Korean thread

Korean thread

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cosmetic surgery* thread

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not korean but still hot

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not korean, look at the chopsticks

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still hot

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velvet_7 is such a cow, I fucking love it, especially for a korean girl. Here's my favorite clip of her, she's walking around in a mall and her tits are just shamelessly jiggling around:


she's hot as fuck but her personality is absolutely bottom tier, otherwise she would have been married long ago. She's almost 30

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and? i came here for koreans not chinks

how are her tits so huge

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eunji a cute, she's so fit

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I bet your little peepee gets rock hard when you see a bogged blonde bimbo with big fake tits.

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id break my dick off in them

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i am now out of koreans, and pass this thread onto another

user... cmon... unfortunately most of my webms are too big for Yea Forums

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unless kpops are allowed?

same brother

obvs kpop is allowed

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alrighty then

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Why whypipo care about surgery. If it looks good who cares

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because when she has your children it will come out looking like the goblin she used to be

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nah, kike, plastic surgery is jewish and you are a shill faggot ywnbaw kys kike tranny

Assuming it will be her fault the child comes out fucked. Youre ugly user

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