I am in the Mafia

I am in the Mafia


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Why can't I get over her?

Easy, because you love(d) her. I am haunted by my past loves like any man. But despite the anguish and treachery , having been with some sexy women is better than being the lossless virgin I was for so long .

Mossad Doctor once told me - “Don’t chase ‘em , replace em”

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My senior year of high school I was 6’3 185 lbs, solid muscle, genius IQ, handsome and from a good family. I was being vetted to join US Army Intelligence but I thought it was too risky getting sent to Afghanistan. Instead I joined the Mafia

Who's dick did you suck to be there?
>fairy mafie right?
>The Mauve Hand?

do you wear a ring on your pinky finger?

so they just use you as muscle/?

Sucked a lot of sick figuratively, never literally. Mostly taking the extra time to communicate and get to know the senior citizens. Guys in the neighborhood who severed in WWII and Vietnam were able to teach me a lot, had to suck a lot of dick such as going to church a lot and doing shit to help the old folks, but their wisdom they shared made me invincible .

What's the difference between the Mafia and nig street gangs?

No I am a uniquely skilled soldier because I am high IQ as well as a huge tough guy. I actually often shirk the violence whenever possible, my old method is this: I have a female cousin who is like a sister to me, she is a very attractive blonde. Whenever I need to have someone beat down or need to protect myself in a dangerous situation I can usually go to my cousins boyfriend at the time will usually be a extremely hardcore criminal considering she is a female mafioso.

Where was the best pizza you've ever eaten

do you traffick people?

I have clicked up with black gangs because my method is to get a honored reputation with every gang possible, but I feel like the blacks are much much more willing to get their hands dirty selling drugs and they also are men of honor usually bound by loyalty . In the white gangs people avoid the low level hand to hand and the packaging and moving of the actual drugs they try to facilitate the commerce without actually touching anything while the blacks will sit down and bag up 9,327 hits of crack and stand on the corner .

No, in our respect the closest thing to that would be labor racketeering, however these are not my individual niche areas. I believe that human traffickers have underground baby farms where they harvest humans .

Red Baron

Does everyone run it like an actual business?

Biggest gangsters in the world currently: Putin, Bin Salman, Soros are a few that come to mind. Legend has it that Soros is the richest person in the world but he hides it from public knowledge

you don't pimp at all? narcs?

Some crews are poorly run businesses and some are expertly run businesses . However each person has to make their own personal crew along with being a member of other crews

How could a normie get into the game?

Pimping ain’t easy. The penalties for prostitution , pimping and human trafficking are devastating. I personally know of better ways to make money so I avoid the more disgusting rackets if at all possible, but if I needed a heart transplant and was about to die you are damn sure I would go to the human traffickers and buy a new heart .

Do what your good at. Carve out a niche and be an earner. Use your ethnic and family ties to find like minded organizations in your area and make connections and inroads. Be a stand up guy, always look out for you people and do what’s right and you will be an official Wise Guy in no time .

are you italian?

When it comes to the FBI, it is a rule and a law never to cooperate with law enforcement . However at the higher levels, FBI agents will become some of your best friends and assets. Speaking from the ones I’ve encountered but if you get high enough you will be in the CIA stratosphere , who also have some cool people but the number one bad agencies are DEA and DHS - stay the fuck away from them and never speak to anyone from those agencies ask for an attorney immediately

I'm so interested in the life. I know it's risky and penalties can be devastating, but you're providing basic goods and services that people want. The companies that employ us don't care at all and we get fucked all day long. At least a mafia/gang is looking out for you.

It’s because we’re family. Your family is your blood but you will also have great friends and associates who will become your family. Family never betrays each other and family never lets each other down.

How real is The Gotfather?

I crave that level of trust and loyalty in a job. Damn...

I was an Associate level mafioso from age 10-17 this being due to older family who were made guys.

I was a soldier at 17.

I became a captain at 22 and then went away to incarceration for 2 years .

Have you met John Gotty?

Mostly accurate however I found it boring but they make the Italians look more powerful than they really are.

I met John Gottis son, I believe it was “Johnny Junior” and John gottis wife. They were outstanding people and very nice and kind to me . I spent a night drinking with them at a night club.

One thing I will say that was unique about them , they were very deeply emotionally intelligent and very very smart about how to be nice and kind regardless of what business they did in private. John Gottis wife is a saint , total angel, but she’s probably done some bad shit, same goes for his son . They were very nice to me considering I avoided NYC Mafia mostly because they had too much attention from law enforcement

which mafia?

the real mafia is the italian one you dumb cuck
sei una puttana che cerca attenzioni

ever rape anyone?

I’ll list some of my associations and my rank.

Irish Mob - USA - Irish Mob — Captain/Underboss
Patriarcha New England mafia — Soldier
Sinaloa Cartel - Associate
Aryan Brotherhood - Member/Brother
Italian Mafia USA — Associate

How does it feel to know in prison you are just another white boy and the gangs control you?

