrong type of rights, can turn great and proud nations with white picket fences and full bellies to ones with urban ghettos, empty shelves, and puppet presidents.

Did you try to eat your GED at some point of your life? People like you knocking up your cousin should be a crime against humanity and treated as such.