I deserve $21 an hour

I deserve $21 an hour.

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Wages are negotiated, not "deserved". That's why unionization is so important

so union leadership can get rich? yeah, fuck that.

Working people are always better off when they collectively organize.

I dont want minimum wage to go up
If they ask for 15 i gotta ask for 30
I do manual labor jobs
I drive fork lifts and shit
I dont want some asshole flippin burgers making the same as me
Plus everything gets more expensive and my wages have remained the same
15 an hour at last job til a few months got bumped up to 17

The ironic thing is, you probably couldn't flip a burger to save your life

>Deliver pizza
>Make average of $22/hr

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you ever thought about not doing that then?

CEOs are more deserving of being rich?

If someone's making the same amount of you "doing the easy job," why wouldn't you just take the easier job, retard

>Sit on ass all day
>Make more money than warehouse workers

Ah yes continue to perpetuate the corporate propaganda you fucking mouth breather.

>please choose my battles for me and use me as bargaining chips and tell me what to do to win those battles you will totally win for me mr union man

I deserve $100/hr for minimum wage!

you union people do nothing. you see other peoples work, and then seek to profit from that. you know what you are? a parasite. union people are a problem and youre the biggest fake victims in the world. you should have been stomped to death like a puppy a long time ago, but you havent been, only because of your lies you use to be a problem to spread your roots and continue being a fucking disease that can not (now) be removed without amputation of the majority of the sector theyre involved in. if the world is built back up, then there should be no more of you people. the world would be better without you. the union people should be rounded up and burned at the stake because youre worthless and make everything around you worthless in trying to make worth off the backs of other people. you are the enemy

Are you that insecure about your own abilities that you're worried about someone else making a living wage that you perceive as less worthy than you? If you're a more valuable worker than them, you will be able to negotiate a better wage regardless of if some dude flipping burgers doesn't have to work two jobs anymore to pay rent.

You really are buying into that "if min wage goes up, things will be more expensive derp derp" have you looked around at the current state of inflation? Things go up when retard governments don't handle their shit correctly and then get inbread morons like you to follow along and lick their boots.

Pretty soon burgers will cost $10 and the faggots will still be complaining.

in 5 years, there will be only one mcdonalds worker in the whole place, and theyll be paid $21. but there can only be one. the rest will be done by machines. and mcdonalds will also be on the moon like in gas stations. im not joking i saw the document

Is that the living wage for where you are?
If so then yes, guaranteed the CEO of one of the 3 US corporations that control your entire country will not feel it.

We've had the ability to do this for decades and just haven't.

You deserve minimum effort for minimum wages so long as minimum wages are below living wages.

>the rest will be done by machines
I believe this will happen in all companies where workers want excessive wages.

>i drive forklifts and shit

oh wow. that's such a difficult job. cry me a fucking river. stop being a faggot. literally any monkey can drive a forklift. stop acting like it takes some special skill to do something as simple as drive a forklift. driving a forklift takes literally as much skill to do as working at mcdonalds

They already do and minimum wage hasn't moved in the past 13 years. Pick a better strawman

It will just push the prices on everything else up. $21/hr will just become worth $5/hr.

wow you really love sucking that corporate cock don't you lmao.

Yikes, that's quite the rant with no facts. Typical bootlicker

This is false.
Whoever wrote this is AGGRESSIVELY uneducated.

Every single worker right we have in the western world was given to us by a union.
Every single one.
Full stop.

Now yes we can have a debate on if unions in the modern era are good or bad.
If specific unions are good or bad that's fine.

However if you like the 40 hour work week and like things like paid time off and disability pay.
You like unions.

magnificent burger

seriously. it's like these morons didn't pay any attention in history class.

If you live in some random midwest shithole maybe.

Hi Bezos

Unions only matter nowadays for skilled labor any other field of work will be easily replaced by illegal immigrants

Jealous non union fag detected. Enjoy ur fraction pay while i get 4x more. Enjoy ur unpaid leave and 1 week vacation. I get 5 weeks a year, 12 holidays and 12 sick days. My base is $98,000 without overtime yet the last 5 yrs cleared $140,000. Im an electrician for the city of new york and we have a union contract. Suck a fat dick faggot, im making $68 an hour to typw this from my shop.

Fuck unionization! Worked for a union and paid dues for a decade and was fired over a bullshit technicality rule the company recently made up and never posted and my union didn't do a thing about it! Got a non-union job with better pay and benefits minus the $35 a week in union dues now.

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It's not like you would really make more money if this happened. Everyone's wages now have to go up again and the cost of everything goes up. At the end of the day an employer is only going to pay what makes sense so that they will profit. They aren't going to be willing to eat their bottom line so that some peasant loser kid can make more money. The extra cash doesn't just fall from the sky. It needs to be generated which means the prices of everything goes up or the business moves to another state with a lower minimum wage.

