Do I pass as a woman?

Do I pass as a woman?

PS: mir läuft die Suppe bei der Hitze

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immerhin kein BH

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jaa voll huebsch ^__^

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danke dir ^^

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depends. how big is your feminine penis?

its pretty small and its flaccid right now...

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How big does it get?

8 cm erect...

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Hey look it’s the larper again that never posts time stamps

Ah ok I’m 10 cm hard so I’m finally bigger than someone lol

Im not complaining I like being bottom...

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Perfect lol I prefer to top so it’s a bit of an issue for me lol

if we were to meet Id probably worship your dick bit to make you feel better and more secure^^

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Mm oh yeah?

suck on you nuts
tell you its big
lick up your hard shaft with my flat tongue....then tease the top of your dick with the tip of my like that?

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Fuck yes but you wouldn’t have to lie and say it’s big lol

depends how you like it
but I think smaller dicks are cute as well
I just love to feel them grow in my mouth or my hand
one of my ex bfs was really hung which was fun but I had guys with small dicks and it was also fun

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Yeah honestly I’d prefer to hear you call it cute and small lol

How big was your ex? If you don’t mind me asking

see pic
he could fuck my ass for days and it was sooo good

okay cutiepie

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Wow lol do you have kik?

And I’d love to compare our Cock I feel like that would be super hot

Id be humiliated but in a hot way

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I don’t know your not that much smaller than me lol

worried that my ladydick is gonna make yours shrivel up? ^^

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No I’m just a bit worried you might somehow be bigger that would be super embarrassing for me lol

maybe Id need to show you your place if you are actually smaller

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How would you do that?

make you go on all fours for having a laughably small sized sausage

spank you if you misbehave
make you suck my nuts...maybe I'll take you from behind if I feel like it

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I’d love to suck your nuts that sounds so hot I kinda hope I am smaller now lol

Damn 17.7 cm here

ever been fucked by a trans women before?
maybe I'll give you a kick in the nuts
make you lick my feet...

thats huge!

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No I haven’t but I’d love to try it and with yours it probably won’t hurt at all

Good size to be worshipped

Id have to stretch your behind before entering...lube it up good

hell yes

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Would you have to stretch it though? I thought yours was small too?

Got a pretty face to throat fuck also

its better that way
start slow
..before I fuck you silly

I give head like no other...

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Yes. I still want to marry you.

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Hmm well I like to be dominate and hopefully you could deep throat al of it

Ah ok do you last long? I usually cum pretty quickly lol I was wondering if it was due to my size

I need to see those feet and ass

you gotta slay a dragon to show you are worthy

I like the challenge...

it depends...when Im horny I sometimes cum really a bottom its no problem because it will just rise up again after a bit haha

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Ah ok lol hopefully you last a while while pounding me

its embarassing but I once stained my undies in anticipation haha

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Id fuck you till you couldn’t walk

>you gotta slay a dragon to show you are worthy
Where do I find a dragon?

i like it wild!

check the map

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Map to what?

Lol really?

Enjoy ;)

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Na heut is Hannah aber mal notgeil. Da läuft die Suppe wohl auch im Schritt.

yeah but I was taken and got hard again ^^

wow thats a tasty dick...

is die Hitze und den ganzen Tag gearbeitet...

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Post ass tits or feet

That’s cute did you cum a lot in your panties?

War ja auch kein Vorwurf. Ich steh drauf, wenn der Radfem-Fotze die Vorwichse raus läuft. Zeigste heut die Schlauchtitten? Is ja eh so heiß.

Als würde Dir das dünne Schrumpelschwänzchen gefallen. Solltest mal mein Teil sehen.

quite a bit..the situation was exciting because the guy was very hot...

hab in der bahn schon das oberteil etwas weiter offen gelassen....
hier übrigens mein neuer Beitrag zu RadFem...

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Les ich später. Und, haste die Böcke geil gemacht? Ich hätte die Situation ausgenutzt

Did he notice?

war ja selber geil...aber die Blicke waren aufregend...

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Wenn ich die leeren Tüten auf dem Bild schon sehe... Hätte Dich in der Bahn gefickt

yeah..he squeezed my balls after undressing me for it and called me out being beyond horny...

als ob du dich sowas traust

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