YLYL you laugh = you lose

YLYL you laugh = you lose

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wtf that cannot be actually real

Believe it

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Jesus fucking christ

she can say she's a man now, but for the rest of time, both her and I know will know I was the first person to put it in her ass and to first person to cum on her face in her aunt's basement

that should be malpractice. unless it wasn't a white country, then what did you expect?

ok but its not ellen page right?

I'd have sex with this person.


this isn't normal

What is this thing?

No Ellen page is an anorexic Skelton compared to that doughy pile of flesh in ops pic

bet they take a shitton of money just in case

actually Ellen or just a random tranny?

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She got the bottom surgery before she lost the weight and got ab implants, she's like 80% fake person now.

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Is this real? I'm sure I seen a pic where she had her fake peanus covered up

for all the replies saying its gross there's like 10 people on here that want to suck taht

It's supposed to be a penis


The underside of that thing is nightmare fuel.


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it's like raspberry jam sloshing around in a ziploc


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1000000% there are guys here jerking off to that lmao

Look at this. Then tell me there isn't a Hell. Because Hell is billions of these things wagging themselves at you, right in your face.

You'll never pass as anything other than a parody. Even those you think like you are simply tolerating you and pretending that your existence isn't a joke

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based google

And most of Twitter's userbase has the audacity to say this isn't mental illness.

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Bro has some girth on that thing yo

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This belongs in rekt, my fucking brain hurts now

It would be like sucking on an amputee nubbin.
What's the point?
This slunt will be offing herself in the next 5-10 years.

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Wrong flag behind the pipu

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Is that abomination actually attached to Ellen Page or is it just a meme?


nobody told me this was actually ellen paige

Holy fuck, this looks like elephant

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it's real but the pic was delet almost immediately from TMZ it's been wiped from most engines even duck

I need the proof. I will bate to that dorsal fin if I have proof

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What has that kid from 3rd rock from the sun done?

Those ab implants are so fucking wack bitch looking like a 70s gi joe toy

Why is Yea Forums infested with groomers now?

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It's just proof that trannies are really only interested of the trappings of the opposite gender. In this case, she's decided that she needs abs, regardless of how flaccid the rest of her body is, because that's what she associates with the ideal male body after years of being around shirtless men in hollywood.

Stop looking in the mirror and they will go away.

God I missed Cronenberg so much.

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Look at this and tell me there is a god

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I'm tired of people posting pics of trans affirming surgery immediately operation. Here's an example of a typical post-op phalloplasty AFTER recovery

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immediately after*

Does that have feeling, or even function?

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Ellen Page also is 5 feet tall.

imagine a real 35 year old man who is 5 feet tall and weighing 100lbs. Now see how ludicrous it is. 4 inches shorter than tom cruise and 70lbs lighter than him.

Surgical manlet.

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there will be dragon dildos made of this

based af

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Cronenbergs son did a pretty dope movie very similar body horror/psychological stuff


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Sometimes they put an air bladder in that can be pumped up with a bulb hidden in the fake balls. At best, since the skin comes from the thigh or arm, that's the same sensation it will have. If the nerves didn't knit correctly, it'll just feel like a lump of flesh.

Technically this wouldn't be gay because it's a girl's penis.

>average femboys