Sluts you know IRL and have dark fantasies about

Sluts you know IRL and have dark fantasies about

Want to beat and rape this slut or watch her get beaten and raped

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ive raped her in my mind countless times

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Wish I could do things with her

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I want to see Beth drugged in a night club toilet and used by every men in there all night. All holes abused and pregnant with pics and vids posted online

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I want her udders bruised, abused and milked

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Try Olanzapine instead psycho

The thought of keeping her locked up and pregnant against her will gets me far too often.

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specifically I want to rape, torture, and then cook and eat her.

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>watch her get beaten and raped
Cuck faggot kys

Anybody have rape vids? Kik?

I just want tears rolling down her face while i abuse and use her

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want to impregnate

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The thought of butchering this cute slut up is pretty hot

you can just tell she's barely holding the genetics in. As soon as some poor dumb retard puts a dick in her she's gonna balloon up like a latina.

Drop yours

Know her?

Would do so many things.

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What's the darkest thing?

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Want to make her into my personal toy, post disc if have.

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yeah. I think she was cuter when she was younger, she was so thin, legs like sticks. if she stayed like that, it would be just rape and torture.. but she's filled out nicely without being fat, so I think she'd be tasty. I would like her alive for the dinner as well. she can sit at the table with us while we eat a nice roast. maybe she can have a bite too.

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Give her missionary after we are married .

my cousin!!! for years I wanted to defile her in so many nasty ways.

I saw her pussy a few years ago when she would have been hebe material. she was sleeping in pink shorts with no panties. I wanted her before that, but after, she consumed all my sexual fantasies. I almost exclusively cum fapping to her or fuck my gf.

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Do you torture animals?

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This Michigan slut. Drop your kik if you’re from Grand Rapids or know her

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Would love to shower these hi sluts with piss so much..

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She hot as fuck. Got anymore?

Ruining their hair, makeup and expensive dresses. It's what they deserve

oh god yes, especially left

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When she's fully drenched make her take off her piss soaked dress and bunch as much of it as she can in her mouth

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Fuck, that would be a dream

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Sounds like a fun time. The toture and the butchering would be fun.

the terror on her face while she's being turned into meat

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What would you keep as a throphy from her body

no. that's really disgusting actually. I hate animal rekt. never saw the appeal of it. vile.

to the point where I only buy meat from farmers I know personally. I know how well the animals are treated under their care

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have some creepshots of her even

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would want to turn her from a wannabe influencer to a wannabe pornstar

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would love to do every fucked up thing that cames to my mind with her

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Ass is amazing in person

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Bukakke her while she still has the dress in her mouth, absolutely coating her with hot loads. When it's over make her to put the cumstained pissrag of a dress back on and force her to parade around in public whilst covered head to toe in bodily fluids. It would let everyone know that she's a filthy slut who deserves absolutely no respect

Let's see them

tremendous tease
once passed out drinking and practically the only thing stopping me from dickpounding her face was other people present

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I know the feeling user

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Got more of her?

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I'm not sure if I would start with a forearm or a leg below the knee. both are pretty tough cuts. again, I want her alive and conscious for dinner when part of her is eaten.

the really awful part, is that it would all rot away. but assuming some magic kept things from rotting, probably her head and feet. maybe her tits if they're nice and we don't cook them.

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Damn, nice legs

Wanna cum all over that ass and continue to fuck her until my cock was exhausted

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not even really into some of this stuff generally but for her imagining forcing her to choke on my balls while im sitting on her or suffocating her with a cock in her throat gets me in this case

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Give us an example, what would you do to her first?

Drug, kidnap and amputate her limbs. Turn her in a fuck nugget, totally depended on me for survival

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100% same with her, she awakens something in me that no one else does

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nice. very hot. moar?

>not doxxing myself but i know this girl through mutuals
>we get along drink together etc,
>heard through the grape vine she made an onlyfans
>she isnt the hottest but theres something about anonymously having nudes of someone I speak to that gives me a thrill
>i hate to admit it but ive spent hundreds on videos of her, i dont regret it at all

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You have shit taste.

Beautiful girls

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says the more than likely virgin,
stay in your lane faggot

After tying her up and violating ever hole she has, take a candle and start burning her

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retard. you called my girl ugly twice then call her beautiful.

get a grip. you want to help us eat her?

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Get her in all the sensitive areas

I was thinking mostly feet as I don't want to ruin her to soon but yes they would get some attention

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Would love to hear what anons would do with this girl.

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