She fucked Black guys

She fucked Black guys.

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Thanks user. Sorry about 'your' kid
*blocks coalburner*

She doesn't know who the father of her child is.

ya i do but ok

And you're bragging about it on the internet

same fag

I am genuinely curious what a woman who browses Yea Forums is like. must be a fucking degenerate

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im not a degenerate really but ive had a fucked up life so.

She is kinda ugly and white trash but there are some good looking women on Yea Forums. The better looking women visit /pol/ for some reason.

i visit /pol/ unironially and how u gonna say im ugly i bet u arent perfect either.

I am perfect

I honestly want you to have a better life and future PA user. No simping, just seeing your future potential and walking away from your messed up past. Please don't keep the baby of your shitty cheating bf.

no worries. I have met plenty of broads like outside methadone clinics. 10 bucks say you smoke menthols and yell at pigeons

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Why do you care enough to keep making these threads?

We'll be the judge of that. Let's see those pregnant milkers!

yes! lets!

pa i was as disappointed as stepdad that i didnt have any dms this morning.

lol i did used to smoke menthols ya but i quit. that pic funny af

dude my tits arent any bigger.

Who cares?

yeah, but we still want to see them. We ALWAYS want to see you PA. Pussy, Tits, bad filtered pic, whatever....


her ass is the best, then her eyes

lol my ass is fat

I bet it's thicker than a bowl of oatmeal!!!

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lol I'm saying

i dont get why guys like fat asses lol

you got that dumptruck ass. I love it.

i can't explain it either. i think it comes down to looking like a heart share when bent over. it's so welcoming

her ass is so fat whenever she jumps it gets stuck in the air

In on daily fat girl thread

i guess i get it

Someone post the video kek

and your eyes? man, catching them looking back at you is next level

whispering in her raspy voice to fill her pussy up with warm cum. I need to stop....

Utter faggotry

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yo what is this bitch chewing on. have seen this picture being posted before but i can't tell. it kind of looks like a bikers jacket

LMFAO what?! its a brush that they used for confirmation.

Yes, and this one fucks beaners.

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You didnt get a burner phone yet? I know you want to have dirty talk next time youre all backed up.

imagine hating women so much you try to bully them out of your silly internet form board lol

Checked and inclusive-pilled

and the best part is they're just as screwed up as the rest of us

this bitch looks like Jimmy Neutron. does she have any nudes?

its my hairbrush lol and im not chewing on it just putting it up to my lips. dont ask.

based quads

yeah, its like shoe on head.

i personally don't want to fuck her, but i love it when she gets all horned up online. it makes me feel normal lol

dont act like u guys dont ever get horny either lol

i straight up said it makes me feel normal damn

when i read stuff like and write stuff like it gets me chubbed up ngl.

next time you say "lol" do 5 push ups

chubbed up? hahaha
but i totally get it

nah im good


i'm curious if being pregnant has affected your drive. my ex seemed to bounce between insanely horny to almost hostile during her pregnancy

it def has im hornier than i was before.

probably the best sex we ever had was when she was pregnant but not huge and uncomfortable. she was so turned on and aggressive, it was great ngl

and obvious you can bust inside all the time with no issues, its so nice

have you ever laughed at a guys Dick

Is she trans? Kayla?

yeah. im super horny lately. ive been having sex everynight almost and im still waking up and getting off to porn every morning lol. im sure that will change once im big af tho.

lol not to his face nah but later yeah

no lol. im not trans. trannies be living in ur heads rent free.

wait, you're still fucking your known cheating bf every day? wtf?

pathetic isnt it?

fuck. that sucks. not pathetic, just try to be better and value yourself more. I'm a huge pos but even i know i can better my conditions.

im determined to make our relationship work im not ready to quit on it. and like honestly as long as hes keeping his commitments to me and takes care of me (and eventually the kid) im not sure if i really care if he gets his dick sucked by his ex a few times a week honestly. im still kinda mad about it but im also kinda on the fence about just getting over it. i need him so and at the end of the day he goes to sleep next to me so idk.

would you be mad if he had his dick sucked while driving a lawnmower

are you so naive that you think it stops at blowjobs? ugh, I'm so sorry PA user, but you aren't trapped. anyway I should do some actual work today and will let this thread die. hmu later

kool bro

lol tf would that make a difference?

nah ik they prob fuck too. i just try not to think about it. i really dont know. im on the fence about putting him out or just putting it out of my mind.

oh stop id be blasting that cervix 5 minutes after i eye fucked you from across the parking lot. you dont even know...

why are you larping jesus fuck you're pathetic

there are some dudes that are really into blowjobs, i dont get it, a nice fat wet pussy (preferably a bit lippy) is the best. Pregnant is even better.

yeah im the one larping not the one that be talking about getting head on a lawnmower and shit whatever.

kys newfag