Waifu beach thread

Waifu beach thread

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Time to sleep.

Don't Trust that Ahri Poster guy. He's sussy bussy.
Plus he plays league. Actual subhuman.

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Who sleeps at 3pm.

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Trust no one. Not even your mom.

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Nigga its almost 10 am

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Timeszones are a lie, it's 3pm. Also, I saw u on /c/ and altair followed me there. Explain yourself

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It's 20 till 10:00, yeah.
Sussy bussy

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I shitpost as an online personality based off my actual self because I hate the feminists, faggots, cucks, defeatists, twitter crossing, and reddit crossing fuckers that have ruined Yea Forums. And waifu threads are really cringey. I shitpost certain video game communities and a fair amount of the retarded nazis on r9k. I like setting off mentally ill peopel and fucking their safe spaces up. I also like to bullshit to pass the time. I killed the /r9k/ waifu threads after like a year of shitposting and a year before that I almost totally killed off the /c/ threads after a couple years of fucking with them. I used to have several identities of shitposting flavor across Yea Forums. I just got older and said eh, but the being a character and pissing off normalfags who have stupid values like liking whores or liking hags or whatever shit and cringey feely weely needy woe is me bullshit still gets targeted by me. Ah and blog posting is fun too.


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Yah yah, I read half of that. Just say you like shotposting, sheesh. You sounds like more of a faggot that me. This better not be pasta

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That's something a fr*nch dog would bark.

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Is Corgi missile french?

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Dunno, hit it with a baguette and monitor it's reaction.

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all your new waifus are too complicated

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Make a chart for better understanding

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The baguette broke and it said "yeep yeep".
And you're one to talk, Sonokawa.
Memorize it and flagelate anyone that doesn't do the same.

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Its a bit more than that but that too yeah.

Sounds sexy. Can I watch?

Confirmed not french.

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Carve it on a tablet and smack it on who doesn't remember.

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im blood-chan

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> stab and choke pink haired girls
> grope and gaslight red haired girls
> murder and impersonate your twin sister
> destroy the world
> have yuri sex with mom in an alternate universe

That's about it

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>harming pink haired girls
1v1 me irl faggot

How can we be sure? The results were inconclusive.
Knowledge or concussion.
Virgin old lady.
Pink cat pog.

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what the

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2v1 them


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We just have to believe. I believe I can fly.

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Her fetish, not mine

She's not that old but definitely a virgin

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how could she murder her sister v.v

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Lynch her.
Can you fly?
Ancient granny puss.

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pic of OP

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I was waiting for this to show up!

hay Randy
how is your Talpa treating you?
do you still have a crush on shadowfag?

Should book a masectomy.

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Just once. And I'm saving it for later.

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Why are you so mean to her? You know she's the only actual female here.

Hello sono

I'm not Sono and I am no fan of her's. I just think you guys could be a little nicer.

Lmao simp.
May I offer you a mango?

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ya ok

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Imagine simping to someone other than their wIfus.

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Beach hours!

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Hi sino

Imagine caring about people's gonads, ngl kinda gay to care about balls.
You get no bitches.

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Hey yourself you glownigger Nazi spy. No I don't have a tulpa. And no I don't have a crush on any of those people. Shadowfag was one of the more tolerable ones though. But she ain't right in the head. I do wish she'd not have gone full tard though. Was kinda sad tbh. CF seems to be doing alright though. I think the weird PMs the uh, what is she Peruvian? She sent me messages for a time and it usually around the same time she would bitch about living in Peru. Like no I'm not going to start a sudden random "friendship" with you immediately after saying I think its fine for teenagers to fuck and to have a age gap. I ain't a fucking meal ticket.

My sternum is a tad pronounced, also being mostly bedridden for a year made me get fat. I still can't walk or ride a bike to burn it off. It pisses me off. I was like 178 to 183 averaging. Now I'm goddamn 200. It pisses me off so much. Still can't go work like I want since I can barely walk.

ya ok

no u

Have you met her? She's really nice and doesn't into drama.

Nigga I ain't reading all of that wall.

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u can simp 4 deez nutz

reed deez nutz
haha fucking nerd can't read


Only if it contains an egg.

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wtf is that

He is an incel and a simp, also he has titties.

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>he has titties


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Not really. Just old about how I do relationships. I'll do and have done hands shit. I just won't stick my dick in a girl unless it would be about kids. I literally can not get it up if it isn't about baby making. I'm liek the fuck is this shit, liek where's the fun? Feelings and security? Who the fuck eneds that shit?

I kinda do after being mostly stuck to a bed for a year. I also got even more weak as fuck. Shit sucks.

Supple man breasts.

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Most of it really is from my weird bone structure. When I'm thinner people think I'm more fit than I am.


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90minutes of cosplay painting. This was hella fun.

beach bwebs!

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Hello bitch, nice TITS ahahahahah milky millky milky baby thirsty mommy baby want milk suck suck suck suck hahahaha stupid cunt give me those big udders you slut hahahaha tits tit titty me your caveman me use big titty for big bitty hahaha honk honk honk slut cunt mommy honk honk milky baby want more now honk honk honk pitter patter on those big mommy milkies hee hee hee haha haaaa haaaa can’t stop the milk truck coming through honk honk all aboard the titty train hee hee wooo wooooooo honk honk honk!!!

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do a flip!

Nigga no one cares!

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I care you dumb newfag

Who is this cute little lesbian and how tight is her pussy?

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My sweet wife Erwin Smith loves the beach

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Like the Marianna Trench.

Fucking gay.

deez nutz

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