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Fuck her there in the bathroom

use her mouth like a bidet

leave her hogtied and gagged, then share her out

She is a super airhead, I almost got to do things with her, but always got interrupted.

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Keep going

She always wore tight leggings or shorts everyday. She always tried to act smart, but had to rely on her looks to get anything done

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Hot! Got pics of her whole body?

Sadly no, at least none that are any good

To bad

I have these at least

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That's not bad! Would love to fuck all three of them right there

Same, the one on the side of the phone is her sister, who typically was the no nonsense one, typically

I'd love to pin her down too

What all would you do to her?d788f2

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Post a pic of her and ill tell you

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I'd take off her hotpants, let her sit back on that wall and fuck her right there

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Let her lick my asshole with that tongue while jerking me onto her blouse

WWYD to this short haired tomboy slut?

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El Minecraft

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Good boy.

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I'd let her milk me whenever she wants to

Whole body?

Any day of the week.

Don't have good full bikini pics, but this works.

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I'd love getting milked by her

Share some thoughts.

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i wanna suck her tits as she jacks me off

piss all over her face

Daddy's lil girl would have to suck my cock and let me cum on her titts

Invite her and her dad to a glory hole, tape it, and reveal to her later by blasting it online that she fucked her dad

How do you want her to milk you?

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Completely destroy this cocktease

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I want to be always with her and whenever and where ever she wants to she could open my pants pull out my cock and milk me all over her face or clothes

Tape her up at her house and tie her spread eagled to her bed nice and naked. I'd dryfuck her ass while sucking on her tits until I cum, then spank her pussy until I get bored. Wrapping her body up in duct tape, I'd mummify her until only her nostrils, a tube in her mouth, her pussy and her tits are showing, then leave with a video camera pointed at her. Her cats would starve and turn feral with me visiting only to feed and water her, until eventually they eat her tits and pussy, with me uploading it all to the internet

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As long as you can keep up with her.

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FUCK that sounds hot. Want more of Claire?

I guess that would not be any problem as long as she let's me fuck her

Completely ruined and shown to the world, perfect

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you find her taking pics on a bedroom at a house party, WWYD?

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How would you fuck her?

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more Claire

Come up behind her, strangle her with a cord until she stops moving, lock the door, strip her naked and upload pics of her to her social media in all her naked glory, then shove the phone up her asshole and glue it shut before escaping out the window

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Roofie her, take her to my basement, cut off her clit and nipples with a razor and sew shit the holes, take a limb lopper to her fingers, and chain her neck to a shock collar and a pole, using her as an anal slave

I'd start with playing with her titts, lift her dress, play with her pushy and her clit. Then ask if I'm allowed to fuck her. If she says yes I start pushing my cock inside her and fuck her faster and faster. Then I'd cum in her mouth so she got all my cum


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After staking her down to the ground at her wrists, elbows, knees and ankles, limbs spread wide, I'd cut her bikini off and roughly stuff her ass with them. Taking fishing line and hooks, I'd pierce then tightly string together her bellybutton, clit, labia, and nipples, then fuck her warm pussy and enjoy tugging on the strings listening to her scream. After I cum I'd leave a small sugar trail from an anthill to her pussy and enjoy the show

Good boy.

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Would she let her friends milk me too?


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Pushing her back, tittfuck her and cum on her face

Take off her panties, spread her legs and fuck her tight pussy

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She seemed to enjoy it


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Take her behind the bushes, strip her down, fuck her and cum on her beautiful face


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Test her deepthroating skills

Take her by the neck, push my cock deep inside her throat and cum on her face. Ruining her makeup by sudging my cum

Ask her if she's a witch at the Halloween party while flirting with her, she naturally says yes. When she wakes up groggy after being drugged at the party, she finds herself in a cellar, with her hands and head locked in wooden stocks, along with her ankles chained to the ground, spread wide. Announcing that she has been guilty of being a witch, I condemn her to be punished for her crimes, and start cutting off her clothes (leaving the cute witch hat on though having glued it to her head when she was passed out), demanding that she confess her sins. I then enjoy my time telling her to repent while flogging her pussy with her toy broom until it's red, swollen, bleeding with welt marks, and her ass a black and blue mess. Getting a pair of lighters, I play with her nipples while fucking her ass, then shove a pear of anguish up her pussy and expand it until she's screaming incoherently. Driving short hot red nails into her tits, watching her titfat sizzle and smoke, I call it a night and get some rest for tomorrow.

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Wwyd gook ex?

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Smash her face against the mirror until it breaks, with shards cutting up her pretty face, and breaking her nose. I'd tear her dress off and fuck her, going harder and deeper every time she struggles. I'd take a large shard of mirror and start carving degrading words into her stomach and tits about how much of a worthless cunt she is. As I cum I'd slit her throat with the shard, making her pussy clench as I fill her up and breathes her last

Get behind her and fuck her in that position in front of the mirror to see her Cumming

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Wwyd to these cops?

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Wwyd to my wife

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