Loli and pettanko thread

loli and pettanko thread

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a BBC thread you say?

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sure we can talk about the British broadcast company if you want

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of abeeche

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Isn't it "rule Britannia"?

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I see someone was reading the Last thread. Mind posting this mythical real looking cum all the retards thought was so very easy to make

but everyone in the last thread was saying that it was very hard to animate

I need twin cat loli wives

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I just got here but I glanced at it.
I think this is a "good" example of when opacity is used.
I can't imagine how much time it takes to get it "just right".

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I think slimdog does it pretty well

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And here's a low effort one for comparison.

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good candidate for faceapp enhancement

Then there's this guy.
I don't have much of his art saved because personally I think it looks bad, but that's up to the viewer.

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More like british bitch cunny

blessed trips

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Shiro-kun, desu.

hay I know dis guy. kills the raid bosses and doesn't afraid of any guild.

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good afternoon m8, I'm surprised you didn't came earlier. was there a raid?

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non monsieur

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We were talking 3d chi dude, not drawn
Still looks weird, but better than most
That was agreed, then a couple tards came in and basically said "I've seen industry funded movies and games, cum is easy"

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its more depending of the money invested in I suppose

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this guy know

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>We were talking 3d
Definitely not my field, can't stand the stuff.

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loli in the second clip seemed to enjoy pulling those pantyhose up

Yeah it isn't the best. Tho even if you deny it I bet you'd go crazy for a real naked Loli, you freak

>kills the raid bosses and doesn't afraid of any guild.
fitting description of me, I'd say kek
nope, raid at 8:30pm tonight but I was doing something else earlier (still am, kinda)

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dude when they find you at least ask the police to take some pics of you and your room and post it here for some good chuckles

i cant tell if shes cuter with her panty or covered in ejaculate

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it's a render buddy, it's as real and legal as all the drawings in this thread

why shit at 3d when 2d is cuter

why not both?


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true. he's just being an idiot

How's it going m8
>fitting description
I'm curious, I need to know.
Did you go with lalafell or miqo'te? It has to be one of the two, I'll be shocked if it isn't.

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ooooh now I'm curious ! what it could be...
feed the cats..?
playing skyrim..?
go outside to buy snack and hun... looks for a new gf?~

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artist never drew both

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I love this artist
(artist not pictured)

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Covered in ejaculate comes off like something from a porno. Gets tiresome after a while

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fine and you? nice hebe

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fuck off then

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most of my characters are miqo'tes, only exception being 2 of them as lalafells. and even then, they're just basically smaller versions of my catgirl mains
playing FF14 of course, kek. more precisely doing content called Eureka, because I still have alts to level up in there (it uses a separate leveling system than other areas)
but cum looks cute on a loli tho. probably not the best pick if you just wanna look at something wholesome, but still

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no idea sry