Never, I was sucking on my ex girlfriends titties on time, going crazy , loving it and she said ok stop, I said hold on I’m almost done, sucked on her tits for a little bit longer — she says “you’re raping me” half seriously half joking and I immediately stopped

si sto coglione non capisce una mezza sega della mafia, altrimenti saprebbe che la 'ndrangheta è tra le più potenti al mondo



Yaaa neee ponnny mayyoo!!

mafia rules over the shitskins gangs
mafia is organized and doesn't attract police attention or they straight up buy it
mafia has hierarchy
mafia are much more dangerous
mafia are in real estate, banking, politics, military, ect...
OP is a larper, all mafias are ethnic based and you need both parents to be of the ethnicity, if you aren't they'll find out and will get rid of you

è solo l'ennesimo redditor in cerca di 15 minuti di fama

if you aren't Italian you are not part of the real mafia

Here’s a crazy story no one will ever believe .

Caught heat from the government when Hilary took over state dept. was well connected and influencing person during Kerry administration.

Hilary and her cartel came down so hard after me I had to go to the Russians for help and with the information I gave the Russians I understand that they made a statement somewhere that if anything happened to me they would have red hand evidence against Hilary Clinton’s cartel for criminal conspiracy.

There are many different mafias. Anyone who knows the underworld knows that

So you’re telling me that I can’t be in the Irish mafia even though my last name is the number one most famous Irish surname?

Also do a quick google search and see that the NYC Italian mob has black and female associates

Ignoring me? In jail you're just another white boy nigger. You may be individually tough but inside you have very little juice and the bloods and co's work together to run shit.

One thing at least that is good from going to jail for me. The Russian Mob, Bratva or Brotherhood , you can only be a member if you have done prison time. Now at least I understand better the psyche of the prisoner in the gulag

no, there is the Italian mafia and then there are the poor wannabe copies. Italy started this shit others are just a cheap knock off.

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Black people love me , I am famous in my city , nobody hassled me when I did time. I can fight and I am a made man. If someone were to kill or rape me, their family would be killed .

;) xoxoxo to all my fans .

Not talking about that as much as the total lack of respect you get. Italian and Irish mob are a joke upstate

no niggers, no female, no cuck and no immigrants of sort these are the rules


Hello hungry Skeleton

>men of honor bound by loyalty

This is 100% LARP. Toads sell each other out for a few hundred bucks lol

should have started from there
lapdogs are not "associates" they're useless meat shields like "Moroccan mafia" or "senegal mafia" a bunch of niggers and sandnogs used as mules and to attract police attention while the Italians and Russians do their thing, who do you think sells the drugs to the sandniggers in France? It comes from Bilbao straight from Venezuela, all the drugs come from there, who owns Bilbao? 'Ndrangheta which works with cartels
Irish mafia also obeys to russians and italians, I don't know which one is stronger though considering both their mafias have infiltrated their government but the rest of mobs are mostly used by these two

Prison and jail is not like you see in TV. It’s a bunch of grown men criminals, and like on the outside homosexuals are despised so nobody is going around raping or being raped. Also the guards were always big fans of me because I come from a semi famous family and they were very nice and cheery to me.

One time my mom told me that she came to my visitation and the Sargent and Captain corrections officers pulled her aside and told her that they knew I was a good guy and that they were keeping a close eye on me me protecting me.

I never stabbed anyone in the back and I never ratted , I get respect

Because I command respect

Buddy I am in the USA Irish Mafia.

Connections and politics aside ! I will beat your brains in with my fist and throw your dead body in the garbage can . When the police come asking questions they will just smile and wink because Irish Mob controls the police.

why the fuck are here? you should be out selling crack and sucking niggers dick for getting respect rn

Would you call Stevie Wonder a toad?

Being an associate or a probate or an initiate is the first recognition on your way to becoming a made soldier.

I had an uncle who was a hit man in the northeast and he was only an associate and he killed several people and was hugely powerful and respected

you mean cocain? its strained from leafs using gasoline in some south american jungle by toothless natives

there is little known about the modern mafia in America but it's mostly because it all gets eclipsed by nigger/spic gangs committing more crimes and attracting more attention, It's much easier to kill people in America than in Europe but killing people is not really needed for mafias, they usually keep up with the respect accumulated and fear they propagate
not even niggers would like to get into trouble with mafias

“Lad saw grandpa use his pocket hammer” - my grandma

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Could I slice the tip of u tiny PEENZIS off to give to taedy Fleesh to chew on like teehee tayfee

your uncle was at least european
shitskins are used, anyone who isn't a larper knows this, they attract too much attention because the culture assocciated with them, unlike a pale guy with glasses that may have dropped hundreds of people
every single kingpin is aware that they cannot be trusted with difficult tasks

The baddest gangsters I ever met were the KGB . I’m sorry those guys are so fucking badass because they are tough and ruthless but also highly intelligent . When the KGB came around I didn’t have to say anything because they already knew what the score was with the corrupt USA government

you're seriously missing out. but sex is different afterwards, it will be the thrill that the rape was. you'll want more

Only black guy in my crew is a guy from Brooklyn who I met when I was 15. He is a Almighty Vicelord Nation leader and serves as my conduit to the black gangs. He is one of my best friends

In a mafia family , they would find being racist as low class and offensive . Regardless we know the score but we would never say nigger in public or prejudice anyone for their race. It is not classy. A black US Army sergeant trained me in combat from age 17-19 .

horny fat motherfucker the italian magia have rules against rapist and pedophile

Go to your local horse racing track and hang out . You will be in the mafia before you know it. When Mickey pulls the car around - RUN !