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yes, thats right, goy. let them make all the moves for you. let them make you pawns, to use you, but for your own good! you retards, fuck you
commies are simply not very good with money
you people are either manchildren (which is why you LOVE being told what to do by the unions, LOL) OR you are commie retards, so bad with responsibility and not in control of your own life either way. you probably are the person (all of you the one person everyone on Yea Forums is one person) that said something like "i want more as a forklift man if the mcdonalds man ears the same as me" instead of switching jobs. yeah, that "union secured" wage really holding up now that they want to raise min wage, huh? yeah you want more now that they want more. butcha wont switch jobs. probably cant
will probably want the union man to hurt you some more for just a little taste of some more gooooood hm?
how about kill yourself
>muh 40 hour work week
you are a failure at life and (again) should kill yourself RIGHT NOW. not only that (what you have said) but the unions LITERALLY made it ILLEGAL to work "TOO MUCH". according to whom? them... yeah, being told what to do
being AGGRESSIVELY fucked in the ass (but for your own good!)

lol, imagine having to be a part of some union to make 100k/yr

theres so much shit wrong with your life, woah
i am literally forced to have fun and am not allowed to work

you are bragging @ earning 100k $ a year, in america. thats like 10K £
you are working for the biggest and most amazing, powerful, demanding city in the world...
you work on the infrastructure of this city - a very important job, the most important
and yet, you only earn 100K $ a year. 100K for powering the entire city of new york, the best city in the world what powers the dreams

and you are happy about it
thats sad
that youre "allowed" to take breaks and "allowed" overtime

for working power in new york
in britan where they take the power grid seriously, for a much smaller role, you would earn much more for doing it right, and the money would be more useful than burger bux
you are the cancer of america! congrats! the cancer cell has tricked the (you) into providing for it. you lose!

When i was on my own about 10 yrs ago i was making about the same but the days were longer and id have to worry about getting another contract sometimes thays why i took this. I also have insane health insurance. I had a $90,000 herniated disc surgury for 200 $ deductible.... stay mad nerds, the men have work to do

>Jealous non union fag detected. Enjoy ur fraction pay while i get 4x more. Enjoy ur unpaid leave and 1 week vacation. I get 5 weeks a year, 12 holidays and 12 sick days. My base is $98,000 without overtime yet the last 5 yrs cleared $140,000. Im an electrician for the city of new york and we have a union contract. Suck a fat dick faggot, im making $68 an hour to typw this from my shop.

this is why your country has "rolling blackouts" then

I see this post and I just imagine some fat fuck losing his mind, demanding to see the manager. They take his burger, take off the top bun, put the cheese in it's proper place and hand it back to him. Saying it's a fresh burger while apologizing profusely. The smug fucker walks off, slowing down the entire operation and delaying everyone else's orders for something that he could do himself in 5 seconds.

I think you have no idea what your saying. I think your jealous and i think you wish u were me right now. Feet up, done since lunch time, bankin that $68 an hour. Boufht my first house 3 years ago. 3 family i rent out and live in AND still make an extra 1k a month off that

How did you herniate your disc?

you earn $100K a year. if you want to be an elitist over it, then dont talk to me. you dont have the right to talk to me, you earn $100K a year
youre not a man by the way. you dont do things how men do it. youre nothing, by the way

That's already happening dumbass....gas is crazy expensive and the world is having crazy shortages so with or without wage increase we're gonna be paying way more. Not including increased cost of truck driving. Fuck liberals and fuck joe biden I'm damn near broke and this bullshit is fucking with my life. I miss the good old days of Trump

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imagine going to school for 4 years and racking up a whole bunch of debt in the process to get paid the same as someone who barely graduated high school and joined a union.

im beginning to think people like you are just mad you put in a fuck ton more work and are making the same as a high school graduate. But rather than demanding higher wages for yourself, you wanna shit all over someone you view as beneath you rather than go after the people who are responsible for your wages. How stupid can you be? seriously.

imagine earning $25K in america. jesus christ

It was an old sports injury that was always slightly herniated, but i guess this time i fully blew it.

No, we dont.

Average income in the US per person is $32,000 per year.

>you're right

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Im not trying to be an elitist at all. I also dont give a fuck what u think. Keep praying you wake up in my, smooth, white male skin.

lol weird incorrect presumptuous spergout

lol, dat insecurity

i mean this that what you are saying is some legitimate cope because youre way too far into this to admit to yourself that youre wrong

you got fucked by the union, dont reply to me any more (especially if you dont care - because why would you), you earn 100K $ a year and are trying to pull this up as something that makes you better than other people, as if A you arent fucking poor and B it matters at all you blue-collar fucktard

dude im high as fuck right now and read your comment wrong lol. so while my response isn't very related to your comment my response still has a point in this thread.

yeah. look at how: how you typed changed; how youre acting right now (both compared/since the beginning)

you are a very insecure little man and maybe its because of this "the" why you need a union person to tell you what to want and to get it """"""""for you"""""""" and why youre happy with where youre at AT ALL like holy fuck your life is a trip

Stay mad. Heres your last (you)

lol wtf are you on about

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nah ill take the last word thanks
fucking degenerate. actual beast of a man fucking failure

you should kill yourself by the way

acting smug about how the union "got you" 100K $ a year
that not being a lot
dAt InSeCuRiTy lOl i MaEk 100K u MaD aNd Me WhItE

im whiter than you by the way im literally 100% white

lol im not in a union retard
holy shit you people are retarded

ok then then are you arguing with me or joining in on an argument against the union by attacking the non-union side? if you defend them youre just as bad anyways and you are the cost of the freedom that isnt free in its price. sometimes the blood of people like you gotta be spilt for the rest of us to have what we got but god bless it

Tell that to every auto worker who got their job outsourced to China and Mexico.

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