I wonder what happened

I wonder what happened

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That’s interesting, do you know the story?

DJT happened



all those years working outside, you'd think niggers would be tops at yard work

Dates are switched. They cleaned them up and gave them to niggers. HUD.

Holy shit, is that why Americans say "there goes the neighbourhood" whenever Balck people move in? Lol I always thought it was just some meme, didn't know it was real

Whites left, blacks moved in.

Damn it, should have edited out the trees, they give it away. Still why tf those two niggers posed so aggressively? It's got to be their monkey brains right?

Niggers happened, cocksucker

It's real. Blacks are death to any decent neighborhood.

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Lol sorry, Ur right, was looking at the pictures in reverse Thinking it was odd a tree shrunk over 10 years, kek. Yeah niggers kill the world

2008 economic crisis

Why do you want to create false facts? I've never met someone I know to be evil in the way you are, can we do an ama?

their default state is one of aggression. makes total sense if you look at the history of black people in America. they haven't had a super easy time of it thus far

Black guys in the first pic with a lawnmower, actually keeping the place looking ok. They either moved out or got arrested or killed and the place went to shit

hurricane in 2020.

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The top image has a newly built house towards the right you fucking lobotomite. Smooth brained fucks like you should be culled. Also if that tree on the right was cut down you'd see a stump. Critical thinking would probably fry your brain.

clearly niggers

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>aerial view of downtown hiroshima
>random suburban empty block in "detroit"
bet you've never visited detroit its pretty fun

Houses can't be demolished z tree stumps cannot be removed. You must be right cus those things are impossible

Thanks Obama.

This obviously.

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I could keep going with this spot the difference game and you can keep making excuses. Like how the sidewalk was clear redone in he top pic. The building on the right is a refurbished version of the bottom one, the houses have new additions. Removing all of these things wouldn't make any sense. Doesn't help that you can look up the neighborhood in current day and see it's not a rundown shithole. I guess I gave too much credit you pea-brained fuck heads. I'm just happy that even if you managed to bed the ham beast whore that takes pity on you, your micropenis wouldn't have the range to fertilize an egg.

So do it you fucking faggot. Lookup the neighbor hood, and post the google map location here.

Literally everything you have pointed out isn't actually evidence due to the decade time difference, no one has any idea what could happen during that time. However you made one point that could support your retard ideas but didn't prove it because you were lying...

>you can look up the neighborhood in current day and see it's not a rundown shithole
Yes sure, that's exactly why you failed to look it up and prove your point. Go on, look it up, find the place and prove your point... Unless, you were just being an annoying stupid cunt? No way that's possible, right?

>what happened
the county took the home for $300 unpaid property taxes, booted the family out. then squatters di squatter things for a few years until the house was bulldozed

Sadly this is probably.the truth. I don't.know.how we haven't had a golbal revolution in the west yet

Flooding, it's cheaper to live in a flood area and this is why.

>bet you've never visited detroit
Why the fuck would I visit a place where I'd never be able to relax?

What is DJT? Degenerates Junkies and Trannies? Surely you’re not talking about a certain orange man.

>I wonder what happened



>What happened?
Simple.... Niggers

Why couldn’t you relax?

Sorry smooth brain, that's not how it works. If you don't pay your taxes, they have an auction and the winner pays your taxes. They then can collect it from you with interest. They have to wait 3 years you do a legal proceeding which includes notifying you that your home is going to be sold for unpaid taxes. (Unpaid by you, the fucking county got their money, nigger who paid your taxes is the one who brings the proceedings on.) All you have to do is pay back said nigger back in the next 3 years with interest and you get to keep your home. Mobile homes like the one you live in are different, they aren't considered real estate they are personal property like a car.

>Why couldn’t you relax?

You gotta get out more… downtown Detroit is fun


Habitat for Humanity built houses for poor people in need (niggers). It happens to all their houses.

the operative word in your poorly founded speculation

I wanna say the owners had no knowledge or experience in home maintenance so they don't put any effort into it. That and drugs. Home care's pretty fucking easy, even high school dropouts work in construction and landscaping, just takes knowledge via experience. Not like it's fucking rocket science, but know how is needed. I've seen plenty of white people living in the same conditions, to include my lazy, piece of shit neighbors, probably the whitest people I know.

Your American paper homes are 3rd world shit tier. It takes about 50 years neglect for a UK house to look as bad as a decade of neglect in burgerland.



fuck capitalism

Wouldn't be anywhere near as safe as downtown Hiroshima

In my country if someone goes without shirt, everybody think he is stupid and an offender.

Whites can destroy in a split second what takes blacks several decades

have you ever been to detroit? or is all you know about it low res images from meme pics lmao bruh ur pathetic get outside

Imagine people being responsible for their own success or failure without liberal communist governemtns stepping in to save them all the time.
Enjoying your gas prices faggot?

Michigan Plates?

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Maybe you should have changed your name and assimilated to the western country you immigrated to. No? Then STFU

Ice T wrote a song about this in a heavy metal band called Body Count.


He was really talking about black people playing metal.

But we all know what he really meant.

Check the trees in the background, the years are switched. County took the houses no one wanted, fixed them up and gave them to people who needed housing.

Fucking walked right into it lol

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