Why did you vote for Joe Biden?

Why did you vote for Joe Biden?

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To make the Nazis mad

nigga. no one voted for that retard

I didn’t vote because what is the point?

I voted for Yeezus

How does that work? They're getting $40 billion

No worries. They "voted" for Biden for you

anyone but Trump, even Biden

That's working out great isn't it?

Because he is based

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Voting is for fags OP.
Pant's shitting dementia ridden wrinkle tits vs. McTriple ass conman who can't even manage to be half as based as sjwfags and his supporters claim he is.
Wake me up when the shooting starts.

So that Trump the mega retard would not be president anymore.

>That's working out great isn't it?
not great, but better


In what way exactly?

you idiots know that 40 billion is going to be used to buy american made weapons right?

Either troll or stupid. Which one is it?

i voted so that this exact situation would occur.

we dont have to worry about stocastic terrorism as much for starters

lmao you literally voted trump as an 'anyone-but-hillary' in 2016. stop being salty about protest votes.

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Should the federal government make gas and baby formula? What other goods should they be in charge of the national supply of?

following tradition

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40 billions is nothing

We no longer have a president who commands a legion of rednecks to attack the government when something happens he doesn't like.

We no longer have a president who undermines Covid response by spreading retard conspiracy theories.

We no longer have a president driving out-of-control deficit growth of $1+ trillion per year.

No way to know how Trump would have responded to the Ukraine war, but his homo admiration for "genius" Putin probably would have made it harder to create a unified response.

Etc. etc. Basically, Biden kind of sucks, but at least he's not an unstable manchild.

the queen failed to give her yearly speech this year and this has never happened before (except on two other occasions) in like 100 years. the other times it happened, it happened because she was pregnant
when she dies i think the "prince of wales" will probably control england

i wont have a say in it, and honestly i dont think that many people voted for biden, or that it would matter either way

Wow, that's a lot of cope. Grandpa Joe doesn't even know what day of the week it is. No security on the southern border. Rampant crime, massive inflation, and a massive Red wave this November. Joe is a massive failure, you'll just have to deal with that.

the royals haven't "controlled" england in a hundred years

>Wow, that's a lot of cope
your side literally attacked the capitol because trump lost lmao

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It's not Biden's fault if you're too dumb to read between the lines and grasp the metaphor

I voted for him because his son is a chad with a huge dick who smokes crack, bangs hookers, scams the art world and gets away with it all under international attention. I hope hunter is president one day

>accuse someone of cope
>copes massively
stay dumb trumptards

i voted for biden aka "The Russian Crusher", the "Trump Ass-Kicker, & "The Silver Fox of Scranton" because he has more of a brain than all republican traitors combined.

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They did, though. The funniest thing about the whole "hurrr, nobody liked Biden enough for him to get that many votes" angle that you conspiracyfags are pushing is that you're missing the flipside of the coin; people hated Trump even more. And our system is a duopoly; the notion that we only have two real choices and that voting third party is a waste has been forcefed to people for decades at this point. Nobody was excited to vote Biden, and there was a lot of squabbling among left-leaning demographics about this, but many ultimately resigned themselves to what the percieved as "the lesser of two evils".

Only Trumptards could be so fucking stupid to think a populous that hated its current president so much wouldn't flip the switch to literally the only other option. Shame Trump wasn't smart as Bush; if he had started a war, he might have gotten re-elected, too.

>did you vote for Joe Biden?
no one did

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Which one of these are you?

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I did, but I fucking hate him

>gets zero votes
>still beats trump

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Fucking KEK being this retarded should be illegal

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donald trump handled covid far better, was ridiculed by the news for what he did, biden hailed, and his policies on jobs and taxes were better. his policies on stimulus checks was better, and biden lied. he handled russia (and korea) better than biden. the storm on the whitehouse was far more justified than the BLM riots, which were far worse, but see my point on the media and their takes on the two and how they handled the covid thing
this just isnt true. the queen gave her son cambridge just a few years ago and had hundreds of homeless people killed to clean it up
the royals are the one thing stopping the low-level people like boris johnson or nigel, or the tories, whoever, from fucking it all up

>Wow, that's a lot of cope.
Cope for what? Trump's out of the White House. That's all I really care about in this situation.

