Celeb MAD

Celeb MAD

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you seriously are getting fucking worse every day. we never really talked on disc when everyone is there because I frankly don't like you or the shit you post and you always have to be the centre of attention jumping in on what other people were saying and posting shitty youtube music to try and seem cool when it was just cringe. you tried to befriend me and get lewd with me and I politely dodged your advances even though you honestly creep me and the others out. but whatever I try not to judge some are gay some are lewd some like preggos and hell nothing gets me harder than when a celeb gets fat we all have our thing. but it's like when you kept posting younger and younger you couldn't take being ignored and you just HAD to get a reaction. we could tell when you were drinking or high because your posts kept getting more and more messed up and overly personal and I honestly just wanted to leave because being around you was a bummer. I knew no one wanted to talk to you about it so I bit the bullet and in a super friendly polite way asked if you could maybe lay off the underage posts because no one else was into it and instead of understanding and being cool about it you post a little girl in a fucking tutu as a fuck you to all of us? why do you have to be an asshole? do you hate yourself that much? then you started trying to invite newbies who were only interested in child celebs and little boys and talking about doing fucked up shit to them and then the regulars just left. now you and your new sicko toyboy get together and samefag and spam the thread with jacob tremblay or whatever the fuck his name is prancing around with no clothes on? deal with your self-loathing and anger problems and depression in a healthier way because one day you're gonna disappear from these threads and it'll either be because you got arrested for child porn or you killed yourself

You must be new here user.

No. Log poster is a freak. Same with the Tayfags.

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Im just saying that is why they are telling you you are spamming/trolling. you are posting male celebs which is a no-no here. Im not new

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The denial or just purposeful denying this is exactly what I would expect from log poster. The more you try talk the more you convince people that you are the log poster or share pretty much all the same personality traits he does

Look at this freak.

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I want another life in which i'll be world famous mma fighter and she'll be my girlfriend, be a loving husband, do fun stuff, kiss and cuddle, watch movies, make food and take long walks together

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Bored now. Have a good thread celeb anons.

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Thanks for letting it be a good one. “And nothing of value was lost”

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Nice pallet cleanse after that log poster trolling with the boy pics

I love Tay.

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Leave me alone, Mom.

Made for hugging

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Hello Southy and Brad, this is BoyToyTroy. Please open your dicks up so I can fuck them. Or I'll open my dick up if you promise to both fuck my dick at the same time.

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Why? She's bland af.

I love Lili.

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have you accepted your predilection for homosexual cock yet tayfag? The sooner you accept it into your life (and mouth) the sooner your life will improve significantly.

Hey BoyToyTroy, this is Southy. I'd love to open my dick up and take your gay load in my urethra.

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Who's Fapping to the Duff - Mommy's a Slut

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homosexual anons who are in denial choose her for their 'celeb'. Note the number of tayfags who will claim to do all sorts of homosexual acts 'for her'. She is the ultimate beard.

Love, Brad.

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Tiny cutie made for fun sex

That's not Southy you retard that's Brad

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I am
It's crazy i was thinking about how much I wished she would do this and then she did it.

I am

Log poster is back! Hey there ;)

She really is.

her holes are very hot and wet

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No what the FUCK?! I'm Brad! Are you my BoyToyTroy?!

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Hilary definitely reads all the comments on her photos.. she knows..

Petite is good for fun wild sex

Could you think about her showing some nip now, then?

I want a cool rich gf

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I'd prefer a pussy leak...

Checked, BoyToyTroy

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I want to watch this bimbo get anal raped

Another thread ruined by pseudo tripfagging larp queers. Nobody gives a fuck about your pet names or troon fantasies...post the celebs or gtfo

What the fuck Southy don't call me BoyToyTroy. Only my BadBoyBrad can call me his BoyToyTroy!!!

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You can lift her in your arms and gently fuck her in the pussy

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Would be tough to keep it gentle with this hot cutie in your arms and on your cock

Yeah, that's just BoyToyTroy for ya

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Love, BadBoyBradly

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Bored of bidenposting?

I like her cute face, so I want to gently fuck her and kiss her soft neck

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no that fucker was annoying. but not as annoying as you three retards. and at least he stopped halfway through the thread. you fags just keep shitting up threads with your faggotry posting your own dicks like fucking faggots

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So good to stare in that face and those eyes and you unleash a big stream of seed into her

I'm working on my 3rd load today.........Love My Mommy

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that is why we hate troy he does it

You idiots need to stop pretending to be troy.

In a few days Ill let you know how many ive given her

troy does not post biden. troy posts boys. usually Jacob

Give til it hurts.....mine's kind of raw

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imagine how nice it is to hear her scream your name at the moment of orgasm

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fuck...that tiddy..

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oh fuck love camila! baby i know i'll never find u again

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Man I feel your frustration, it’s been a long long time since I’ve come back to the celeb threads and now all it is are these weirdos calling each other names and RPing about pseudo relationships. This usually happens when real life events happen to a person so they must come up with false life moments in order to feel better about the loneliness they feel


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he's easier to troll than corly

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lol this is my first day posting in cel threads. and i only posted because one guy made a collage including jennifer connelly and alison brie, but he was missing ashley greene! never even lurked these before. at least they showed me who Kaya Scodelario is. love her now

Novel idea: Ignore namefriend drama and just post cute human beings who are in the spotlight.

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check out these fuckin retards lmao

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I need mommy...

That's right, Emma ... I need to be punished.

I want to fuck Anya

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mmm open that dick up my little BoyToyTroy

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Do I know you?

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Holy shit! I’d never thought I’d hear such a sane idea and concept in these threads. A true wise user you are and I shall do this. And I’m being completely honest l. It’s refreshing to read something like this

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I'd hope so. I came in your dick earlier.

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you're being weird

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Damn log poster. Why are you in these threads now? Tired of all the hate from the other Corey threads you make?

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All posts will be in response to you. Since you know me!

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oh no

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As hot as she definitely is, this looks like it was edited in fucking MSPaint.

you’re confusing me with someone else, kek.

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I love when she wears pigtails