>donald trump handled covid far better
he told you to drink bleach

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Punish republicans for turning conservative political mindsets into a literal golden calf worshipping cult. The faces of the right are an inbred invalid, a block headed pedo, and a gay cripple who facefucked his cousin.
Republicans are more worried about having enough money left over after their payment to Israel to give their balls a tan than they are doing anything that would ever actually help this country.
They deserve every bad thing that happens to the US.

these statistics are extremely biased

I voted LaRiva from the PSL.

killing some homeless people is not the same as "controlling" a country lol. Nigga why is you so stupid?

how so?

He literally said to pretend it doesn't exist before telling people to inject themselves with bleach and then over a million of his voters died.

>I don't care how incompetent our guy is, orange man bad
That shows exactly how fucking stupid you are. Nicely done.

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Yeah sure fine, they definitely cheated during the election though.


Citation needed

>the storm on the whitehouse was far more justified than the BLM riots, which were far worse
Trump's redneck minions tried to prevent the fulfillment of a democratic election. I don't like BLM rioters any more than you do, but setting convenience stores on fire isn't as bad as trying to destroy democracy. Why do you feel compelled to defend those retards?

How come there needs to be security at the southern border? Didn't trump build a wall and have Mexico pay for it?

this is how smart these magatards are....stoopid as dog shit

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>That shows exactly how fucking stupid you are. Nicely done.
Biden is more competent than Trump. Almost anyone would be more competent than Trump. All you need is to be a non-insane adult and you're pretty much there.

Nancy was saying it was safe to go out an visit ChinaTown.

im not american. i can think for myself and would simply not drink bleach even if the president told me to, even though i love america
im not going into why i think that is, the what he said, or what i think joe bidens solution is or was or whatever and i dont want to talk about it plus youre kinda retarded and have the brain of a lab monkey faggot retard

we havent had lockdowns in my country for 1 year now and nobody has cared for 1.5 to 2
she gave away a country of people as a gift
the queen has more power over her country than the president has over his. the CIA/FBI? maybe not so

Except he isn't. He has done nothing to improve anything.

They show facts to expose my party as being full of criminals.



still your president

I know it's CTR bullshit but you are not hitting the nail on the head. Joe normie got tired of BLM, got tired of getting targeted and just wanted to grill. If that means voting for a demantia ridden pedophiel, so be it. Turns out, Joe Normie doesn't learn that voting is pointless.

That's not a very good case for the party of Reagan


Yeah, that's because your country's leader didn't tell you to inject bleach.

>they definitely cheated during the election though.
I know.
Totally proven by expert testimony

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Trump's "covid relief package" had a majority of its allocated funds go to Israel for no listed reason.

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They did such a good job of cheating during the election that no one can find any evidence.

Did she actually say anything at all ever? Recucklicans were calling her some super bombshell and it seems like she said literally nothing

ummm unemployment lowest in forever, giant infrastructure package passed, no mobs burning down the senate, covid relief bill....all in first year son. trump just golfed his fat ass off

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I love how every time republicans pay for an unbiased investigation/recount of the election trump loses votes.

Nobody ever does.

The Kracken just turned out to be Crack.

Usually it's some whinging about how "the proof is obvious" or "look it up yourself" on these claims but she specifically seemed to have actually just disappeared.

do americans have FIFOs ?
why dont you ask them?

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Unemployment is low because of the really low because they changed the metric with GWB to not include people out of the workforce for a certain period.. Where exactly is all that infrastructure going? He made an utter mess out of afghanistan and is looking weak and foolish in every thing he does. Poor joe tries to shake hands with imaginary people.

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